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Here one can find images of studio publicity posters and screen captures of films set outside the Pacific but illustrating influences of Oceanic societies in western pop culture. In these images one will note common images such as ukuleles, leis, tikis, hula dancers, as well as, bars, restaurants, poolsides, doorm halls, hotels, and other places decorated with a Pacific Island motif.

Studio Posters

The Sons of the Desert.Melody and Moonlight.The Five Pennies.Tin Pan Alley.Zombies On Broardway.Clambake.The Right Approach.It's A Mad Mad World.
Dance Girl Dance.The Barker.Holidat Rhythm.
Ship Ahoy.Sarong Girl.Hula Girls.Summer School.The Big Kahuna.Primative Love.

Feature Film Captures

40-Year-Old Virgin .A Shot in the Dark.American Ultra.Anchorman 2.Broadway Babies.The Animal.The Animal.The Big Mouth.Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round.Anna Lucasta.The Apartment.Bachelor in Parardise.Barry Munday.Be Cool.Beach Ball.8 Mile.American Pie Presents The Book of Love.Bedtime Stories..The Big Kahuna.Bio-Doom .Bio-doom 2.The Blue Gardenia.Bob the Butler.Boogie Nights.Bright Lights.Van Wilder 2.Van Wilder.Bring it On In It to Win It.Carnoval Story.Casino.Catch Me If You Can.The Cemetery Club.Chairman of the Board.Chairman of thr Board 2.Charlie Chan at Treasure Island.Clamebake.Closer.MI-5 British TV.MI-5 British TV 2.A Turtle's Tale.Cover Girl.The Cracksman.The Man with Two Brains.Dont Knock the Twist 2.Dont Knock the Twist.Creature with the Atom Brain.The Big Heat.The Man with Two Brains 2.Curly Top.Curse of the Erotic Tiki.Devil's Rejects.Dance, Girl, Dance.Dance, Girl, Dance 2.Dance, Girl, Dance 3.Dickie Roberts.Dirty Dancing.Django Unchained.Dont Make Waves.Doomsday Prophecy.The Egg and I.Eight Days a Week.Envy.Evolution.Evolution 2.The Experts.Fabulous Baker Boys.Fabulous Baker Boys 2.Fabulous Baker Boys 3.Failure to Lanch.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.Ferris Beuller's Day Off.The Fifth Element.The Five Pennies.Four Christmases.The Frightened City.The Frightened City 2'Get Yourself a College Girl.Gidget.Girl Happy.Girl Walks into a Bar.Goodfellows.Grease 2.A Guy Thing.Harper.Haunted Mansion.Haunted Mansion 2.He Was A Quiet Man.Hello Frisco Hello.Hoop_La.Hound of Baskerville.It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.Jack Frost 2.Jaws III.King Ralph.A Kiss Before Dying.The Leather Boys.The Little Giant>The Little Rascals.Lock Stock and Two Soking Barrels.Lords of Dogtown.Love and Hisses.Loverboy.The Luau.The Majestic.Marrying Man.Meet the Fockers.Melody and Moonlight.Mildred Pierce.My Blue Heaven.My Dream is Yours.Mystery Street.National Lampoon's Barely Legal.Necessary Roughness.Never Been Kissed.Night at the Museum.Night Shift.Ninr Takes a Lover.No Way Out.Nothin to Lose.Nutty Professor II'On Our Merry Way.One From the Heart.Orgazmo.Our Gang.The Package.The Parallax View.A Place in the Sun.The Pledge.Primative Love.The Prize Winner of Difiance, Ohio.Psycho Beach Party.Pumpkin.Real Genius.The Right Approach..Rocketeer 2.Rocketeer 3.Runaway Bride.Ship Ahoy wide.Ship Ahoy.Shallow Hal..Midnight Cowboy.Ace Ventura Pet Detective.Sons of the Desert.Space Cowboys.Spy Hard.Spy Kids.St. Louis Blues.A Star is Born.Star Trek IV.The Stratton Story.Superbad.National Lampoon"s Barely Leagal.Summer School.The Sure Thing.Susan Lenox.Swingers.Tales That Witness Madness.Tapeheads.The Terminator.Tiki.Tomcats.Tomcats 2.Underworld U.S.A..Vampire's Kiss.Wayne's World.Weekend Warriors.What the Butler Saw.Where Danger Lives.With Six You Get Eggroll.Woman Chaser.The Woman Eater.You Did What.Young Man With a Horn.Zombies on Broadway.Zombies on Broadway 2.Zoom.


Television Captures

Accension.Benny Hill.Big Bang Theory.Breaking In.Comedy Bang Bang.Community.Dragnet.Finding Bigfoot.Gidget TV.Happy Days.Honey West.I Dream of Jennie.In Living Color.It's Gary Shandling Show.Kids in the Hall.Larry the Cable Guy tiki special.The Liberace Show.Jack the Lord'Mad Men.Malcolm in the Middle.Mr Ed.Mr Ed.The New Normal.Outer Limits.Parks and Recreation.Rachael Vs Guy.Reaper.Rhoda.Roseanne.Route 66.SCTV.SCTV 2.Seinfeld.SNL Moynihan.SNL Murray.SNL Murray 2.SNL Farley.So You Think You Can Dance.Star Tek Voyager.Star Trek Deep Space Nine.Taxi.Taxi 2.The Bob Newhart Show.Twlight Zone.Two and a Half Men 2.Two and a Half Men.Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.Burns and Allen.I Love Lucy hula.I Love Lucy hula 2.Pee-Wee's Playhouse.Pee-Wee's Playhouse surfing.This Is Your Life.The Waltons.The Fugitive.The Fugitive 2.

Commercial Captures

JD Wentworth Kash Kahuna.JD Wentworth Hula girls.Captain Morgan.ESPN 2012 promo.Mercury Insurance.Lucky Strike.KFC Chiki bar w Hamlton.KFC Chiki mug.KFC Chiki bar.KFC tiki bar version 2 with chiki masks.Pep Boys.Quaker Oats Imagination.The Tonight Show Goodfellas.The Tonight Show Goodfellas 2.AIWA hula bobbers.BOUNTY huls girl spill.BLUE BUFFALO DOG FOOD hula dog.DAMINALS Crush Cup crushing moai.ALDI Hawaiian Pizzas.DODGE NITRO falling through earth w moai.AT&T 1-800 callATT.JACK IN THE BOX  with tiki mug.IHOP Paradise Pancakes.SLIP AND SLIDE big backyard chief.

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