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NOTE: The following screen captures are all types of animations, from cel drawings to computer graphics, even claymation plus 24 frame puppet photography. This section as well as the TV-ADs section, in the SHOWS page of the website, are the only place on where one can find both South Seas Cinema titles (stories set on a Pacific isle) AND Polynesian Pop titles (stories with a Polynesian influence set outside the Pacific) under the same section. In the images below one can conclude that this fun blend illustrates similar subject matter time and time again. One can see there are reoccurring images of surfing, volcanic eruptions, Hawaiian hula dance, Samoan fire dance, suckling pig with an apple in mouth, ukulele playing, leis and tikis (especially the Easter Island moai). Enjoy. Also make sure you check out the TOONS section in SHOWS page as well as the TIKI TOONS section on the bottom of the POLY POP PICTS page for further info. on these cartoons.


POPEYE THE SAILOR Betty Boop hula.POPEYE THE SAILOR Popeye hula.TOM & JERRY "Cruise Cat" Jerry surfs Diamond Head.TOM & JERRY "Cruise Cat" Jerry plays ukulele.TOP CAT "Hawaii Here We Come" Cat dance hula.GARFIELD "Garfield Goes Hawaiian" Garfield does the hula.GARFIELD "Garfield Goes Hawaiian" Jon does hula.GARFIELD IN PARADISE Garf sings as Garfield Ho.GARFIELD IN PARADISE Jon in love with wahine.FLINTSTONE "Hawaiian Escape" Fred surfs.HAWAIIAN BIRDS Mrs Bird dances hula.MUPPETS Miss Piggy and singing Moai.HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY Donald does the hula.HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY Donald plays ukulele.HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY Goofy surfs.HELLO ALOHA Goofy does the hula.HELLO ALOHA Goofy goes gaga over hula dancer.JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS hula.JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS With lei on the run.LILO AND STITCH Samoan knife dance.RUGRATS GO WILD Angelica dances hula.WACKIKI RABBIT Bugs dances Tahitian.SURF'S UP Chicken in wahine hula outfit.Spoonge Bob.Archie's Funhouse hula.Beatle Harrison surfing.Miss Darrow hula.Brando hula

ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Daphne & Vilma hula.ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Daphne surfing.ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Gang checking out poi.ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Gang with tiki.ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Shaggy and Scooby hula.ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Shaggy and Scooby surfing.ALOHA SCOOBY DOO Shaggy on ukulele Scooby hula.BETTY BOOP ON BAMBOO ISLE hula...TOM & JERRY "Cruise Cat" Jerry surfs Royal Hawaiian..Freaky Tiki Tom relaxes with tikis.Tom & Jerry many tikisFreaky Tiki Tom & Jerry with cat & mouse hula maidens.Freaky Tiki Tom & Jerry surf lava.TOP CAT "Hawaii Here We Come" Gang surfs...FLINTSTONE "Hawaiian Escape" Fred in Barney on beach at Diamond Head.FLINTSTONE "Hawaiian Escape" Fred shoots a TV luau..HAWAIIAN HOLLIDAY Minmie does hula Mickey on steel guitar.HELLO ALOHA Goofy vs the Volcano..ROCKET POWER: ISLAND OF THE MENEHUNE surfing.ROCKET POWER: ISLAND OF THE MENEHUNE Leis at airport..LILO AND STITCH Hula class...LILO AND STITCH Cruising on hamock with tiki torches.Lilo & Stitch hula dancers.LION KING Meercat does hula.Timon & Pumbaa hula pig.RUGRATS GO WILD Angelica is island princess.RUGRATS GO WILD Parents go native..SURF'S UP Lei greeting scene .SURF'S UP Surfing.Bugs giving leis.Bugs cooking in cauldron.Simpsons Little Big Mom beach w leis.Little Big Mom Homer & Bart arrive on Molokai colony.Little Big Mom Homer sings Aloha Oe in bg at sunset.Missionary Impossible Homer checks out native wahines.Missionary Impossible Homer opens island casino converts natives to gambling.Missionary Impossible Homer introduces the Tiki bar to natives and converts them to drinking.Missionary Impossible the Bell scene.Freakazoid is History sees Hula girls.Freakazoid is History finds himself in Pearl Harbor.Chip N Dale fake tiki & volcano.Chip N Dale.Chip N Dale tiki.Chip N Dale.Chip N Dale Gadget.Chip N Dale luau.Chip N Dale luau.Ducktales.Ducktales Tiki.Dick Tracy.Dick Tracy.Mr Magoo surfing.Mr Magoo gets leid.Mr Magoo Tiki.Good Vibes Tiki bar.Good Vibes Tiki bar.Good Vibes Tiki bar.Rock & Bullwinkle.Rocky & Bullwinkle.Futurama TikiSimpsons Wettest Story Ever Told.Simpsons.Simpsons.Plasticman & Hula Hula.Plasticman & Hula Hula.South Park.Superman in Batman outfit.Three Stooges.Three Stooges.Tiny Toons.Tiny Toons.Tiny Toons surf.Tiny Toons luau.Tiny Toons volcano.Toy Story.Toy Story.Toy Story.Toy Story luau.Toy Story.Scooby Tiki Scare.Scooby Tiki Scare.Scooby Mystery Incorporated.Good Vibes.Tiki bar.Sponge Bob colored tikis.Spoonge Bob Tiki Dreams.Spoonge Bob volcano.Sponge Bob volcano sacrifice.Scooby & Scrappy hula.Scoopy & Scrappy volcano.Scoopy & Scrappy more hula.Hop moonlight w Moais.Hop escape.Hop Moai transporter.Fairy Oddparents surf.Fairly Oddparents Chief Timmy.Fairly Oddparents volcano.Fairly Oddparents Timmy gets leid.Fairly Oddparents Timmy has a wahine crush.Fairly Oddparents luau pig.Fairlt Oddparents fire dancer.American Dad.American Dad.American Dad.American Dad.American Dad.American Dad.Beatles Cartoon.Eek the Cat.Eek the Cat surfing.Eek the Cat tiki.Eek the Cat volcano.Hotel Translyvania.The Incredibles tiki moai.JEM colorful tiki.JEM hula.JEM volcano.Justice League tiki moai.King of the Hill Vegas tikiTiki Painting.Bobby w tiki paintingLilo & Stitch fire dance & tikis.Mighty Kong outrigger & volcano.Mighty Kong tikis.Muppet Show hula War Chant.The Pirates tiki moai.The Pirates hula.The Pirates more hula.The Pirates blowfish & glass floats.Robot Chicken Brady tiki.South Park Coco Palms tikis.South Park Kenny loves Hawaii.South Park Kenny & ghost Elvis & tikis.Stoked tiki.Stoked hula.Stoked luau pig.Tintin Opera singer & moai tikiEaster Island student.Make up lady.Adventures_of_ Superman.Adventures_of_Superman_surfing.Aloha_Honey.Dexders_Laboratory_surfing.Dexters_labortory_tiki.Dexters_Laboratory_tiki_surfboard.Dexters_Labortory_Tiki_Torch.Dexters_Laboratory_Tiki_Torch_2.Goof_Troop.Pagan_Moon_ukuleles.Pagan_Moon_ukulele_hula.New_Adventures_of_Gilligan_tiki.New_Adventures_of_Gilligan_tiki_2.Popeye_ukulele_saranade.Popeye_Olive_sarong.Popeye_Olive.Popeye_volcano.Wicky_Wacky_Romance_hula.Wicky_Wacky_Romance_surfingA Turtle's Tail 2.Family Gut Huila.Simpsons Stewie Brian hulaMoana wide sailing.Moana w Maui.Garfield hula cats..Garfield volcano.Archer in the South Pacific.Archer w South Pacific wahines.Archer exterior Polynesian restaurant.Archer interior Polynesian Restaurant.Lava main volcano character.Lava in clouds.Lava with new volcano mate.Scrat moai.Bro'Town Polys NZ. Finding Nemo the South Seas tank.Findi Nemo frigten by tiki.Finding Nemo sleeping in the tiki hut .Finding Nemo Volcano rites.G.I. Joe walking moai & volcano.Gret Apr cauldron scene.Great Ape hula in the rain.Great Ape luau feast.Great Ape volcano.Heckle & Jeckle hula.Hi Hi Puffy hula on stage hut.Hi Hi Puffy tikis.HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI  torch dance.Real Adventures of Johnny Quest w moai.Ogu & Mampato Rapa nui meal & huts.Ogu & Mampato more moai.Ogu y Mapato carving moai.Slysester & Tweety grrandma doing the hula.Simpsons Bounty canoe greeting scene.Simpsons Grandpa South Seas Christmas .Simpsons tiki bar out of business.Simpsons Homer finds a tiki.Simpsons Homer feeds tiki fire.SIMPSONS tIKIROOM.Loney Tunes close tiki singing.Loney Tunes volcano.Loney Tunes angry volcano god.Loney Tunes Bugs with tiki bucket.Ventura Brothers.

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