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(short = under 40 mins, short feature (featurette) = 40 to 80mins, feature = 80 plus mins)

NOTE: Due to embellished narrations and some staged scenes in so-call pre 1930s "Documentaries" they were released partly for education but also partly for entertainment, similar to early surf movies and Disney TV shorts. Even though the South Seas Cinema Society does keep an exhaustive list of "Documentaries" they are post 1930s with true educational values. FYI: an even more comprehensive list of educational South Seas documentaries and or ethnographic films can be found at the Moving Images Website at the Center for Pacific Islands Studies University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa http://www.hawaii.edu/oceanic/film/)

ACROSS THE WORLD WITH MR. AND MRS. MARTIN JOHNSON (1930)  This documentary includes Hawaii footage
ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE (1922) UNIVERSAL (Serial)  Starring Harry Myers. As with most serials, long dragged out saga of Robinson Crusoe.      

BLACK SHADOWS (1923) PATHE  Early film expedition to South Seas, Marquesas & Samoa.
BLONDE CAPTIVE (1931) IMPERIAL DIST./HERMAN GLUCKMAN  Documentary of expedition from Honolulu to Pago Pago, Fiji, Bali and Australia.  Narrated by Lowell Thomas
BALLARD OF THE SOUTH SEAS, A (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Tahiti. A one reel drama.

CANNIBALS OF THE SOUTH SEAS (1912) EASTMAN Backed by George Eastman himself this is one of popular documentaries by Martin and Osa Johnson who were also accused of staging many scenes.
CHILDHOOD RIVALRY IN BALI AND FRENCH NEW GUINEA (1952) ???  Part of a series of educational shorts by Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson.  They used footage shot in the 1930s.  A comparison of child-rearing in these two cultures.
CRUISE OF THE ZACA (1952) WARNER BROS.  A two reeler by Errol Flynn who took his boat and camera to the South Seas.  About four years in production as Errol’s personal movie project it was cut down to a usable short by Warner.  Partially filmed in Jamaica and Mexico.

DANGEROUS PARADISE (1930) PARAMOUNT  58 min short feature with Richard Arlen who lives as a hermit (beachcomber) on his own little South Pacific isle that has to host a young women who ran away from her evil bosses.  Although set more in Indonesia there is Hawaiian music, grass skirt, pineapple, and hula dancing involved.
DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY (1942) UNIVERSAL  Serial short starring Don Terry as U.S. Navy commander of destroyer # 630 stationed in the Pacific.  12 chapters.  Middle episode had bad guys enlisting native high priest (Kahuna) to help trick natives into revolting against the Americans on island.  They give priest microphones and speakers to put behind sacred idol to fool natives.  Don and pro American Chief quell revolt.  Poor art direction has Aztec features.
DUKE OF THE NAVY (1942) PRC 63 min. short feature of couple sailors on shore leave on a Pacific island where taking advantage of the Duke last name Sailor Duke hints that he’s the son of a rich Duke to get upgraded to the “Duke” suite.  A local swindler now thinks he a kids and fakes a story of buried treasure that he needs money for to dig up.  Sailor Duke raises the money from his shipmates but they really find treasure.

EDISON CO. SHORTS (1898) EDISON  HONOLULU STREET SCENE, KANAKAS DIVING FOR MONEY #1, #2, WHARF SCENE- HONOLULU  Earliest know motion pictures of Hawaii with (1906) / ROBERT K. BONINE  Early documentary footage.

FAIREST EDEN (1931) WILLIAM M. PIZOR Port O' Call series - Early sound "recorded on the Cinephone System" travel film of Pago Pago in American Samoa. See tattoos, ukuleles, a nude boy in a canoe made from discarded gasoline cans, and much more. "Unlike the women, the men are rarely corpulent."
(Serial 15 episode)  Staring Helen Holms as a reported who sniffs out treasure on a South Seas island buried by a recluse.  She discovers recluse was her father and she finds a map but mao gets stilen by a mask bad guy.  Like most serials not very many natives involved.
aka THE GREAT HEART  This 11 minute short was nominated for “Best Short Subject” Oscar.
FIGHTING MARINES, THE (1935) MASCOT SERIAL Two rival marines for the affection of one dame team up to hunt for a Mad Doctor scientist called “The Tiger Shark” who has a fellow marine as a prisoner on a Pacific jungle island.  Early role for Jason Robards.  Also stars Ann Rutherford as the dame.
  Short subject for theatrical release.
FLIGHT OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS (1929) ALLAN HANCOCK  Documentary of trimotor that flew across Pacific via Hawaii and Fiji.  Plane was piloted by Charles Kingsford-Smith.  Also

GAUGUIN (1950) ??? (French)  Short by Alain Resnais.
GOOFY MOVIES NUMBER THREE (1934) MGM  One reeler with two shorts.  First called ”The Heel of the Nation”, the second a is a spoof of James A. Fitz Patrick's Traveltalk series. We see a Pitts Fatrick Travel Squawk titled "A Visit to Schnozzle Isle." Schnozzle Isle is in Polynesia but when see it from the air, it has a profile that looks like Jimmy Durante.
GRAFFITI OF MR. TUPAIA (2008) NZ FILM COMMISSION 15 min short  Stars Rawiri Paratene as a lowly Cook Island janitor at a NZ school who get involved with a suicidal student via graffiti in a toilet stall.
Tom Neal stars in this featurette of the life of Father Damien, from his arrival in Honolulu through the years at Kalaupapa till his body was moved back to Belgium about 1936.  Also titled FATHER DAMIEM (1938) MGM, see above.

HAPPY HAWAII (1928) ???  A Burton Holmes four reel travelogue.
HAVAI (1947) ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA FILMS (Portuguese?)  One reel short.
HAWAII (1919) ??? (Silent) Travelogue in Prizma color.
HAWAIIAN CAPERS (1937) UNIVERSAL  Two reel short.
HAWAIIAN FANTASY (1933) PARAMOUNT  Sounds like a travelogue.
HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, THE (1925) FORD MOTION PICS. LABS.  One reel educational short.
HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, THE (1926 or 28) EASTMAN KODAK  Probably a travelogue.  Multi-tinted print showing Waikiki Beach complete with surfers, early animated graphics, an active
volcano, and a look at the Dole Pineapple cannery.  
HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, THE (1934) EASTMAN KODAK  Probably a travelogue with sound.
HAWAIIAN LOVE (1913) WORLD'S FAIR STOCK CO./ UNIVERSAL One reeler of a sea captain who woos pretty Hawaiian girl.  Shot on O’ahu. Stars Virgina Brissac, a leading stage actress who was in a production in Honolulu at the time.  The director of this short film was also director of the play, John Griffith Wray.  Wray and Brissac did another Hawaiian film this same year with same Caucasian casts in pre Missionary Hawaiian setting, The Shark God.  Probably one of the first films to use brown paint and to use Causasians as leads playing native islanders.
HAWAIIAN NUTS (1917) UNIVERSAL  One reel comedy educational short about the edible stuff, I hope.
HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLES (1930) AUDIO CINEMA  Let me guess a talkie?  One reel educational short.
HAWAIIAN RHYTHM (1940) UNIVERSAL  Two reeler of Harry Owens and his Royal Hawaiians.  Musical short for theatrical release.
HAWAIIAN ROMANCE (1930) COLUMBIA  One reel comedy.
HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT (1941), (1942), (1942), (1943) SOUNDIES DISTRIBUTING CORP.  All one reelers.
HEAD HUNTERS OF THE SOUTH SEAS (ca1920) MARTIN JOHNSON FILM CO.  5 part exhibition film of the Malekula tribe of Melanesia.
HINEMOA (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Aotearoa or New Zealand on Mokoia Island.  Maata Horomona plays Hinemona HINEMOA (1924) HAYWARD PICS. (New Zealand)  Short based on a Maori legend.
HONOLULU-THE PARADISE OF THE PACIFIC (1935) MGM  One reeler of a probable travelogue.
HONOLULU WILES (1930) COLUMBIA  One reel short.
HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY (1926) PATHÉ  Based on Charlie Chan novel, 10 part serial with two elderly brother fight over an unsolved crime committed years earlier.
(1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Aotearoa or New Zealand. Released w short documentary TRIP TO THE WAITOMO CAVES OF NEW ZEALAND, A.
HULA HEAVEN (1937) PARAMOUNT  One reel musical short set on a Polynesian isle with headliner Eddie Peobody playing every sring instrument but the ukulele or steel guitar.  Shot on a Hollywood soundstage with no credits given to Polynesian band nor the the island chief who played the host to Peobody,  Sounds besides the title song Hula Heaven were Blue Hawaii and Aloha Oe as the final.
HULA HULA (1926) ROBERT BRUCE  One reel short.
HULA HULA LAND (1917) KEYSTONE/TRIANGLE  One or two reel comedy by famous Mack Sennett.
HULA HULA HUGHIE (1917) L-Ko MOTION PIC. CO.  One reel short.
HULA HULAS & HOCUS POCUS (1918) VITAGRAPH  One reel short with a curious title.
HULA MOON (1934) AUDIO PRODS.  One reel short with audio I bet.
HULA, ONE OF THE HAWAIIAN FOLK DANCES (1922) SAM NAINOA  Short with a Hawaiian producer.  Must look him up.  I wonder what are the other Hawaiian folk dances?
HULA-L.A.-L.A. (1951) COLUMBIA Three Stooges 16min. short.  Dress as explorers with pith helmet the trio land in a typical Hollywood isle setting with a nasty king/Kahuna as its ruler along with a beautiful island princess.  A film studio, B.O. Pictures  buys South Sea island  (Raraboonga) to shoot a South Seas movie but the natives don’t know how to dance so the studio head sends the three down to teach the natives but head hunters have a different idea.  Mass slavery.

I WON’T PLAY (1944) WARNER  Short about a Marine in a WWII South Seas island where he tells his fellow shoulders that his knew all the Hollywood celebs because he played the piano for them.  Most doon’t believe him then a piano arrives on the island but he won’t play it adding to the doubts.  Finally a celebrity pinup singer arrives on the islands and she tell all that the piano plying Marine made her what she is today.  Won an Oscar in 1945 for Best Short Subject, Two-reels.
IN MAORILAND (1912) SELIG POLYSCOPE CO.  Short silent documentary on Aotearoa, Land of the long white cloud or New Zealand.
ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC (1934) FUTTER CORP.  One reel travelogue.
ISLE OF CONTENT (1915) SELIG  with Eugene Pallette and Anna Luther.  Island story of distraught former Captain raising his liitle girl on a beautiful desert isle.  She grows into a beautiful young woman, father finds through the years a few diamonds.  He then dies and soon afterwards. of all things, a socialite playboy washes ashore.  As soon life is beautiful then they are rescued, they immediately get married on ship.  On the continent with their new riches husband goes back to old flame.  The island raised rich beautiful wife has him kidnaped and the two end up man on the island happy ever after.  Hmmm?  Is anyone really content in this film?  Male Hollywood gaze of a movie.
ISLE OF SUNKEN GOLD (1927) MASCOT PICS. (Serial-10 episodes)  Captain finds half map of treasure on a South Seas island.  The native princess of the island has the other half. Together they fight off the other natives & pirates to get it.  Duke Kahanamoku is in this.
ISLE OF TABU (1945) PARAMOUNT  17 min. short with a lot of punch.  Brown painted leads with lots of Hollywood Hawaiians singing & dancing hula, luau, canoe greeting short scene (stock footage), exploding volcano, human sacrifice, lagoon with waterfall, everything in 17min. Telu Mansfield hula dancer.

JOHNNY LINGO (1964) BYU FILMS   “Morale” piece short film about a successful Polynesian trader who bargains for a renowned homely women with a record 8 cows.  With better self-worth “Mahana” the former "ugly" girl and new wife becomes a 10 cow beauty. Cult classic must see.

KAMEA (2004) ???25 min. short about young Hawaiian girl and surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku. 
KILAUEA: THE HAWAIIAN VOLCANO (1918) ???  Silent, b/w documentary.
KING OF THE ISLANDS (1936) WARNER  20 min Vitaphone short staring part Hawaiian Wini Shaw in a rare native roll for her, a princess betrothed to volcano.  Also stars Warren Hymer as a Shipwrecked Sailor who of course falls for the taboo princess.  Great production values filmed in Southern Cal. Compare dance numbers with FLIRTATION WALK. Funny volcano ending.

LAST STAND, THE (1940)   A young Māori raised by a British family is kidnapped by Māori but is conflicts with loyalties and boyfriend is a soldier with the British army. Short version of Rewi’s Last Stand.
LOVE CHARM, THE (1928) /COLOR ART (Silent) One reel, two-color Technicolor.  Romance in the South Seas.  Stars Jean Mann, Ann Christy who wear grass hula skirts and Lucio Flamma.  Written by Duncan Renaldo who wrote THE CISCO KID. Like HULA local white girl gone native falls for visiting rich captain who dumps his fiancé to return. Color Art went bankrupt the next year do to financing Murau/Flaherty’s TABU.
LOVED BY A MAORI CHIEFTESS (1913) GEORGES MELIES  Possible 1st film with interracial relationship.  Possible 1st film with interracial relationship.  Based on local story.  Two reel drama of a Māori princess being told by a natives sourceress that she will marry a tall white man with fair eyes and beard.  A white trapper is caught by the Māori to eat but the Princess realizes that he is the one.  Problem is a Māori Prince doen’t agree.  After hardships her father the big chief relents and he is accepted by the tribe as a chief free to wed the Princess.  A feast is made over the occasion.  Again Gaston and Star Film Co. was French so there is no American miscegenation stigma.  Chieftess was possibly played by Maata Horomona.
LOVELY MAORILAND (1920) CHESTER FILMS  Short silent documentary/travelogue on Aotearoa, Land of the  long white cloud or New Zealand and it’s native people.
LUCILLE LOVE, THE GIRL OF MYSTERY (1914) UNIVERSAL Serial stars Grace Cunard.  As many serials the main character chases the bad man all around the globe.  In one episode Cunard chase a spy with stolen military plans through a South Seas isle.  According to Langman, the studio said “native from Marquesa Islands were brought to Universal City to appear in the picture.”

MAN OF HER CHOICE (1914) POWERS One reel short staring multi-reel talent Francis Ford, Grace Cunard and Harry Montague.  Another adaption of on James M. Barrie’s “The Admirable Crichton”.
MANHUNT OF MYSTERY ISLAND (1945) REPUBLIC  Serial (15 episodes) where the good guys have to rescue a good scientist from the bad guys on this Pacific island.  Need more info.?
MAORI’S OF NEW ZEALAND (1913) GEORGES MELIES  Short silent documentary.
MISFORTUNES OF MR. & MRS. MOTT ON THEIR TRIP TO TAHITI, THE (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent comedy by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Papeete, Tahiti.  Released with documentary short: UPA UPA DANCE, THE.

NU-MA-PU-CANNIBALISM (1931) ???  75 min. low budget short feature film about two explorers in the South Pacific with a boiling pot or cannibalism.

OLANA OF THE SOUTH SEAS (1914) UNIVERSAL  Need more information besides title?  Two reeler romance/drama.

PACIFIC PARADISE (1937) MGM  One reeler.
PACIFIC PARADISE (1940) PARAMOUNT Short travelogue for theatrical release.
PEARL OF THE PACIFIC (1937) VITAPHONE Short?  Need more information?
PEARLS AND DEVIL FISH (1931) MGM  Documentary short on South Seas pearl divers and their dangers.  This Hollywood production probably embellished the dangers of the manta ray and
the natives laughed because they knew these so called Devil fish are harmless.
PEARLS AND SAVAGES (1921) FRANK HURLEY (Australia)  Captain Hurley's documentary of New Guinea in silent format.  Hurley went on to make two commercial features for STOLL OF LONDON, also set in New Guinea (see 1926 features below) but they were much less successful than the documentary.  Need more information regarding the features?  I think: JUNGLE WOMEN (1926 & WITH THE HEADHUNTERS OF PAPUA (1923) aka IN THE PARADISE OF UNKNOWN PAPUA also THE HOUND OF THE DEEP (1926) aka PEARL OF THE SOUTH SEAS.
PIRATES OF THE HIGH SEAS (1950) COLUMBIA  Stars Buster Crabbe in this 15-part serial which according to its poster, “Sailing Ahead in the “thrill a second” tradition of South Seas Adventure!  Two ex-Navy pals on a tropical island hunting for a former Nazi who stole diamonds during the war.Set on a South Seas island w poor art direction as in most serials.
PITCAIRN ISLAND TODAY (1935) ROTH PRODS./MGM Documentary by Eugene H. Roth on the Island in the 30s.  Part of “An Oddity” series.
POLYNESIAN FOLLIES (1932) IMPERIAL PICTURE  William M. Pizor Travelogue mostly about the Maori.
PORT OF HATE (1939) MONOGRAM 57 min. short feature.  Murder on a South Seas island amongst a group of American black pearl hunters.  Native girl is involved in the story.
PRISONER OF JAPAN (1942) PRC  64 min low budget short feature about a couple of Americans sacrificing their lives for the American flag over a mid-Pacific island.  Pearl Harbor and Alan Baxter star.

RETURN OF CHAUDU (1934) PRINCIPAL PICS. (Serial-12 episodes)  Bela Lugosi as Chandu the Magician who is recruited to help a princes from the grip of evil cult worshipers from the island
of Lemuria.  Bela thinks a good place to hide the princess of Suva, a South Seas island but a lot of cult members were hanging out there also.  They eventually kidnap the princess and
take her to their island.  Black magic plot.  Also movie version reedited the same year with the same title but in movie version I don’t think they leave Suva. Bad art direction.
RIDING THE CREST (1939?) ???  Short subject showing surfing and outrigger canoes at Waikiki.
3 reel, 30 min. short with Robert Leonard.  Allan Dwan screen writer of Daniel Defoe’s story.  Another popular story adapted to screen with over 30 versions (below are a sample listing).  Some versions with a South Seas setting others with a Carribean (north east of South America) setting.
ROBINSON CRUSOE (1916) HENRY W. SAVAGE, INC.  Need more information?
ROBINSON CRUSOE (1917) UNIVERSAL  Three reel short.
ROBINSON CRUSOE HOURS [A POST NATURE PICTURE] (1921) POST PICS. CORP. One reel short.  Probably a documentary.
ROBINSON CRUSOE OF CLIPPER ISLAND (1936) REPUBLIC  Renamed ROBINSON CRUSOE OF MYSTERY ISLAND (1966) Serial with Mala and Mamo Clark cast in cliff hanger on South
Seas island.  According to this movie’s map Clipper Island is south of Hawaii and the natives are Polynesian. Outrigger canoes, large Tiki worship, Jewish Kahuna and volcano eruptions with volcano sacrifice and Pele the volcano God.  Mala is Federal agent and Mamo is the island princess Malani.  I believe Mala is an Alaskan Indian in real life?  No mention at all of Crusoe in this film.
ROYAL TOUR OF QUEEN ELIZABETH, THE (1954) 20TH CENTURY-FOX/BRITISH MOVIETONE  Travelogue of the royal couple through the Mediterranean, Arabia, Ceylon, Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas Islands showing local culture.
SAMOA (1956) DISNEY  Walt personally produced this short which was nominated for an Oscar for best short that year.  Family entertainment.
SEA SPIDERS (1930) MGM Documentary on Tahitian pearl divers.
SEARCHING FOR FOY (2013) YOUNDER QUEST PRODS.  Stars the producers Anna Karin and Danny Quisenberry.  Short.  To cheer up Lady Anna Danny Q.  plans to take her to Hawaii and he does but adventure follows.
SECRET OF EASTERN ISLAND, THE (1991) SHOWTIME (cable)  Interesting film short that starts on the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) with a humanoid with a moai head is taking care of the large stone moai.  He later travels to the continental U.S. where he soon notices many statues (commerical or art) of regular human man and many regular humans that these images were created after. Just like him back home with images made in his image. The Tiki soon knows that the modern western life is not for him, especially when some greedy Oeananic art collectors litterally want his head for thier collection. Written, directed, edited and produced by Jeff Berry, today better known as Beachbumb Berry in the Tiki Revival realm.
  Pre-western Hawaii about a Hawaiian Shark God’s powers and love affair of chief’s daughter.  One reel short filmed in Hawaii.
SHIPWRECKED (1913) KALEM Stars Anna Q. Nilsson and Guy Combs.  Two reeler loosely based on James M. Barrie’s “The Admirable Crichton”.
SOME MORE OF SAMOA (1941) COLUMBIA  Three Stooges short.  Curly, Larry and Moe roll boat four thousand miles to the island of “Rhum Boogie” looking for a rare mating plant.  The tropical island is populated by black male natives, white princesses and a big white chief.  Representation at its worst.  One native wore a buffalo hat, Curly wore a tiger skin outfit and a real crocodile.  Seems like the title was picked after filming because no Samoa nor anything close to it was mentioned nor pictured.
SONG OF THE ISLANDS (1934) HAWAII TOURIST BUREAU  Forty minute travelogue like short about the lei custom of Hawaii.  Good use of  real Hawaiians in legendary story.  Also four ten minute versions were released the same year by the same company with each covering a major island.  In no way related to the 1942 20TH CENTURY-FOX movie of the same title. 
SONG OF THE ISLANDS (1937) PARAMOUNT  Adolph Zukor one reel musical / romance.
SOUTH SEA ADVENTURES (1932) PRINCIPAL DIST. CO.  Zane Grey’s film record of his deep sea fishing trip through the Pacific along with its peoples.  Visited the South Seas islands of
Rapa, Raia Tea, New Zealand and Tahiti with natives in all but Aotearoa; Sol Lesser produced.
SOUTH SEA SAGAS (1928) PATHE EXCHANGE  Lots of sagas for only one reel.
SOUTH SEAS (1930) TALKING PIC. EPICS One hour documentary on the South Seas islands, some native footage by Gifford Pinchot.
SOUTH SEASICKNESS (1935) RKO  Two reeler with Edgar Kennedy.  Need more info?
STRATEGIC TRUST: The Making of a Nuclear Free Palau (1984) ???  The title says it all in ythis documentary narrated by Joanne Woodward.
STOLEN TRIBUTE TO THE KING, THE (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Tahiti.  Released with documentary short: THE RIVER WANGANUI

TALE OF OLD TAHITI (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO. Another short silent by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Tahiti. 
THAT IS WHY I LEFT YOU (1943) MGM  10 min short of a letter that explains to a young wife why her husband left her.  He dreamed of traveling to the South Seas which started from a gift she gave him earlier. I wonder what the gift was.  Twist at the end. Need more information?
TABU (1943), (1946) SOUNDIES DISTRIBUTING  Both probably one reel musicals.
THREE CHEERS FOR THE GIRLS (1943) WARNER/VITAPHONE  Short  Compilation of big scenes by the Warner chorus line girls (the Pora Dora Chorus), one scene the biggest hula number on the biggest stage in Hollywood from the movie FLIRTATION WALK.  That’s a lotta black wigs.
TIARE TAHITI (1957) CLAIRMONT Featurette simple story with narration.  Mostly about life in late 50s Tahiti.  A sailor washes a shore when blown overboard from a storm.  Our heroine Tiare nurse bim back.  Even with language problem they date until she take home to the marae where they fine tikis.  He desecrates it and they brake up.  But later before the sailor goes Tiare invites him to a luau and dancing.  Good ethnographic like shots of preparing a luau feast.  Some topless vahines in waterfalls.
TUSALAVA (1929) THE FILM SOCIETY (UK) A film by Len Lye.  Documentary film with split screen. Starts with single cell to tribal human groups.  Samoan title means everything goes full circle.

UNCLE SI AND THE SIRENS (1038) CINEART PRODS.  (short, comedy)  Farmer builds his own TV.  First he sees a boring lecture, than a hula that he dances to, then nude women – Utopia!
UMASKED BY A KANAKA (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Tahiti. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK?: TUPAPAOO (1938) MGM  This 11 min. short is about a man Moroni Olsen as a trader who disrupts life in a Polynesian island as he trades trash for pearls.  Comet passes by and chief tells him to prepare for storm.  The unbelieving trader laughs off the prediction and loses everything because of the storm.
WHAT IS SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE (1913) STAR FILMS/GENERAL FILM CO.  Another short silent comedy by Gaston Méliès brother of early film legend George who sent Gaston to the South Seas.  This short was shot in Tahiti.  Released with documentary short: A TAIHITIAN FISH DRIVE
WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON AGAIN (1944) PRC 74 min. short feature  Story of a man while fighting in the South Pacific remembers his love for only one girl.  He then returns to her with all the other adjustments of a battle weary war veteran.

YOUNDER QUEST (2012) YOUNDER QUEST PRODS.  Stars the producers Anna Karin and Danny Quisenberry.  Short.  A dude, a diva travel and have adventures.  He surfs Hawaii, she drinks in Hawaii.



ACAPULCO GOLD (1978) MAR VISTA  Kaua'i locations and setting, possibly TVM about cops & drug dealers.
ADRIFT (1993) ATLANTIS FILMS LTD.  Kate Jackson stars in this “horror at sea” sub genre.  Kate and her rich husband rescue two people and bring them aboard their yacht.  They turn into the couple from hell.  They kidnap and torture the owners.  Compare: DEAD CALM (1988) & AND THE SEA WILL TELL (1991).  The setting here was between Hawaii and the Marquesas.
ALOHA MEANS GOODBYE (1974) UNIVERSAL TV TVM  Sob story of Sally Struthers on dying vacation in Hawaii.
AMELIA EARHART (1976) UNIVERSAL TV TVM  Starred Susan Clark as famous aviator who was lost in the Pacific. Film starts with stock of Diamond Head and than a Californian Honolulu airport.
AMELIA EARHART: THE FINAL FLIGHT (1994) TURNER PICS. (Cable M)   Diane Keaton, Rutger Hauer and Bruce Dern in good acting but bad production designing.  No real location shooting
and it shows, from dried out potted plants to poorly cast extras.  New Guinea had a straight-haired Filipino-like girl and old Asian-like grandpa but at least she wore a sarong.
AND THE SEA WILL TELL (1991) GREEN/EPTSTEIN-CBS TV Mini  Rachel Ward, Richard Creena and James Brolin star in true story of mystery killing of boat owners off Palmyra Island.  Filmed in Tahiti, O'ahu and Vancouver Canada, set in Palmyra Island, Hawaii and California.  Escape to paradise or hell?

BARE ESSENTIALS (1991) CBS TVM  Gregory Harrison plays beachcomber with native Tahitian girlfriend played by non-native Charlotte Lewis.  They reevaluate their relationships with yuppie New York City couple (female played by Lisa Hartman) who recently shipwrecked on this secluded Tahiti isle.  Looked filmed in Baja California.  Also Mark Linn-Baker.

BATTLES (1980) UNIVERSAL TVM  William Conrad playing university security chief battling crimes. Debbie Reynolds co-starred with Broadway star Tony Aguillar and bit by Tracy Monsarrat. 
Later retitled: THE MURDER THAT WOULDN'T DIE.  James Darren plays bad guy.
BATWATCH REUNION: Hawaiian Wedding (2002) FOX TV  Old gang gets together for various reasons at the Turtle Bay Resort and a fictitious Hawaiian Island where they are stalked by a crazy killer. Actually some of the best work by the Baywatch people.
BEVERLY HILLS FAMILY ROBINSON (1997) DISNEY TVM  Dyan Cannon, Martin Mull and two kids play 90s haimakamaka family from Beverly Hills who are heading to the South Seas on board a big yacht that they just boarded from Honolulu.  The yacht is raided by three modern pirates before the rest of crew arrives.  The family defeats the pirates but they are lost.  They run into a tropical storm and are shipwrecked on an uncharted island.  Like the Swiss family Robinson they build and nice tree house with electricity.  At times they hear native drum beats.  The adrift priorities land on their island, surprise!  And their son discovers that the native music is only a Polynesian review show for tourist who get paddled out to the stage from a very near by island.  A swimming at waterfalls scene.  Possibly filmed in Australia.
BLOOD & ORCHIDS (1985) LORIMAR TV Mini of arrogant plantation family taking four innocent Hawaiian boys to rape trial.  Good show based on true story except only one Hawaiian Californian was cast as boy but good supporting local roles.  Starred Kris Kristofferson,  Jane Alexander, Sean Young and Jose Ferrer.  Filmed on O'ahu.  Also good roles by Elizabeth Lindsey and Haunani Minn.
BLOOD SPORT (1986) ABC TVM  Special TVM of T.J. HOOKER television series starring William Shatner, James Darren and Heather “I’m not worthy” Locklear.  This movie is set and shot on O’ahu where T.J. and his team are assigned to protect a US senator who has a death threat.

CAINE MUTINY COURT TRIAL (1992) COLUMBIA TV TV Movie Jeff Daniels in possibly straight to video release of  the same story as classic movie but possibly trial only.
(1972) DISNEY TVM Young Polynesian boy and future chief in the South Seas is blow off course onto a deserted island.  Now he has to survive and with his courage & good rearing he does. Narrated by Don Ho and directed by Roy Disney.
CASTAWAYS (1978) SOUTH PACIFIC TV CORP.  New Zealand  5 part mini TV series of notable castaways including Fletcher Christian.  Parts for Hemi Rapata, Tu’iniua Tuita & ‘Eva Ve’ehala.
CASTAWAYS ON GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (1979) UNIVERSAL TVM  The cast returns to make tourist trap of  the island.  Luau scene with poi dialog.  Almost a FANTASY ISLAND plot.  Good South Seas interior sets.  Starts with Gilligan finding two wreck planes and a metal work shop (how convenient).  Via FLIGHT OF THE PHEONIX and later SIX DAYS & SEVEN NIGHTS they make a flying plane.  Also cursed or tabu “ancient Polynesian masks”.  Ginger teaches the Skipper the hula.
CHALLENGE OF A LIFETIME (1985) ORION TV PRODS. TVM  Penny Marshall tries out for Hawaii's Ironman triathlon as an older non-runner type of woman.
(2006) INDIE Group of bikini clad surfer girls end up robbing safes at gorcery stores. Filmed in San Diego and Hawaii. Straight to video with "straight to video acting and writing. Wardrobe was fine (bikinis). Compare POINT BREAK.
CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD (1977) QUINN MARTIN PRODS. TVM  5-0 like TV spy movie set in Hawaii. Zulu, real name Gilbert Kauhi, has a featured part.
CROWFOOT (1994) BELLISAURIS/CBS  (TVM) Jim Davison as half-breed detective based in Lahaina, Maui.  Hawaiian Charles Ka'upu as a regular.  Filmed on location on Maui.  Never aired.
CURSE OF THE GOLD MONKEY (1982) BELLISAURIS PROD. TVM  Possibly the pilot of TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY TV series starring Steven Collins and Jeff MacKay.  Collins is an adventurous, freelanced pilot in the South Pacific during WWII.  This story involves Egyptian artifacts.  Compare: INDIANA JONES then Disney's TAIL SPIN cartoon which all wee styled after the 40s serials.

DAMIEN: THE LEPER PRIEST (1980) TOMORROW ENTRTMNT., INC. TVM   Ken Howard, Mike Farrell and fellow M*A*S*Her David Ogden Stiers star in Bio. of the famous Priest.
Set was Kaulapapa, Molokai, location was a valley in Southern California.  Most leper Hawaiians were Asians and of coarse only white leper is the co-star.  Haunani Minn plays Princess Lilioukalani (compare BLOOD AND ORCHIDS) with Manu Tupou and Brandscombe Richmond, all having minor roles.  Quote of show: "You came to serve Hawaiians but you never learned their language!"  Father Damien did learn the language shortly after and it made a big difference.   
DANGER IN PARADISE (1977) FILMWAYS TV TVM  Son battles step-mom for dad's ranch.  Pilot for BIG HAWAII. Parts for Hawaiians Moe Keale and Elizabeth Smith.
DANGER ISLAND (1992) VON ZERNECK-SERTNER/NBC  TVM Pilot starring Gary Graham, Kathy Ireland, June Lockhart and Richard Beymer.  These stars as well as others crash in the Pacific and their raft lands on an uncharted island.  This island, they later discover was a secret laboratory for chemical and genetic weapons which resulted in death and the mutations of the
old scientist and Polynesian villagers.  Ray Bumatai as native warrior, Kimo Hugo as chief and Gina Aurio as Linda the beautiful Polynesian that Eddie Velez falls for but turns into a monster as they were about to kiss.  Compare Dr. Moreau films with native beauty turns out to be part panther.  Soon after airing the Late Night Show with David Letterman (aired 09-20 or 21/92) NBC Ep# 1684 or 1685, Letterman comments on this TVM and the scene where Aurio turns monster because Velez previously repeats “Linda, Linda” before the kiss and Letterman repeats same name throughout this episode of the his show.  High quality TVM.  . Filmed on O'ahu. Good flick for TV later released on DVD retitled THE PRESENCE.
DEATH MOON (1978) EMI TV TVM  Joe Penny solves werewolf (derived from Tikis) murders on Kaua'i.  Very bad and untruthful concept, taken from Hawaiian ki’i or tiki images, even if it is fiction.
DEATH WATCH (1976) PARAMOUNT TV TVM  Mike Conners plays former cop who's wife had died from mysterious explosion. He ends up running a boat charter in Hawaii but has to solve a case in Honolulu involving the death of his agent friend.  Aka: THE KILLER WHO WOULDN'T DIE.
DR. SCORPION (1978)  STEVEN CANNELL PRODS./UNIVERSAL TV  Early production for Christine Lahti in which a mad Doctor from Pacific island HQ tries to take over the world.  An actor from this TV-movie said this was filmed and set in Hawaii. 

EBB TIDE (1997) KOCH VISION (UK) Possible remake of all the motion picture versions but made for video release. Stars Robbie Coltrane, Steven Mackintosh and Chris Barnes. and Need more information?
EMMA: QUEEN OF THE SOUTH SEAS (1988) FRIES ENT./ANRO PROD. TV Mini   Barbara Carrera, Hal Holbrook and E. G. Marshall as President Grant.  Carrera stars as strong-willed daughter of American diplomat and Samoan princess who plays big role in social and political history of 19th century Samoa and New Guinea.  Based on true story.  Australian production filmed on Taveuni, Fiji and in Sydney.  Good use of local Samoans as Samoans and Fijians as natives of New Guinea & Bougainville.  Look for Samoan warriors fighting Redcoats.

FANTASY ISLAND (1977) SPELLING-GOLDBERG  TVM  One of two successful pilots for popular TV series, setting not scripted but locals are in mixed Polynesian attire, brown skinned and tropical set.  Title stock filmed on Kaua'i.  Starring: Ricardo Montalban, Bill Bixby, Eleanor Parker, Hugh O'Brian, Sandra Dee, Peter Lawford and Victoria Principal.  
FLIRTING WITH FORTY (2008) LIFETIME (cable) Single mother goes the Hawaii and meets a younger surfer stud.  Based on a true story and stars Heather Locklear and no natives. 
FLYING MISFITS (1976) STEVEN CANNELL PRODS. TVM  Robert Conrad, Simon Oakland in the pilot for the TV series BAA BAA BLACKSHEEP (1976-77), later renamed BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON (1977-78) STEVEN CANNELL for NBC.  Conrad played Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, the real-life ace WWII pilot with his squadron of misfit pilots who became the most decorated air squadron of the war.  The Black Sheep were stationed on the small Solomon island of Vella La Cava but show was shot in southern California with real WWII stock footage. Entertaining TVM.  No natives.  Early roles for John Larroquette and Larry Manetti.
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1979) BENNETT/KATLEMAN PRODS. TV Mini With Natalie Wood and William Devane who recreated the infamous kiss with waves rolling in but this time Natalie is TV topless. Also with Andy Griffith, Peter Boyle and an early Kim Basinger a role. This Golden Globe award winner returned the next year as a TV series.

GAUGUIN THE SAVAGE (1980) NEPHI PRODS.  Shows topless teenage Tahitian girl on national TV.  Censors surely would not allow topless white girls, Producer would be arrested for child porn but it's okay if it's a Polynesian. Are Pacific islanders viewed differently with less respect and less dignity than whites in a modern audience?  It is not a cultural thing, if this was a hippie commune movie you still couldn't show a white topless female teen on prime time TV. Teen and preteen boys across America were celebrating. Starred David Carradine.

GIDGET'S GRAND TOUR (1985) COLUMBIA TVM  Married Gidget returns to Hawaii for TV pilot.  The TV show that followed is set in Southern California.

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS ON GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, THE (1981) UNIVERSAL TVM  The famous basketball team visits the island in the last of the "GILLIGAN" TVMs.  The network (NBC) originally wanted the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but weren’t available.  Sex sells.  Jim Backus fell ill before shooting but managed to do a scene at the end.
HART TO HART (1994) ABC (TVM)  Special reoccurring television movie series reviving the early 80s successful show with the same stars Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers.  On this TV movie they travel to a fellow rich man's private Hawaiian island only to discover that he's also a murderer.  Partly and beautifully filmed on O'ahu with no natives present. Titled: “Old Friends Never Die”, Aired: 05-06-94
HAWAII FIVE-O: COCOON (1968) CBS TV TVM  Pilot for successful, long-running TV series starring Jack Lord with guest Nancy Kwan, Leslie Nielsen and Lou Ayres.  Lord discovers Red Chinese spy ring in Honolulu. Early role for Zulu.
HAWAII FIVE-O 2 (ca1998) CBS TV Big money and a new Mercury on big remake pilot that didn't go. Regular parts for Andy Bumatai, Elise Sniffen and Branscombe Richmond. Lead was played by Gary Bussey, need I say more. People are dying to see it anyway. Bring it out CBS.

INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (1985) AARON SPELLING TVM  DC-10 bound for Hawaii has a bomb threat among other dramas at this fictional airport.  Film at LAX.  
ISLAND, THE (1987) TRINACRA FILMS (Mini) (Canadian/French) “ Île, L'  When a few 18th century sailors and a few Polynesian natives shipwreck on a small Tahitian island they separate but the only females are on the Polynesian side.   They find as they interact with the natives, racial prejudice reins and mating needs outweigh civility.  Trouble begins.   Stars John Mairai  Compare story of Pitcairn Island of the Bounty story.
ISLAND SONS (1986) UNIVERSAL TVM  Local haole family's boys (all played by the Bottoms brothers) and one hapa-haole (half breed) brother, who dies in this TV pilot which also died.  Who played hapa-haole? Mokihana had a part.
ISLANDER, THE (1978) CBS/UNIVERSAL TVM  Pilot of lawyer retiring to Hawaii to run a Hotel.  Starred Dennis Weaver and Bernadette Peters.

JOHNNY KAPAHALA: BACK ON BOARD (2007) DISNEY JOHNNY TSUNAMI sequel of Cable movie went to video after its cable stint but this time with grandson Brandon Baker back as the lead and back in Hawaii.  Brandon has to baby sit step uncle while trying to surf and skateboard.  Made for preteens.  Filmed in New Zealand. Rumors is half Filipino Brandon has a drop of Hawaiian blood.
JOHNNY TSUNAMI (1999) DISNEY  Cable movie for the Disney Channel this weak film by the same people who did MEET THE DEEDLES.  Hawaiian surfing family (all Asian Americans) with grandson living in the Rockies with a big snow board challenge. Also Sequel: JOHNNY KAPAHALA: BACK ON BOARD.
J.F.K.: RECKLESS YOUTH (1993) CABIN FEVER ENTERTAINMENT (Cable M)   Patrick Dempsey starred in this saga of "Jack" Kennedy's wild and sometimes bed ridden youth.  Film does cover "the real story of PT-109" when Kennedy commanded a PT boat around the Solomon Islands.  This version he was a irresponsible and undisciplined Lt. with Washington connections who wrecked his boat but he bravely saved his men.  No real South Seas location shooting just small potted palm trees buried on some mainland sand dune. 
JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (1999) HALLMARK/USA NETWORK  Stars Treat Williams Bryan Brown in this TVM version.  Need more information?  A Maori character, probably Peter Kaa who plays Te Mahua.           
JUST TELL ME YOU LOVE ME (1979) INDIE TVM  June Lockhart and daughters Anne and Elizabeth, Lisa Hartman and maybe Dean's son Ricci Martin.  Young, free wheeling thieves work at Mau'i hotels.  Lei greeting scene.  Music by England Dan and John Ford Coley. Aka: MAUI for video release.

KILLER ON BOARD (1977) LORIMAR TVM Claude Akins with Patty Duke and Jane Seymour aboard luxury liner which departed from Honolulu and bound for San Francisco.  While in transit mysterious virus turned up killing some passengers and stirring up panic as whole ship is quarantine in San Francisco harbor.  Actual location shooting in Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean.  Compare PACIFIC LINER (1939). 
KILLER WHO WOULDN'T DIE (1976) PARAMOUNT TV TVM  Mike Connors, Mariette Hartley and Patrick O'Neal. Connors as ex-detective turns charter boat captain in typical TV caper.  Lots of Chinese culture and roles.  Aka: DEATH WATCH

LAST SURVIVORS, THE (1975) COLUMBIA TV TVM  Martin Sheen as purser of cruise liner, on the "Honolulu run", finds himself appointed captain of only surviving and over crowded roll boat and having to chose to sacrifice weak survivors to save the rest. Supposing based on a true story.
LOST FLIGHT (1969) UNIVERSAL TV TVM  Lloyd Bridges, Billy Dee Williams, Anne Francis and others are flying from Hawaii to Australia but crash.  Survivors land on Pacific isle with their life rafts and and forced to live in peace and form a new society.  Filmed on Kaua'i.
LUCIFER COMPLEX, THE (1976) GOLD KEY  This low-budget sci-fi film went straight to TV.  Part of this movie has a survivor of “the great war” of 1986 in a cave on a Hawaiian island who just sits and watches old films and every documentary of every kind. 

M STATION HAWAII (1980) LORD & LADY PRODS.TVM  Story about missing Soviet sub.  Produced by Jack Lord.  Two of five  main characters are portrayed as educated Hawaiians, one by Moe Keale, the other by a Hawaiian-looking local.
MAYDAY (2005) CBS TV Flight from San Francisco to Japan has to divert a little to avoid a storm.  Plane apparently get to close to a navel missile area because a missile hits them killing the pilot and knocking out co-pilot.  So passengers have to fly the plane.  Kelly Hu is flight attendant.  Also stars Arian Quinn and Dean Caine in this air disaster TV movie. As good as those 70s air disaster big budget flicks. Like SNAKES ON A PLANE filmed in Canada. Ah, no wonder they could afford the effects.
MATTER OF JUSTICE, A (1983) NBC TV Mini  Patty Duke and Martin Sheen.  True story of a Kaneohe marine who is murdered by estranged wife's boyfriend on base.  Mother of marine tries and succeeds to convict daughter-in-law and take legal custody of her surviving granddaughter. All Hawaii scenes; the Marine base, Waikiki etc. are stock footage and interiors are faked and so all cast and most extras are mainland haoles (whites).       
MAUI JAIL BREAK (1960) ???  TV pilot need more information? Kind of early for a TV pilot.
MERCY MISSION: THE RESCUE OF FLIGHT 771 (1994) ANASAZI PRODS. TVM  (Australia/US) Robert Loggia and Scott Bakula in true story of heroic search and rescue of a lost pilot in a small prop plane flying from Pago Pago to Northfork Island by an experienced Air New Zealand flight crew with consent of their passengers traveling from Fiji to Auckland, New Zealand in a modern jetliner.  Good cast and performances.
MIRACLE LANDING (1990) CBS TV TVM  Connie Selleca and Wayne Rogers in an air disaster picture about a major section of plane's roof breaking off and the dramatic attempt of the pilots to land the plane safely.  Based on true account of an Aloha airliner. Also stars Nancy Kwan as a stewardess. Ray Bumatai had a part.
MISS AMERICA: BEHIND THE CROWN (1992) KATZ-RUSH ENTERTAINMENT TVM  True story of Carolyn Sapp a haole Miss Hawaii who became Miss America but not before she was battered by Samoan Nuu Faaola who played pro football.  This movie was filmed in Florida with haole extras playing ukuleles while Carolyn dances the hula.  One day scenic shooting on O'ahu.  Nuu was played by Hawaiian Ray Bumatai with real life brother Andy Bumatai playing a brother. 
MISSION OF THE SHARK (1991) FRIES ENTERTAINMENT/CBS TVM  Stacy Keach and Richard Thomas in true story of WWII Naval cover up of the truth of the slow response of the U.S.S. Indianapolis sinking in the South Pacific waters.
MISTER ROBERTS (1984) NBC TVM Remake of classic movie with Robert Hayes (Airplane star) as Roberts Kevin Bacon as Pulver and Charles Durning as the Captain. Also Marilu Henner (Taxi) had a part.
MOBY DICK (1998) AM/ZOETROPE/USA  (Cable M)  Stars Patrick Stewart in this Herman Melville classic.  Gregory Peck the Captain Ahab of the feature MOBY DICK (1956)WARNER BROS plays the preacher part that Orsen Wells played.  The good thing about this cable version is the part of Qeequeq is played by a real Maori Piripi Waretine with real Maori designed tattoos on face and body.
MOON AND SIXPENCE (1959) NBC TVM  Produced by David Susskind and starring Laurence Olivier in the classic Maugham story of westerner leaving it all to paint in Tahiti, marries native girl, paints  masterpieces and dies of leprosy.  See movie of same name (1942).
MURDER IN PARADISE (1989) BILL McCUTCHEN PRODS. TVM  Another TV crime story filmed on O'ahu with, of course, a haole lead and with most natives roles played by California Asians and Barbara Carrera. Part for Manu Tupou.
MURDER THAT WOULDN’T DIE, THE (1980) GLEN A. LARSON PRODS. TVM  Retitled from BATTLES (1980). Former mainland cop William Conrad gets a semi retirement job as head of security and part time coach at the local university. Of course someone dies and Battles with his ragtag group of students and football player solves the case. Pilot does not go to series. Parts for locals Tommy Aquilar, Jimmy Borges and Tracy Monsarrat. Aka: BATTLES
MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OF CAPTAIN NEMO (1973) CITE FILMS Italian version of this classic Jules Verne story, starring Omar Sharif as the Captain. Story is Omar thought he was hired to do a movie, this project ened up being a good mini series shown thoughout Europe but Omar wasn't happy with the down grade. Of course it has the classic Volcanic Evil Lair.
MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OF BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (1979) ALAN LANDSBURG/CBS TVM  Starring Peter Lawford and Clint Walker as two of six men who fight for survival on a South Seas island populated by a tribe of hostile cannibals and a group of bikini-clad women who as orphans crashed landed there years earlier. When the pilot and their care giving nun died due to the crash the now women raised themselves. Also stars Jayne Kennedy and Debrah Shelton. Hear it's a good movie.

NEW SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, THE (1998) DISNEY TV  Apparently a poorly written version starring Jane Seymour, James Keach and David Carradine.

ONCE AN EAGLE (1976) NBC/UNIVERSAL (Mini) Sam Elliot. Highly regarded Mini series about two Army officers with opposite personalities. This story covers both WWI and WWII so odds are 50/50 that at least one of the two served in the Pacific. Need more information?
ONE WEST WAIKIKI (1994) GLEN A. LARSON   Cheryl Ladd & Richard Burgi star in pilot as a Police  Medical Examiner based in Honolulu.  Elssie Sniffen a part-Hawaiian discovery from California co-stars.  Eleven more shows were later produced for CBS and syndication.
OPERATION RAINBOW WARRIOR (2006) TOUT AUDIOVISUAL PRODS/SCARLETT PRODS. (France)  French MTV version of Rainbow Warrior (1992) even with the involvement of the French Secret Service, that blew up the nuclear protest ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland. NZ.  AKA: Le Rainbow Warrior.. (French)
OUT ON A LIMB (1987) ABC CIRCLE FILMS  TV Mini  Shirley MacLaine playing herself in a exposition of her belief in
reincarnation and her round the world journey with a married British politician.  One scene in Hawaii takes place
OVERBOARD (1978) FACTOR NEWLAND PRODS. TVM Angie Dickinson and hubby Cliff Robertson in story of an argumentative couple on sailboat, at end wife fall off ship and in a very dramatic scene husband tries to save her but fails, both give up in a loving embrace.  Touching and powerful scene for TV. Set near Tahiti.

PACIFIC, THE (2010) DREAMWORKS/HBO  10 part miniseries on WWII in the Pacific.  Danny Kamekona
PARADISE CONNECTION, THE (1979) QUINN MARTIN PROD. TVM  Buddy Ebsen in pilot of Chicago lawyer in Mau'i looking for son.  Nephi Hannemann and Peter Kalua as heavies, Danny Kamekona as detective and Moe Keale and Zulu with bits.   
PARENT TRAP-HAWAIIAN HONEYMOON (1989) DISNEY TVM  Starring Haley Mills, Barry Bostwick and their triplets.  Haley's husband inherits small Hawaiian inn and tries to restore it to avoid a million dollar lawsuit.  Filmed on O'ahu.
PEARL (1978) SILLIPHANT-KONIGSBERG PRODS. TV Mini  Good TV reenactment of the Pearl Harbor attack because they used film from TORA, TORA, TORA. with TV Mini drawn out drama. That footage gave them a leg up on the similar story Mini FROM HERE TO ETERNITY shot just months later. This one stars Angie Dickerson, Dennis Weaver, Robert Wagner, Lesley Ann Warren, Adam Arkin and Max Gail.

RAIDER OF THE SOUTH SEAS (1990) SOUTH PACIFIC PICTS. (Canada/New Zealand) TV movie. Whole town of Whangaroa on the north coast New Zealand prepare for War when the Pearl Harbor attack was announced.
RAINBOW WARRIOR (1992) CAPITAL CITIES/ABC  TVM Jon Voight and Sam Neill in this US/NZ production about the sinking and investigation of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior mother ship in New Zealand.  Modern boat greeting scene complete with flowers and Māori music.  Also scene of Greenpeace's protest of French nuclear testing in French Polynesia.  Good nuclear free Pacific message. 
RAINBOW WARRIOR CONSPIRACY, THE (1988) 7 NETWORK (CableM)  Brad Davis in dramatization of events leading to the bombing of the Greenpeace flagship which was protesting nuclear testing in the South Pacific.
RAVEN (1991) COLUMBIA TV/INVADER PRODS.  TV Pilot starring Jeffery Meek and Lee Majors in action/drama of highly-trained Meek looking for hidden son in Hawaii with former Army intelligence trained and former alcoholic Majors.   Filmed on O'ahu. A season and a half was picked up later.
RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (1978) REDWOOD PRODS. TVM  Tidal wave sweeps castaways back to civilization.  Gang somehow returns to island for future TVM specials.
RETURN OF CAPTAIN NEMO (1978) CBS/IRWIN ALLAN/WARNER BROS.?  Three one hour mini series starring Jose Ferrer and Mergess Meredith.  Set in 1978. Like most Capt. Nemo movies the set or ocean could be anywhere. Need more information?
RETURN TO FANTASY ISLAND (1978) COLUMBIA TV TVM Second pilot to popular TV series.
REVEALING EVIDENCE (1990) UNIVERSAL TVM  Tom Selleck produced TV detective story.

SAVED BY THE BELL: THE MOVIE (1992) ABC TVM  TV movie version of popular Saturday preteen video comedy.  This film stars Dean Jones as well as the regular cast.  Lots of stock footage, California locations as Hawaii sets, and a very small percent of real location shooting.  Familiar plot of a Grandpa, of one of the teen cast, who owns a small old hotel which is trying to survive the pressure of the neighboring grand resort who wants to expand.  Grandpa played by ukulele playing Jones wont give in.  One of the teenagers has a resemblance to a wood carved Hawaiian god. Luau and hula scenes.
SECRET OF EASTERN ISLAND (ca. 2002) BEACHBUM BERRY  Film short where two guys starting a Tiki bar fly to Rapa Nui.  There they run into a Moai that comes to life and they take the god back to the mainland.  The Tiki soon knows that the modern western life is not for him.  
SOUTH PACIFIC (2001) TRILLIUM PRODS. (TVM)  Stars Glenn Close in this good made for TV production.  Shot in Australia and the South Seas with Disney backing.  Plot and song true to original 1958 big screen version, except for no color tinting this time, thank heavens. Also (1967) ABC  Starring Robert Goulet.
SPECIAL DELEVERY (2008) LIFETIME (cable) Cable movie of a courier, Lisa Edelstein, who works the Pacific Rim.  In this story she delivers a teen (Brenda Song) from China to her Mom on Maui.  Problems with the teen’s father in China ensues. 
STICKIN' TOGETHER (1978) BLINN/THORPE PRODS. TVM  Pilot of THE MACKENZIES OF PARADISE COVE about beachcombers and orphans.  Moe Keale plays Big Ben.  Any local orphans? Also aka: WONDERLAND COVE.
STRANDED (1976) CBS TV TVM  Plane wreck on a South Pacific island starring Kevin Dobson and a part for James Cromwell. Connection: used footage from LOST FLIGHT.
STRANDED (1986) TIM FLACK PRODUCTION TVM  Loni Anderson and Perry King stars as rival ad executives who are marooned on a South Pacific Island near Tahiti after their hot-air balloon fails. Tahitian cab driver Charles Atae.
STRANDED (2002) HALLMARK (Cable M)  SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON remake.  No stars and no natives but a South Pacific setting. They were on their way to Australia.

SUPERGATOR (2007) RODEO PRODS. The ledgenary "B" filmmaker is back on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to film another unbelivable story of a super croc on Kauai. Ending scene has gator enjoying luau with tourist except the tourist are his main course. Cable movie.
SURVIVE THE SAVAGE SEA (1992) VON ZERNECK-SERTNER MTV  Robert Urich, Ali MacGraw star in another good story of family surviving in mid-Pacific after their family sailboat wrecks on their way to Tahiti.  At least one stop in New Zealand and rescued in the Fijians.  Based on a true story.  Filmed in Queensland, Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.
SWIMSUIT (1989) FIRST RUN STUDIOS TVM  Catherine Oxenberg, William Katt and Cyd Charisse in story of new models posing for a swimsuit promo.  Partially filmed and set on O'ahu.
SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON (1958) NBC  Shipwreck family survives on South Sea island, starred Patty Duke.

TEMPTED (2003) LIFETIME (Cable)  Young married woman takes her deceased Hawaiian mother ashes to Hawaii for a burial at a lake.  While there she falls in love with her Hawaiian cousin, played by Jason Mamoa.  Good and bad news.  Good news; he later finds out that her Hawaiian mother wasn’t really her mother so she free to make it with Jason  Bad news, she’s still married.  Also sub-plot of a neighbor who wants to develop and ruin the neighborhood. Filmed on the mainland (explains the lake) and Jason’s Hawaiian mom is Asian.
THREE CHEERS FOR THE GIRLS (1943) WARNER/VITAPHONE  Short  Compilation of big scenes by the Warner chorus line girls (the Pora Dora Chorus), one scene the biggest hula number on the biggest stage in Hollywood from the movie FLIRTATION WALK.  That’s a lotta black wigs.
THREE ON A DATE (1978) ABC CIRCLE FILMS  TV game show winners on Hawaiian holiday.  Love Boat type plot. Directed by Bill Bixby with stars Loni Anderson, Ray Bolger, Ricky Nelson, Patrick Wayne and Gary Crosby.

TOO RICH: The Secret Life of Doris Duke (1999) CBS TVM  Star studded film with Lauren Bacall, Richard Chamberlain, Katherine Quinlan & Michael Nouri amoung others.  Part of the story is so-call Doris Duke & Duke Kahanamoku played by part black Brian Stokes Mitchell where in reality Doris had an affair with Duke’s brother.  All the Kahanamoku’s boys were handsome.  Filmed in Honolulu as Doris had her big primary house there during her hay-day.
TRENCHCOAT IN PARADISE (1989) MGM TVM  Dirk Benedict and Bruce Dern.  Badly done TV pilot about a detective.
TRIBE (1999) PARAMOUNT/CRAWFORD (Aust.) MINI  Group of boaters get in trouble with modern Pirates.  Now stranded on a tropical Island they find a corpse of a WWII Japanese soldier who had placed booby traps all over the Island.  They say that’s why the natives stayed away.  Lots of subplots to fill the four hours.  Lots of buff young men and Joanna Cassidy star.

VACATION IN HELL, A (1979) FINNEGAN ASSOC./ABC TVM Tourist gets lost in jungle island resort.
Not sure where set but one of the “Native hunters” was played by Hawaiian Ed Ka’ahea.  Filmed in Hawaii.
VALENTINE MAGIC ON LOVE ISLAND (1980) DICK CLARK PRODS./NBC TVM  FANTASY ISLAND rip-off even to the nondescript setting, but, as in FANTASY ISLAND, the locals are Polynesian looking, play the ukulele, swing hips, Tahitian style, in fake grass skirts and wear Aloha attire.  Janis Paige and Adrienne Barbeau star.  Filmed on Oahu at Waimea Park as the Love Island Resort. ...oh brother.

WAIKIKI (1980) AARON SPELLING PRODS./ABC TVM  Pilot for two P.I.s in Hawaii.  Big influence by TV show VEGAS but lost out to MAGNUM P.I..  Only room in this town for one crime drama at a time.  Featured Darren McGavin with Dack Rambo and Donna Mills. Roles for locals Branscombe Richmond, Bob Apisa and Betty Carvalho.  Note: Look for early role by Tanya Roberts. Filmed on O'ahu.
WAHINE (2000) DISNEY (cable) Another low budget Disney cable movie that was not filmed in Hawaii. This one is about a mainland raised Hawaiian female teenager who learns to surf in Hawaii. She learns her deceased  Hawaiian mother was a great surfer and royalty.  She has to decide whether to use her inherited beach front property for a resort or keep it as a good surfing spot. Only a surfer would make the wrong choice.
WAR AND REMEMBRANCE (1987) WINDS OF WAR (1983) ABC TV Mini and sequel about WWII.  Largest budget ever for any film project.  Starred Robert Mitchum, Polly Bergen and Jane Seymour.  Most South Seas footage was Navy at sea in Pacific.  Filmed partly on O'ahu and her waters.
WESTWIND TO HAWAII (1975) WILLIAM D'ANGELO PRODS./NBC TVM  Shot on Maui and in Kona.  Pilot for series WESTWIND (13 Episodes).Two teens and their parents sail around the Pacific for adventure.



ALOHA PARADISEALOHA PARADISE (1981) ABC  Debbie Reynolds starred in short-lived sitcom about remote hotel in Hawaii.  Show modeled after and shot at Kona Village Resort on the Big Island.  Mokihana played the bartender.
ALOHA VET (2015) NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (cable) AKA Nat Geo Wild Veterinarian Dr. Scott Sims in Kauai is helping island animals of all kinds.  Sadly Dr. Sims died before season 2.
ADVENTURES IN PARADISE (1959-62) ABC/20TH CENTURY FOX  Gardner McKay as captain of schooner sailing South Pacific.
ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN DAVID GRIEF (1957-60) GUILD FILM CO./ SYN.  Don't know if it aired? Locals were featured and first two shows were filmed on Kaua'i. Once lost now found & on DVD.  Base on Jack London’s tales of the same ship “Rattler”. In episode “The Canvas Treasures of Kierke Isle” guest stars Hawaiian Tani Marsh.
ADVERAGE JOE: HAWAII (2004) NBC  Follow up of popular AVERAGE JOE reality TV show where a very beautiful young women had to choose between good but nerdy looking guys, now add the backdrop of Hawaii.
Thomas, his family and natives.  Not bad.
ADVENTURES OF THE SEASPRAY (1965) PACIFIC FILM & TV COMM. (Australia) SYN.  South Pacific adventures in boat. Widower and three children sail the Pacific with an all Fijian crew. Must of used her life insurance money to buy boat. Yeah..wife gone, he doesn't have to work again! A Leoni Lesinawi credited. Sounds Fijian.

BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP (1976-77) or BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON (1977-78) NBC   WWII set in Solomon Islands starring Robert Conrad, Stephen Cannell produced. Early roles for Larry Manetti and John Larroquette.
BASIC TRAINING, THE WORKOUT (1989) ESPN  Aerobics series with Janklowicz. On location shooting on the island of O'ahu.          
BAYWATCH-HAWAII (1999-2001) SYN./PEARSON ENT.  At the time the most popular show in the world was running out of story lines so the company moved the show to the north shore of O’ahu.  Mega TV star David Hasselhoff  left the show at the end of 1999 and the show slowly died.  It did have beautiful scenery and a new teen idol in young Hawaiian Jason Mamoa and Ka’i Miller with a part-time role in the first season in Hawaii.
BEACHCOMER, THE (1962) I.T.C. SYN.  Cameron Mitchell leaves business for South Seas. One season 39 1/2 hour episodes.
BEYOND THE BREAK (2006-08) All girl surfing team who live together in the sponsor's beach house who are very different with very different backgrounds but they do have the surf in common. Riding the wave of BLUE CRUSH girlie surf movie
BIG WAVE DAVE'S (1993) PARAMOUNT TV/CBS   Multi-camera sitcom filmed on a L.A. sound stage with Haleiwa second unit footage because its set in the famous north shore town.  Ray Bumatai in reoccurring role as comic local entrepreneur.  Couple city slickers from the mainland sell everything to buy a surf shop in the surf capital of the world. Stars Alan Arkin and David Morse.  Connection:  Kurtwood Smith from the 70s SHOW plays Jack Lord. A summer replacement that was good but didn't get picked up and TV's gone down hill ever since.
BIG HAWAII (1977) NBC/FILMWAYS TV  Modern rancher in the Aloha state, lasted only seven episodes. Linda Gray, Don Johnson. Richard Jaekel had parts and so did Kimo Hahaoano and Moe Keale.
BOARDING HOUSE: NORTH SHORE (2003) MARK BURNETT PRODS.  Another reality show based in Hawaii, this time at the hot Hollywood set of O’ahu’s North Shore (BLUE CRUSH, BIG BOUNCE, THE)  Real surfers are used in this real life drama including Sony Garcia any Andy Pacheo .From the king of reality shows, Mark Burnett. There was another Hawaii show coming in with a working title "Boarding School" girls student surfers who lived up in the North Shore and the Fox TV Series who settled on the name "North Shore" How creative Hollywood gets. The first show changed the name to "Beyond the Break".
BREAK, THE (2003) FOX TV  From the Director of BLUE CRUSH TV pilot base on surfing cops who find they can get a lot of information form surf punks on the break.  Apparently concept of cops surfing on the clock didn’t sit well with studio executives because it wasn’t picked up.  All cast was from LA most had to be taught to surf. Hea really Lt. I have to surfing to get the bad guys, really...
BROADSIDE (1964-65) ABC  McHALE’S NAVY formula to capitalize McHALE’s success with but this time with Waves in New Caledonia (ala OPERATION PETTICOAT).  The formula was to similar and it was tagged a rip-off.  Starred Kathleen Nolan, Edward Andrews and Dick Sargent. I wonder what rank Dick played? Sarg...
BYRDS OF PARADISE (1994-94) BOSHCO/ABC  Series set on rural Big Island where a widower and three young teens have to adjust to a very different Chicago lifestyle.  Stars Timothy Busfield and local Elizabeth Lindsey as well as other Hawaiians: like Andy Bumatai, Robert Kekaula, Betty Carvalho and more.  Of note the producers of the show really wanted the contrast between real Hawaiian and the haole (white) newcomers so a massive casting effort was made on all major islands even though most locals got there roles by auditioning in L.A. but give them credit.  Shot on O'ahu. One of the better South Seas TV, good acting a writing with real locals as locals. Future stars Seth Green and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

CHARLIE CHAN (1958) SYN.  Based on Honolulu detective Chang Apana.  Set where?

DANGER ISLAND (1968-69) NBC  Part of “Banana Splits Adventure Hour” this Saturday morning serial thrilled children for 36 episodes in one season.  A scientist and his teen daughter and young assistant, played by Jan-Michael Vincent, are all trying to discover a lost city in the unchartered South Pacific. Also noted for a young director Richard Donner.  Canibalistic natives and pirates are also present in this adventure/comedy.  
DANGER THEATRE: TROPICAL PUNCH (1993) FOX TV  Unusual format of two reoccurring shows crammed into a half-hour comedy.  One show, TROPICAL PUNCH, stars former Batman and former Hawaii resident Adam West in this 5-0 like spoof.  Peter Navy Tuiasosopo, a Samoan is his Hawaiian sidekick.  Tapped entirely in L.A.
DIAMOND HEAD GAME, THE (1975) COLUMBIA TV (Syn.)  Hosted by Bob Eubanks and taped at Kuilima Hotel. Music by Allan Thick.  One season only. Now the Turtle Bay Hotel.
DOG: BOUNTY HUNTER (2004-present) A&E (cable)  Reality show staring famous bounty hunter “Dog” Chapman who at the time of the show was living and doing most of his jobs around the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the time pidgin English is subtitled.
DON HO SHOW, THE (1976-77) ABC  Half-hour variety show shot from various locations on O'ahu.

808,THE (2007) FUEL TV Reality series based on the hotest surfers on the North
Shore of O'ahu. Kai Garcia stars.
ENSIGN O'TOOLE (1962-63) NBC Dean Jones, Jack Albertson and Beau Bridges starred in Navy sitcom aboard destroyer in the Pacific.
In Sea. 1, Ep.2, Titled: “"Operation Model T", Aired: on 09-30-62, Jones buys a Model T on a French Polynesian island and sneaks it on board in pieces but he gets caught.

FANTASY ISLAND (1978-84) ABC/SPELLING-GOLDBERG Famous TV show with Ricardo Montalban Scenery filmed in Hawaii, natives dressed Polynesian but set location a mystery? (1998-99) ABC/SONY TV/SONNENFELD-JOSEPHSON  Modern version with visual effects and Malcolm McDowell, Polynesians are at times present but scarce, tiki cup drinks greet guest and island is mentioned to be about 500 miles north/west of Australia.
FLIGHT 29 DOWN (2005-07) DISCOVERY/NBC  Acclaimed youth show with 10 teens and a pilot who crash land on a deserted island somewhere between Guam and Palau although captioned as South Seas.  Big lesson to learn the kids have to get along to survive.  Filmed on the North Shore of O’ahu.
FLYING DOCTOR (1959) SYN.  Richard Denning as doctor who flies to remote Australia and Pacific Isles for aid.
FOLLOW THE SUN (1961-62) ABC  Barry Coe and Brett Halsey as freelance writers set in Honolulu with  an all white cast.  Filmed in Fox Studios, L.A., CA
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1980) NBC  Successful movie and Mini (from previous year) take-off with William Devane and now starring Kim Basinger. Newcomers Barbara Hersey (replacing Natalie Wood from Mini) and Don Johnson. Unfortunately series did not have same success.  Probably because of cost for TV (period piece, lots of cast and location shooting).

GILLIGAN'S ISLANDGILLIGAN'S ISLAND (1964-67) CBS  Classic silly sitcom about an unusual mix of characters shipwrecked on an uncharted isle near Hawaii.  Pilot shot in Hawaii but jungles did not look convincing enough.  Show than shot successfully in L.A. back lot.  About a half a dozen episodes deal with Polynesians on island.  One show features Ginger pondering stereotypical role of white beauty being sacrificed to a volcano which was the subject of the episode. Classic 5-star Hall of Fame TV.

HARRY (2013) DESERT ROAD ENT. (NZ)  Six episodes, starring Oscar Knightly and Sam Neill.  Well balanced portrayal of Polynesians living in the city of Auckland, N.Z.  Where diasporic Samoans play the hoods and the cops, intermingled with Euro-New Zealanders.  Slow paced but good drama with sound track that keeps you watching and Knightly’s portrayal that matches it.
HARRY OWENS & HIS ORCHESTRA (1958) ???  Harry hosts this show with his usual gang, his band and Hilo Hattie.  Lots of Hawaiian culture and of course music.  Need more information?
HAWAII (2004) NBC  Newest attempt at the Five-0 phenomenon with again a L.A. cast.  Apparently part of the new micro-management decisions by new young studio executives who think they know what they are doing.  Writing and acting isn’t bad though.  Token detective part for Andy Bumatai and Peter Tuiasasopo was a regular who play the fat Polynesian cop always eating.
HAWAII CALLS (1967) ???  Popular Radio show turns TV.  One episode has Martin Deny doing America’s big hit Quiet Village .  Sets on Waikiki beach and the Polynesian Village.  Need more info?
HAWAII FIVE-O (1968-80) CBS  One of the most popular hour crime shows ever, starred Jack Lord and many locals in reoccurring roles.  Many want-to be a cop in Hawaii followed but none as successfully as this one.. Classic 5-star Hall of Fame TV. Regular parts for Zulu, Herman Wedemeyer, Al Harrington and Moe Keale. Also Doug Mossman.
HAWAII FIVE-0 (2010-present) CBS  Same theme song, same character names, different generation, more edgy violence & technology.  Only ties to older version is the beat up Mercury and a character played by Ed Asner as the jewel thief.  No real locals as co-stars but real actors (Asians from the mainland). Sea.3, Ep.19 Titled: Hoa Pili, Aired: 03-25-13 in a show directed by part-Hawaiian stunt Coordinator Jeff Cadiente also son of actor David Cadiente.  At end of this episode big cross reference to MAGNUM P.I..funny
HAWAII LIFE (2013-present) HGTV  Reality real estate show set in Hawaii with the formula of buyers shown three different properties than deciding, at the end, which one to buy.
HAWAIIAN EYE (1959-63) ABC  Robert Conrad and Connie Stevens in detective show set in Hawaii.  Filmed in Honolulu but mostly in L.A.. Doug Mossman was a regular. First popular US South Seas TV show.
HAWAIIAN HEAT (1984)  CBS/UNIVERSAL  Short-lived TV series, was another detective show that failed. Branscombe Richmond had a part.
HIGH SCHOOL REUNION (2002-2003) WB  Reality show based on the romantic island of Maui where the show brings in 10 former classmate after 10 years.  Crushes, jealousies are now revealed.

ISLAND SON (1989) LORIMAR/ABC  Richard Chamberlain in a short-lived TV series about a doctor who was adopted by a Hawaiian family when he was younger. Ray Bumatai and Betty Carvalho has parts.
ISLANDERS, THE (1960-61) ABC/WARNER BROTHERS  Set in South Pacific, probably filmed in Hollywood.

JAKE AND THE FAT MAN (1988-1990) CBS/VIACOM  William Conrad and Joe Penny star in a crime drama.  Show originated in L.A.,, near death, the show than moved to Hawaii for better ratings which it got.  After three seasons the series than moved back to L.A. and the rating surprisingly stayed strong.  Karen Keawehawaii had regular role in only the first season of Hawaii shooting.

LAST RESORT, THE (2002-03) ABC  Reality show based in Hawaii about couples about to break up. But they have a last resort at a beautiful resort to rekindle there bond or break up.  The show does have counseling for them.
LITTLE PEOPLE, THE or BRIAN KEITH SHOW, THE (1972-74) NBC  Haole (white) pediatrician in Hawaii based sitcom.
LIVING EDENS (1998) PBS  “Palau: Paradise of the Pacific.  Need more information?
LOST (2004-10) ABC/TOUCHSTONE PICTS.  Third of three spring Hawaii pilots that got picked up that year.  The setting of this one is the South Seas with survivors of a plane wreck on a deserted island.  So far no natives but a sci-fi Dr. Moreau element, polar bears and a big something in the bushes (see DEEP RISING).  Big hit for ABC. Emmy for best show 2005.
1st episode 2009 in the frustration of first experiencing time travel on the Island Sawyer gets mad at a red head female scientist and calls her “Ginger” after GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.

  Five orphans and an adventurer in Hawaii.  Moe Keale had a part.
MAGNUM P.I.MAGNUM, PI (1980-88) CBS/UNIVERSAL  Hit detective series made star of Tom Selleck, with all haole (white & one black) cast.  Shot primarily on O'ahu. Classic 5-star Hall of Fame TV.
MARKER (1995-) UPN  One of the first shows introducing a Paramount’s new T.V. network staring Richard Grieco, Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher of Paramount TV’s STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION) and Hawaii’s own Andy Bumatai.  Richard redeems pay back markers from his recently departed millionaire father that he never got to know.  Through these “marker” experiences
he learns more and he respects more his divorced father. 
MATAKU (2002) SOUTH PACIFIC PICTS. (New Zealand)  TV series of Maori legends.  Hosted by Temuera Morrison.
MCHALE'S NAVY (1961-66) ABC  Hit sitcom of PT boat crew in South Pacific.  Show failed when set was moved to Europe.  Starring Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway. Later movie version failed because it was set in the Caribbean.
MOLE, THE (2003) FOX TV  Another reality show taped in Hawaii.  This one has a mole planted in the group.         
MOOLAH BEACH (2001) FOX TV  Reality survivor show for pre-teens.  Shot on Kaua’i with, like the title, a tiki-tacky Polynesian theme but not bad for a reality show.
MISTER ROBERTS (1965-66) WARNER BROS. TV/NBC  South Pacific WWII navy tale from hit movie.With actors I never heard of like this series. Looks like they did only 11 episodes.

NEW PEOPLE, THE (1969-70) AARON SPELLING/ABC  Group of young Americans crash land in abandoned nuclear test site on a South Pacific isle.  Rod Sterling was the series script consultant. Compare movie SOS PACIFIC.
NORTH SHORE (200?-??) ???  Another reality show based in Hawaii, this time at the hot Hollywood set
of O’ahu’s North Shore (BLUE CRUSH, BIG BOUNCE, THE)  Real surfers are used in this
real life drama including Sony Garcia any Andy Pacheo.
NORTH SHORE (2004-05) FOX TV  Another attempt at a Hawaii pilot and another show with L.A. cast except for Jason Mamoa who works out of L.A.  Despite of star, Chris Polaha name it is not Hawaiian.  This is a prime time Luxury hotel staff soap that didn’t add some surfing until episode 3 and everyone loved it so every show has some water work now.  The title was just
to ride the “north shore” fad of the media at this time.  Also Robert Kekaula with his one line every two weeks token appearance as a security guard. 
NOT FOR HIRE (1959) CAL. NAT. PRODS. SYN.  Ralph Meeker in half-hour crime show with army investigator set in Hawaii.

ONE WEST WAIKIKI (1994) GLEN A. LARSON   Cheryl Ladd stars in pilot as a Police Medical Examiner based in Honolulu.  Elssie Sniffen a part-Hawaiian discovery from California co-stars.  Eleven more shows were produced for CBS and syndication.
OPERATION PETTICOAT (1977-78) ABC/UNIVERSAL  Based on popular movie.  Early role for Jamie Lee Curtis.  Father Tony starred in the movie version. Manu Tupou plays Chief Mamalaka as a reoccurring role.

PACIFIC WARRIORS (2015-2016) DISCOVERY CHANNEL (cable) Show of the dangerous and only commercial fishermen that use single kayaks.  Set on the Hawaiian Islands with local rivalries and newcomers along with fishing grounds can make for tense situations.  Not to mention the dangers of nature and fighting giant fish on tiny boats.
PACIFICA: TALES OF THE SOUTH SEAS (1993) TDC (Cable)  Short series of past or recent South Seas native stories of fact or legend.  Shot documentary style with reenactments.

RAVEN (1992) CBS/COLUMBIA TV/INVADER PRODS.  Jeff Meek and Lee Majors star in hour action/drama of highly-trained Meek looking for hidden son in Hawaii with former Army intelligence trained and former alcoholic Majors.   Pilot and other episodes filmed on O'ahu.
REAL GILLIGAN’S ISLE, THE (2004) TBS  Reality show with two sets of the cast of GILLIGAN’S ISLE who are real millionaires, movie stars, professors, skippers and a couple sweet girls from Kansas.  One episode has the winning team getting drinks and a movie for a reward.  The movie; MR. ROBINSON CRUSOE.

SEAQUEST DSV (1993) NBC/STEVEN SPIELBERG   Roy Scheider in near-future, as captain of a mega war submarine converted to more peace-time scientific use (Ala. the Enterprise of STAR TREK).  The sub is based out of Pearl Harbor, Honolulu but its adventures takes it all-over the ocean world. 
SEARCH FOR TREASURE ISLAND (1998-2000) 7 NETWORK (Australia/Germany)  According to this TV show Robert Louis Stevenson says the Treasure Island is in Samoa, with this the search the shipwrecks begin. Seven people shipwreck on a South Seas island where they realize it's the real Treasure Island of fame. So the two dying questions do they find the treasure? And do they get off island?
SHIPWRECK (1984) DSC (Cable)  One episode on the giant New Zealand ferry the “Wahine”.  No natives present. Typical people on a raft after surviving wreck land on a deserted South Seas island. Need more information?
SHIPWRECK (2000) ??? (UK) Reality show based on the Cook Islands. Did not do well.
THE SIMISISSIMISIs, THE (1997) GIBSON GROUP (NZ) Short lived but popular series spun off from a skit from the comedy show SKITZ.   The Samoan Simisis  is a dysfunctional and fun family from Miburn Place. One family member is fafafine (transvestite). Funny or offensive?  Stereotypical and satirical. Lucky Samoans have a sense of humor and these characters were played by real Samoans. But again the show was very short-lived.
SKATE BIRDS, THE (1977) CBS/HANNA BABERRA  Live action Saturday morning show with weekly segments of “Mystery Island”  a South Seas island with young scientists and the Mud People.
SURF'S UP (1966) SYN.  Half-hour documentary series of surf footage of U.S. beaches. Any Hawaii beaches (probably or it wouldn't be a surf movie without it.
SYLVAN IN PARADISE (1986) ???  Jim Nabors starred in failed sitcom pilot about small hotel in Hawaii. Actually tapped in Hollywood with Californian Asians as locals.  It didn’t sell, thank goodness. Ironically Nabors lives in the real Hawaii and he travels 3000 miles to be in a fake one. Gauuuuleee! Future star Cortney Cox.
SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON (1975-76) 20th CENTURY FOX TV/ABC, (1976) SYN. Two different shows about the same movie.  ABC version starred Martin Milner, Cameron Mitchell and a young Helen Hunt.  The 76 version is from Canada and it featured a young Heather Graham.  Also ADVENTURES OF SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, THE (1998) New Zealand TV  Stars
Richard Thomas with natives. Base on Jack London's novel.
SWORD OF JUSTICE: ALOHA JULIE LANG (1978) NBC TVM  Pilot with Dack Rambo as a crime fighter
following a pretty waitress hiding out in Hawaii.  Series lasted for 10 episodes only

TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY (1982) BELISARIUS PRODS./ABC Adventure series based in the South Pacific. Stars Steven Collins and Roddy McDowall.
TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC (1998) SOUTH PACIFIC PICTS. (France/Australia)  TV series of Captain David Grief and his Polynesian Partner Mauriri
TANGATA WHENUA (1974) ??? (New Zealand)  New Zealand TV series about Maori life and traditions.  Directed by Maori, Barry Barclay.
THREE FOR TAHITI (1970) SCREEN GEMS Unsold pilot of three guys spending all of their money and escape from the American way of life to buy a small sight-unseen Tahitian hotel.  When they get to Tahiti the hotel is a wreck and they try to salvage themselves before they go bankrupted. Compare BIG WAVE DAVE.

UNDER ONE ROOF (2002) UPN  Family vs. family reality show based in Fiji.

WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY, THE (1965-66) NBC  Old army intelligence ship, the USS Kiwi, serving the South Pacific during WWII.  Starring Jack Warden with Gary Collins.
WESTWIND (1975-76) NBC Van Williams in Saturday morning show about family sailing off coast of Hawaii.  (13 Episodes).Two teens and their parents sail around the Pacific for adventure.

White famly on the big Island of Hawai‘i who loves the outdoor sports adventures that the Island offers, from show skiing to surfing.  The matriarch of the family is Bo Derek.  Canceled after only 2 episodes aired.  A total of 8 were filmed at cancelation.



A CURRENT AFFAIR (1986-96) WNYW Popular infotainment TV series that covered Hollywood gossip. One episode covered a special story out of Hawaii. Need more information?
A-TEAMA-TEAM (1983-87) NBC TV Sea.5, Ep.10, Titled: “The Crystal Skull”, Aired 11/28/86.  Manu Tupou,& Sam Hiona guest stars. The A-Team smuggle out a crystal skull out of Australia, the skull and three of the team take off on and old Airplane which is hit on the gas tanks forcing the guys to parachute on a neighboring South Seas island.  They land in the middle of a Polynesian (should be Melanesians) war and break it up with an automatic fire  One warring chief wears a Hawaiian feather cloak and Tahitian head
dress all wear lava lavas with various tapa print patterns from a Hawaii fabric store non from the mulberry bush.  Murdock checks the skull after landing and to all the natives it’s a sacred item  and the bearer of the skull is god/ King.  Murdoka! Murdoka!  All the natives worship Murdock.  Nice village set in SoCal with Tikis & Hawaiian Kahilis  everywhere.  Samoan slap dance, fire walk.  Ending a Murdoka Tiki and a chant by the natives that sounds like “Who wrote this?” “Who wrote this?” “Who wrote this?”
ADVENTURES OF HIRAM HOLIDAY, THE (1956-57) NBC  In Sea.1, Ep.8, Titled: “Hawaiian Humza”, Aired 11-21-56.  Brianiack Holiday played by Wally Cox who travels the world while a reporter reports his doings, Cox finds himself in Hawaii studying the
“Lost Consonants” the gudle stop.  But the real plot involves an evil doer who acquires a secret weapon that is a pen like shape that freezes any liquid that it touches.  The evil plot which Hiram foils has the bad guy wanting to freeze Pearl Harbor and crush
the Pacific fleet in it.  Hotel luau scene on an L.A. stage with a real hula dancer, finger eating fake poi, fake lomi lomi salmon and
a “Spear Dance” with Cox in a lava lava fighting for real with an assassin and with spears. Lei Aloha credited as Moana.
ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (1952-66) ABC One episode entitled: “The Trip Trap” has these All-American parents arguing over a Hawaiian vacation of their children.  Daughter-in-law is planning to go to Hawaii but hubby, David, doesn’t want to go so he tricks her by throwing a Hawaiian dinner party with the rest of their tour group – all young women. Sea.14, Ep.21, Titled: “The Trip Trap”, Aired 2/19/66. Ozzie also plays two Hawaiian songs (fake words real tunes) plastic leis and woven coconut hat.  They do go to Hawai‘i by showing stock footage of Aloha Tower and Waikiki at the very end. 
AERONAUTS, THE (1967-70) ORTF France AKA: “Les chevaliers du ciel" Popular French show about two fighter pilots,  One episode; Sea.2, Ep.3, no title, Aires 04-20-1968 apparently has South Seas elements, guest stars Maea Flohr as Moana and a character names Le Kepala.  Need more information?
ALF (1986-90) NBC Sea.2, Ep.2, Titled: “Somewhere Over the Rerun (a.k.a.) The Ballad of Gilligan's Island”, Aired: 09-28-1987.  Alf dreams he’s on his favorite TV Show, GILLIGAN’S ISLAND.  Neat thing is that they used four of the original cast who played Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor and Mary Ann.
AMERICA (19??) BBC/TIME-LIFE FILMS; (1972-73) NBC, (1974-75) PBS  Hosted and written by Alistair Cooke, one show was entirely about Hawaii.
AMERICA UNEARTHED: The Lost Tribe of Menehune (2013-present) HISTORY CHANNEL (cable)  Quasi scientist Scott Wolter first relaxes on family vacation at the Disney Aulani resort on the main island of O’ahu were he learns of the Menehune an ancient short race of Hawaiian islander that were here before the Hawaiians came.  The vacay ends. Scott visits UH-Manoa, Menehune Ditch on Kauai, a heiau on the Na Pali Coast and a navigation site on Ko’oholawe to learn more.  Hawaiian practitioners and cultural experts Kalei Nu’uhiwa, Sabra Kauka & Keao Nesmith help.  Interestingly helped produced and written by Serio M. Rapu renown indigenous archeologist from Rapa Nui.
“Hawaii’s Last Queen”  This is a documentary of the life of Queen Lili’uokalani which included some of her brother’s rein and her overthrow.  This episode aired 1/27/97. Finally the truth is out.
AMERICA'S MOST WANTED (1988-current) FOX Tapped show of reenactments of criminals still at large.  At ease two Hawaii cases were tapped on location.
ANCIENT WARRIORS (1994) DISCOVERY CHANNEL  Sea. 1, Ep. 18, Titled: Ancient Warriors: The Hawaiian.  It was the story of the raise of young Kamehameha to the be the first Hawaiian King of all the Hawaiian island chain.  Good use of customes, weaponry and a double hull canoe. Hawaiians were used in battle reenactments.
ANTHONY BOURDAIN: NO RESERVATIONS (2005-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL Traveling chef samples food all over the world. In season 1, #9, Ep 9 he visited New Zealand, aired 7/25/05. Season 3 "French Polynesia" #35, Ep 11, aired 8/20/07 Bourdain visits Tahiti and the Marquesas where he finds a stone temple and tikis. In season 4, #50 Ep 9 he visited Hawaii which aired 3/3/08, there he enjoyed spam and volcano and other local treats.
APOCALYPSE: THE SECOND WORLD WAR (2016) SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL  Ep.4, Title: “The World Ablaze (1941-1942),l Aired: 06-20-2016’  This episode covers Pearl Hargor, Midway, and Guadalcanal.ARMED AND READY (2013-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL (cable) Host Kevin Connolly was born with no legs so the adventures on his show has a different dimension.  First episode, Sea.#1,Ep.#1,Titled: “Big Island, HI”, Aired: 02/26/13, has Kevin hiking lava fields,  cliff diving,  zip lining over waterfalls and surfing.
ART LINKLETTER SHOW (1952-69) CBS  In 1956 Art filmed an episode out of Hilo.
ARTHUR GODFREY AND HIS FRIENDS (1949-59) CBS Besides his famous Ukulele and his trips to Hawaii he featured as "his friends" or the "little Godfreys" regular talents that he brought to the lights of New York and national TV until he fired them all on same national TV and Radio. He slipped way down from number one entertainer in America. One of his now famous "little Godfreys" was Haleloke (Kahauolupua)a beautiful Hawaiian singer. She later preformed on our big shows like Sullivan and Gleason. She late managed one of Godfrey's Hotels in Miami so he must repaired their relationship somewhat.
ADVENTURE: The Black Pearls of Polynesia (1991) PBS   Writer/explorer Christina Dodwell journeyed through Melanesia and French Polynesia to find treasured pearl or treasured.

BAILEY'S OF BALBOA (1964-65) CBS Family of beachcombers in the snobby harbor of New Port, CA. One episode titled "To Hawaii with Love", season 1, episode 17. Need information on plot? Is it a letter, a dream or did the poor family actually leave New Port for an episode?
BARNABY JONES (1973-80) QUINN-MARTIN/CBS  Buddy Ebsen starred in Hawaii episode filmed in Sept. 1979. Two parter entitled: "Nightmare in Hawaii" season 8, shows 2 & 3.
BASKETBALL WIVES (2010-present) VH1 (cable) Sea. 4, Eps.12,13,14, Aired: 05-07,14,21-12. 3 episodes reality show shot in Tahiti.
BIZARRE FOODS (2007-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL (cable) Season 3 has two Pacific episodes; #26 Ep 4 "Samoa" where host Andrew Zimmern eats sea slugs and palolo (sea worms) among other native foods. "Samoa" aired 9/30/08. Also #30 Ep 8 "Hawai" which aired 10/28/08. The Hawaii show features a real Hawaiian family Luau by the Logan ohana and Hawaiian fusion on O'ahu, spam concoctions and pig hunting on Maui and opihi (limpets) picking on the island of Moloka'i with host Hanohano and Keanu Kapuni-Szasz who co-starred on the movie MOLOKA'I:The Story of Father Damien.
BATTLEFIELD: THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY (1995) PBS  Two hour episode of short PBS series on this famous WWII naval battle that was the turning point in the Pacific theatre. 
BENNY HILL SHOW, THE (1969-89) ITC  Sea. 6, Ep.1, Titled: “Show 22”, Aired 01-08-75, starts the show with “Beach of Waikiki” with a blonde Hula dancer striping a little after each songs verse.  Need more info. on the rest: One show big opening number on the beach, one show, Benny as a Lounge act singer in Hawaii, one show tourist do a joke in Hawaii. In Sea. 9, Ep.1, Aired:04-12-78 there was a Hawaii Five-0 parody. In Sea.12, Ep.2, Show 40, Aired 02-11-81 Benny sings the An Occasional Man with Hill’s Angels dressed in two piece sarongs on a tiny Pacific Island.
BASKETBALL WIVES (2010-present) VH1 (cable) Sea. 4, Eps.12,13,14, Aired: 05-07,14,21-12. 3 episodes reality show shot in Tahiti.
BEST…(2000-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL  Series of Best places.  Two Hawaii centered shows “10 Best Beaches of Hawaii” and “Best Volcanoes”. 
BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (ca. 2002) A&E (cable)  Two host travel show where hosts goes to the same place with two totally different budgets.  Good idea.  One episode which aired 1/24/03 they visit Kau’i, Mau’i & Molokai
BIGGEST LOSER (2004-present) NBC  One episode shot in Hawaii, Sea.13, Ep.12, Aired: 03-20-12.  Losing weight in Kualoa ranch with tikis and leis. and other locations.  Bethany Hamilton teaches the big people surfing.
BOB CUMMINGS SHOW, THE (1955-59) NBC & others  In Sea. 2 Eps.6,7,8,9, Titled: ”Hawaii Calls”,”Hawaii Comes Calling”, “Hawaii Stays”, “Wedding, Wedding, Who’s Having the Wedding?, Aired”10-27, 11-03, 11-10, 11-17-55.  This mini-series within the series set in Hawaii where Bob does all his usual flirtations including meeting a beautiful wahine.  There is a language barrier because in Ep.9 which is set back home in the mainland the same wahine,played by Del-Finn Poaha, shows up in bachelor Bob’s apartment with her family ready for their wedding with Hilo Hattie & Fredie Letuli (Father of the Fire Knife dance).  Also Sea.2, Ep.37, Titled” “Margaret Becomes Sadie Thompson” Bob tells Margaret that if she wants the land handsome Pilot she should dress like the “wicked Sadie Thompson”. In Sea.4 a 2-parter, Eps. 29,30, Titled: “Bob Sails for Hawaii”, “Bob and Shultzy at Sea”, Aired” 04-22-58, 04-29-58, both set in Hawaii one with a luau scene. Del-Fin Thursday (Poaha) (Miss Hawaii 1950) has another part.  
THE BOB NEWHART SHOWBOB NEWHART SHOW, THE (1972-78) CBS Ep# 13 of season 3, intitled "Jerry Robinson Crusoe" aired 12/07/1974. After meeting up with a free-spirited friend, Jerry decides to quit the nine to five and go with her to Tahiti. Does he do it?
BOOZE TRAVELER (2014-PRESENT) TRAVEL CHANNEL (cable) Sea.2, Ep.7, Titled: “Hawaii”, Aired: 11-09-15.  Need more information?
BOY MEETS WORLD (1993-2000) ABC Young couple on show finally get married and honeymoon in Hawaii where they sell celebrity-look-a-like coconuts.  Tapped on stage in L.A.. Sea.7, Ep.8, Titled: “The Honeymooners”, Aired: 11-12-99.
THE BRADY BUNCHBRADY BUNCH, THE (1969-74) PARAMOUT TV/ABC  Three episodes filmed on O’ahu and in L.A. for opening of season 4, “Hawaii Bound” has the family going to Hawaii cause dad designed a high-rise there.  Airport lei greeting sc (like future movie) canoe wave riding with Diamond Head in b.g., Pearl Harbor visit, ukulele lessons with Don Ho and Sam Kapu, females have hula class. Little Bobby finds a bad-luck Tiki, big Greg wipes out at a surfing contest.  “Pass the Tabu”  Bobby can’t get rid of Tiki and a big wolf spider invades the boys hotel room.  Windowless Hawaii hotel scene.  Third and final episode “The Tiki Caves” is were a native tells the boys where they have to return the Tiki.  In the studio cave interiors, decorated with bad Styrofoam tikis, they run into Archaeologist Vincent Price who ties them up until dad saves them.  All is well later at the ending studio luau scene, complete with fire and Tahitian tamure dancers.  Hawaiian quest include: a young Dennis Chun & Lippy Espinda.  Episodes #73, 74, 75.  All aired fall 1972. Connection: cursed little tiki plays in later movie version A VERY BRADY SEQUEL and other shows.

CAPTAIN COOK: OBSESSION AND DISCOVERY (2007) RACE ROCK DIGITAL (Australia) Series on the voyages of captain Cook, most of which took place in the Pacific. A Barney Tupara and Pulou Vaituutuu are in the cast.
CHALLENGE OF THE SEAS (1991) PBS   Short series about oceans and island life, hosted by Ted Danson.  One episode:
"Peddling Paradise" which aired in Oct., 1993, was based on Hawaii as "the extinct capital of the world".  While the unfortunate mistakes made by early Hawaiians were well covered, the much more devastating westerner mistakes after captain Cook's arrival where merely mentioned by only one line of the narrator.  
  Two shows filmed in 1977 was a 2-part season opener Charlie gets kidnapped by the evil Leilani Sako in Hawaii for Sea.2, Ep.1 & 2, Titled: “Angles in Paradise”, Aired 09-14-77.  Three parter in final 5th season also in Hawaii the first, Sea.5, Ep.4, Titled: “Island Angles”, Aired 12-14-80, the Angels hear that there is an assassin that will try to kill a keynote at a peace keeping conference in Honolulu, Ep.5, Titled: “Waikiki Angels”, Aired 01-04-81, while in vacation in Hawaii the Angels end up helping a Senator’s son honeymooning on the islands, Ep.6, Titled: “Hula Angels”, Aired 01-11-81 Branscombe Richmond plays Bob Ahuna in episode where the angels have to pose as hula dancers to solve the case of missing dancers at a hula club.
COACH (1989-97) ABC  Coach Hayden (Craig T. Nelson) takes his Minnesota State team to the “The Pineapple Bowl” (also episode title) in Kahanapali of all places.  But they never left the studio.  Typical aloha shirts, plastic leis in windowless hotel lobby scene.  Game was stock footage from a mainland played game. A two-parter which aired Dec. 7 and 17, 1991, season 4 episodes 9 and 10 for that season.
COLGATE COMDEY HOUR (1950-55) NBC  Sea.1, Ep. 23, Aired: 02-11-51.  This episode hosted by spike Jones where one can find a rare showing of Spike’s popular Hawaiian War Chant.
COLLECTORS (1990) PBS  Two back-to-back shows featuring Hawaiian collections.
CONDE NES: Amazing Destinations (ca.1999) One episode titled: “Hawaii” covers all the major Hawaiian islands with the usual highlights.
COUSTEAU'S DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD-Nauru and Oceans Islands (???) ???  Cousteau's team exam's rich Nauru Island and its devastation.
CROSSWORDS (1970) ???  Possible big budget game show CROSS-WTIS (1975-80) METROMEDIA PRODS. Quiz show partly filmed or taped in Hawaii, need more information?

DATELINE (1992-present) NBC  A segment entitled: “Around the World: Pitcairn Island”, aired Dec. 26, 1995. Very good mini documentary on present Pitcairn Island and how the Bounty descendants survived through the years. Funny note: most natives interviewed had a surname of Christian.
DENNIS THE MENACE (1959-63) CBS Fun Jay North series based on popular comic strip. One episode, 32, season 4, called: "Hawaiian Love Song" aired 5/19/63. Need more information? Did they leave the neighborhood?
DESILU PLAYHOUSE (1958-60) CBS  In a episode entitled “The Time Element” which aired in 1959 and written by Rod Sterling a man goes back in time the day before the infamous Pearl Harbor attack.  Connection: copied later by the movie FINAL COUNTDOWN, TV series THE TIME TUNNEL and cartoon FREAKAZOID. 
DESIGNERS CHALLENGE (2000 to present) HGTV cable  Popular home remodel show where in an Episode airing Sept  2007 a designer went to work on a Oahu home’s back lanai. Also
Sea.15, Ep.12,Titled: “Magical Girl’s Bedroom”,  Aired 1/23/09 of remodel of a Wailae Iki hillside home’s bedroom.
DESTINATION STARDOM (2000) PAX TV This tapped in Hawaii aired for 26 weeks with Hawaiian Kalani Miller as one of the Host and Hawaiian singing trio Kaleo as one of the finalist. Of of two talent shows by PAX that didn't last then came smash hit AMERICAN IDOL, go figure?
DESTINATION TRUTH (2007-11) SYFY (cable) documentary with Two South Seas episodes in Sea.3, Ep.13, Title “The Taniwha”, Aired 4/14/10 In search of a sea serpent of Maori Legend.  Ep.15, Title: “Spirits of Easter Island” where they investigate the Moai AND “The Moa” from New Zealand where there search for an extinct bird.
DESTINATION X (2006-present) MTV Drop five beautiful and in shape girls in the middle of exotic locations to challenge each other and you have DESTINATION X. First stop Hawaii in episodes called "Hawaii". Also returned in 2007 for episodes called "Lost in Hawaii".
Episode called:”Giants of Easter Island” season 1 with host, explorer and survival expert Josh Bernstein.
DINNER: IMPOSSIBLE (2006-present) FOOD NETWORK (cable) Chef Roberts and some local assistants cook a real luau meal for 150 people in a limited time. Reknown Hawaiian chef Sam Choy hosts the challenge. Episode aired Oct 12, 2008.
(cable) One episode which aired late Aug. 06, featured a taro patch farmer in Hawaii.  Could be Ep# 38?
In Sea. 2, Ep. 30, Titled: “Alpaca Shearer”, Aired 08-22-06.  Also episode Titled: ‘Ostrich Framer”, Sea. 2, Ep. 2, Aired: 10-04-05 host, Mike Rowe, works on a Hawaiian coffee plantation.  Mike goea to Hawaii in 3 more Episodes, “Chese Maker, Aired: 10-11-05, “Micro-Algae Man”, Aired: 11-01-05, and “Marble Maker”,  Aired 12-08-09.
DISASTERS OF THE CENTURY (2008) HISTORY CHANNEL "Hilo Tsunami" one episode in a series of disasters.
DISCOVERY (198?) PBS  At lease one show on study of local dolphins. Need more information?
DISCOVERY MAGAZINE (1996) TDC (Cable) Show on giant tsunamis in the Pacific. A lot of the show covers Hawaii, especially the history of Hilo with their giant tidal waves.
DONUT SHOWDOWN (2013-15) COOKING CHANNEL In this episode Sea.2, Ep.17, Titled:” Luau”, Aired: 11-13-2014.  Final showdown challenge is a Luau theme.  Some donuts were made of taro, passion fruit, pineapple, coconut and mai tai like ingredients.
DOS AND DONTS (2007-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL  (cable) Episode; “Hawaii Dos and Don'ts” aired Jan. 18th, 2008.
DR. WHO (1963-89) BBC  Need more information? Need help on this one but I don't want to dismiss it yet.
DREAM ISLAND (1991) ??? (German)   This series was filmed on Kaua'i.  Need info. on setting?
DUAL SURVIVAL (2010-present) DISCOVERY (cable)  In Sea.#3, Ep.?, Titled: “Trouble In Paradise”, Aired: 02-04-13.  Joe the bare foot-hippie nature boy survivalist is pair with new guy a former military killing machine who has tons of survival training and experience just different than Joe – much different.  Case in point in this episode on and undisclosed outer Hawaiian island macho Cody wants to kill a bore while Joe wants to find water.  Man can Joe start a fire with nothing.
DUCK DYNASTY (2012-present) A&E cable  Sea.3, Ep.13, Titled: “Aloha, Robertsons!”, Aired” 04-24-2013.  The hillbilly duck call millionaires take the clan to Hawaii.   Conflict among family members on what Hawaiian activities to do.  Shot in Hilo, Kona & other Big Island location.  Surf lessons, manly sarongs and a Magnum P.I. parody by Uncle Si.  Magnum P.Si.  Keaunu Reeves impersonation.  Bumpers have hula bobber & silk leis.  Private luau w Samoan fire, Tahitian dancers and roasted pig or what the Robertson’s call a hog.    

E.R.E.R. (1994-09) JOHN WELLS PRODS./NBC  One show in Sea.8, Ep.21, Titled: “On the Beach”, Aired: 05-09-02, were show goes to Hawaii because one of the main doctors (Dr Greene play by Anthony Edwards) was a military brat and learn to surf in Hawaii.  He takes his daughter (Halle Hirsh who starred later in FLIGHT 29 DOWN) who has a big generation gap between them and teaches her to surf and he goes back to Hawaii to die (cancer)  Used Iz Kamakawiwaole’s version of “Over the Rainbow”. Aired 5/9/2002 Episode 178 season 8.
EIGHT IS ENOUGH (1977-81) ABC / LORIMAR  Double episode filmed Hawaii.  Sea. 4, Eps. 8 & 9, Titles: “Fathers and Other Strangers Part 1” & “Part 2”, both Aired: 11-07-79.  Aunt Vivian offers whole family a trip to Hawaii, while there Aunt V tries to get Tom to meet with his father after 40 years.  Need more information?
ELI STONE (2008-present) ABC Season 1 episode 5 "One More Try" Eli has visions that guide his cases. In this show surfers cross the lobby and he follows them to the men's room where a big wave wipes him out. He ends up going to Hawaii to find a witness that has been hidden by one of his senior partners and paid him to keep out of court. Fake Hawaiian beach but at least it was sunny the day they shot the scene. It looked like a Hawaiian beach.
ELIMINATE DELUX (2001) WB  Reality series where young adults eliminate each other.  Some Hawaii location scenes.
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT (1981-pesent) CBS/PARAMOUNT TV  Daily info. show with clips of filming being done in Hawaii.
EXOTIC ISLANDS (2002) TRAVEL CHANNEL  Series of islands throughout the world traveled by host Hunter Reno.  For sure she covers Mau’i and the Big Island.
EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION  The popular show goes to Logan Utah to rebuild a Tongan family’s Water damaged home.  Mrs. Pauni, mother of eight who’s husband passed away.
later in opener of 2006 season they go to Honolulu to help rebuild a home and a child care facilities. Soon discovered wife who started the child care for the poor has other facilities, makes six figures a year and the husband who we rarely see in the show is a bank vice president. Instead of a scandal the changed it's format to not just help the poor but those who help others, even if they can afford a new house on their own.

FALL GUY, THE (1981-86) ABC  Two episodes in Hawaii #10 &11 a two parter “License to Kill” season #1  & episode #76 “Sandcastles” season #4. 
FASHION EMERGENCY (ca 2000-current) STYLE (cable)  Emly Hostess takes two locals girls and does a make over to get them ready for the big luau.  So they take them to Hilo Hatties, 808, and finally Germaine’s Luau.
FIRST HAND (2004-present) FUEL TV Extreme challenge reality show. Some episodes taped in Hawaii and Aotearoa (N.Z.).
FOLLOW THAT FOOD (2002-present) FOOD NETWORK (cable)  One episode focused on the Maui onion, taped on Maui and aired Jan. 16, 2003.
FRASIER (1993-2004) GRUB STREET PRODS./PARAMOUNT Frasier finally has a serious girl, takes her to Bora Bora only to find his ex Lila there.  Moment ruined.  Back in Seattle Lila tells Frasier she’s going to get married. Frasier tries again in Bora Bora with serious girl only to run into another ex, Diane.  Turns out to be a dream but his real travel companion is Niles his brother.  Good Tahiti hotel room set.
FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS (1983-2000) NBC  Late night top –20 music show in 20 something style.  For two Fridays in March 1998 the host is in Kaua’i but it rains badly so they shoot her inside.  The rest of show is their normal music videos and movie clips which are still generated from L.A..
FRUGAL GOURMET (1983-95) PBS  Chef Smith cooks Hawaiian food with Chicago's resources; spinach instead of "toro" leaves, lotus instead of ti leaves.  First half of show was documentary of Smith's visit to Hawaii.  He was hosted by Crozier family at a real Luau.  Smith also stresses how white man ruined Hawaii after their arrival in an emotional commentary.  Show aired summer 1991.
FULL HOUSE (1987-95) WARNER BROS. TV/ABC Season 3 opener  "Tanner's Island" Episode 45 aired 9/22/89 The whole house goes to Hawaii, must of cost Mr. Tanner thousands of dollars. Standard American family on a Hawaiian vacation fare except (connection) for the John Stamos character who wants to sing Elvis in Hawaii songs all the time.

GENE SIMMON'S FAMILY JEWELS (2006-Present) A&E Two espisodes: Sea.3, Ep.21,Titled: "Shannon to the Rescue", Aired 06-22-08 where she makes Gene take her to Hawaii so she can make sure her sister doesn't doesn't marry a rich local single guy. To continue in Hawaii Ep.22, Titled: "Honeymoon at Last", Also Aired:06-22-08.To make Shannon feel better Gene extends their Hawaiian stay a week to do a Honeymoon (even though they are not married). Gene fails at planning an authentic Hawaiian Romanic night (one night at a commerical Luau with hundrends of tourist and a buffet line) until the last night where he sings to her a romantic song he wrote while playing an ukulele. The extended week was made possible because of a deal he made to speak at a Small Business Conference without Shannon's knowledge.
GET SMARTGET SMART (1965-70) NBC  Bumbling Secret Agent Maxwell Smart travels the globe somehow solving cases.  Created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry and starred Don Adams and Barbara Feldon.  Two shows with South Seas connections: Sea.1, Ep.25, Titled: “The Amazing Harry Hoo”, Aired: 03-12-66, Hoo who is referred to as both Hawaiian and Chinese/Oriental this obviously Charlie Chan copy, complete with yellow faced actor Joey Forman and both from Honolulu.  The set in this episode is San Fransico.  In Sea.2, Ep.8,Titled: “Hoo Done It”, Aired: 11-05-66. Hoo comes back to help Max but this time the set is a South Pacific hotel on a remote island.  Filmed on a L.A. soundstage but two native Hotel workers carry the first murder victim out Max tells Harry there is a Hotel roon now available because that guy just “checked out”.  One native was named Muka Laka Miki but was actually from Milwaukee.
GOOD MORNING AMERICA (1975-present) ABC  Need more information? Probably a special segment in Hawaii or a few of them over the years.
GIRL FROM UNCLE (1966-67) NBC Stephanie Powers set in Hawaii with Kim Kahana. 
Sea.1, Ep.27, Titled: “The U.N.C.L.E. Samurai Affair”, Aired: 03-28-67.  A Japanese criminal remerges and April & Mark go to Hawaii to interview his sister and they find a lot more.  Where shot?  Also Sea.1, Ep. 10, Titled: “The Paradise Lost Affair”, Aired 11-22-66.  Set in South Seas but shot in an L.A. backlot April and Mark are forced off a spy ship from THRUSH, April get caught by an evil island French ruler named Genghis Gomez VIII while Mark tries to save her.  Lies and sarongs for April.  Guest stars Mokihana Kiaaina.
GIRL MEETS HAWAII (2001) TRAVEL CHANNEL  Perky Travel host Samantha Brown host short series on Hawaii where she experiences canoe paddling, snuba, luaus, hula and many more.
Ep# 13 "The Anzacs" Aussies and New Zealanders with some fighting in New Guinea.
GLOBE TREKKER (2002-present) PBS Sea.?, Ep.?, Titled: “Papua New Guinea” , Aired: 09-13-15.  In this episode host Zay Harding visits New Ireland, New Britian and the city of Rabaul with it’s active volcano.  At the base of the hot hill we dig for eggs and soft boil them there at a hot springs, we see not hot rock walking but live fire walking with kicking of hot ash by the Baining tribe, we feed live eels and learn how to chew beattle nut.  There is another episode about Papua New Guinea in the Globe Treeker series along with episodes on Hawai’i, Tahiti, New Zealand, Micronesia, Pacific Islands: Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, Pacific Journeys 1: Santiago to Pitcairn, Pacific Journeys 2: Tonga to New Caledonia and Trekking the Pacific – The Cook Islands & Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea.
GREAT JOURNEYS (1993) PBS  Dame Naomi James explores Polynesia,  from Tonga to the Society Islands, hoping to find great interest and understanding of a great culture but she     becomes disappointed finding that the western world has destroyed it with its influences.
GREAT BIKER BUILD OFF (2004) DISCOVERY CHANNEL (cable)  One episode has father & son in build off.  When they finished building the bike they flew to the Big Island of Hawaii for a cruise around the island on their bikes and than they flew to Honolulu for the vote.
GREAT HOTELS (2003) TRAVEL CHANNEL  One episode covering the Grand Wailea on Maui.  Also the Four Seasons Hualalai on the Big Island which aired Aug. 24, 2006.
One episode in Sea.6, Ep.25, Aired: 03-16-71, Titled: “Hawaiian Honeymoon” show in Hawaiian hotel called the Moana Rexford, but cast and crew never left studio lot.  Possibly a pilot for a spin off.  Another show Ep.1, Titled: “Guess Who’s not Coming to the Luau”, Sea.4, Aired 9/25/68 Of all people (I mean of all creatures) Arnold the pig wins a big national contest for a trip to Hawaii.  They reject him at first, Mr. Siffel the farmer hires Oliver the big New York lawyer to represent Arnold his step-son.  Oliver quickly settles out of court so Arnold could go but at the end Arnold cancels because he finds out at the end of the trip he goes to a Luau and he finds out what the main course is.
GRIND, THE (1992-97) MTV (Cable TV)  Specials episodes of  THE GRIND which aired spring 1996. This 90s AMERICAN BANDSTAND was hosted by singer, actress Brandy and was taped at one of those empty lagoons at Ko Olina on O'ahu..
GROWING PAINS (1985-92) ABC  Double episode Sea. 3 opener, Eps. 1 & 2, Titled: “Aloha Part 1” & “Part 2”, both Aired: 09-18-87.  Son and teen scream Kirk Cameron falls in love with local girl tour guide played by Kelly Hu.  Boat breaks down and Mom can’t stop working.

HARDY BOYS, THE (1977-79) ABC/UNIVERSAL/GLENN A. LARSON  Teen stars Parker Stevens and Shaun Cassidy help local girl Maren Jensen.  Filmed in 1977.  Another episode: “Wipe Out” about pro surfers/ hotel robbers with no Hawaiian roles, was also filmed while they were in town. 
HART TO HART (1979-84) ABC/ SPELLING-GOLDBERG  Starred Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers.  Hawaii show filmed in 1980 and also possibly in1981.  Later Wagner said a total of five episodes were filmed in Hawaii.
HIGH END HAWAII (2008) TRAVEL CHANNEL (cable) From the “HIGH END” travel series about where the rich stay in Hawaii.   Manele Bay- Lanai, Paul Mitchell Estate-Lanikai, Ritz Carlton-Kapalua, etc..  Another version aired  2/15/08 show reedited and added scenes from the first version but with a twist – how to travel ‘high end”  on a budget.
HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN (1984-89) NBC/MICHAEL LANDON  Michael Landon as angel help Hawaiian reunite with love ones back in Hawaii.  Filmed in L.A..
HOLLYWOOD A GO-GO (1965-66) SYN.  One episode Titled : “Aloha A Go-Go” Aired: 1965. Hawaiian special with the band The Challengers doing their hit Pipeline which is a North Shore beach on Waikiki beach.  Need more info?
HOLLYWOOD PALACE (1964-70) CBS  Sea.4, Ep.18, Aired: 01-21-67 One guest Don Ho who sings his standards, Tiny Bubbles & Pearly Shells also Sea.4, Ep.10, Aired: 11-26-66 Dorothy Lamour sings Moon Over Manakoora.  In Sea.5, Ep.2, Aired: 09-05-67 which has Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon in a beach luau skit.
HOUSE HUNTERS (2005-present) HGTV (cable)  Show on finding and buying a home across the United States.  One episode airing 9/04/06 featured buying near Waikiki.  Another episode which aired 2/13/08 featured house buyers looking to up grade on Maui from a 3bm to a 4 bedroom.
HUNTER (1984-91) NBC  Fred Dryer hunts down Hawaiian mass-murderer in L.A.. 

I DREAM OF JEANNIE (1965-70) NBC/COLUMBIA TV/SIDNEY SHELDON  Barbara Eden starred in three episodes shot in Hawaii in season 3.  One episode guest starred Milton Berle who swindles Jeanie in buying “From Here to Eternity” beach by claiming that diamonds wash up there.  Another episode #76 “Battle of Waikiki” has Kamehameha I being brought back to life by Jeanie after she sees his statue; at the end, he feels that his “subjects have forgotten him” until he’s shown the Kamehameha Day parade taking place in his memory.  The first episode #75 “Jeannie Goes to Honolulu” has Jeanie at the Don Ho show, fantasizing about Don as he sings “The Beautiful Days of My Youth.”
Also Ep. Titled: “You Can’t Arrest Me…I Don’t Have a Drivers License” Jennie drive by an exterior of the Tahitian Room restaurant with a couple tall Tikis out front. Suppose to be in Florida but a back lot in L.A..
ICE LOVES COCO (2011-present) E!  Sea.2, Ep.?, Titled: “Baby Got Hawaii”, Aired: 04-22-12.  Reality show of Ice-T and his curvaceous wife who on this episode take a trip to Hawaii.

IN LIVIN COLOR (1990-94) FOX TV Two skits in season #3 first has the deal guys from Funk Brothers Productions trying to sell cheap travel packages to customers at a travel exhibit next to a Hawaii booth complete with a Hula dancer.  Another skit later in the season is set in a tiki restaurant.
INCREDIBLE HULK (1977-81) UNIVERSAL TV/CBS  2nd season opener called: ”Married” aka “Bride of the Incredible Hulk”, guest starred Mariette Hartley who won an Emmy for her role.  She married the Hulk in Hawaii where she worked.  Really shot in California.
INSOMNIAC WITH DAVE ATTELL (2001-2004) COMEDY CENTRAL  Show of comic host traveling country checking out the night life of hot areas.  One episode, aired July 2003 featured Waikiki until dawn.

JACK BENNY SHOW (1950-65) CBS/NBC/UNIVERSAL TV In reality Jack did just return from a Hawaiian vacation and he tapped the show with a nice tan Sept. 13, 1953 Ep.1 Sea 4, Titled; “Honolulu Trip” but with Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn’s 1st appearance on TV.  Also a special Lucky Strike hula commercial with Marsh sisters Tani & Tiare. Same plot from before but different actress in Sea. 14, Ep. 9, Titled: “Jack Takes Boat to Hawaii”, Aired: 11-26-63 with Jane Mansfield as Jack on ship recreated on stage is heading from Hawaii.  On board he dreams about Jane and guess who really appears
JACK PAAR TONIGHT SHOW (1957-1962) NBC  Jack taped show in Hawaii in 1960.
JEAN-MICHEL COUSTEAU OCEAN ADVENTURES (2006-present) PBS   Son takes over famous Jacques documentary specials.  This 2-part, 2 hour is set in the northwest Hawaiian island chain. Narrated by Piearce Bronsan (James Bond & Robinson Crusoe).  Good chanting beginning with the Hawaiian canoe, Hokulea, escorting out the research vessel.
THE JEFFERSONSJEFFERSONS, THE (1975-85) CBS/NORMAN LEAR  Taped (film style) production of the family's vacation in Waikiki. Four part episode called "The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii Parts 1,2,3,& 4" season 7 episodes 5,6,7, & 8 aired Nov. 9, 16, 16, & 23 of 1980.

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS (2007-present) E! (cable)  Sea.6, Ep.10, Titled: “The Family Vacation”, Aired 08-21-11, Ep.11, Titled: “Getting to Know You”, Aired: 08-28-11, Ep.12, Titled: “Trouble in Paradise”, Aired” 09-04-11.  3 part reality show shot in Bora Bora, Tahiti.

LAS VEGAS (2003-08) NBC  In Sea.4 openers, Eps.1,&2, Titled: “Father of the Bride”, Aired 10-27-06 & “Died in Plain Sight”, Aired: 11-03-06.  Samantha (Vanessa Marcil) has a problem with a high roller who goes to Hawaii to run up a huge bill & and  leave a dead stripper in his room.  Mike (James Lesure) comes down to Hawaii to help.
LANDSCAPERS' CHALLENGE (ca 2004) HGTV(cable)  Spin off from popular Home & Garden network’s DESIGNERS’ CHALLENGE where three designers exhibit their proposal to a client in need of help.  This episode aired in the first half of Oct. 2006 featured a Hawaiian family who needed help with their Ewa Village corner house.  Three local landscapers were also featured.
LAVA CHASERS (2013-present) WC
cable Weather Channel series of the many aspects of lava.  Bases on in the Big Island of Hawaii but the show does travel to other islands.  Two episodes did a segment on Hawaiian traditionalist Tom Pohaku Stone on O’ahu one was on He’e nalu (surf riding) with traditional wood boards and to cover the fact that with lava shelves off shore and reef surf is formed.  Also Tom did a segment on he’e hōlua (sled riding) where he used a papa hōlua (sled) that he made to sled down a rock slide that he built.  He stood on the sled the second time
  1972 Popular band leader hosted episode in Hawaii playing popular island songs.
LIFE GOES ON (1989-93) TOOTS CO./WARNER BROS. TV/ABC  two episodes filmed in 1990 for season 2 opener episode 23 "Honeymoon in Hell" aired 9/16/90 and episode 24 "Cory and the Dolphins" aired 9/23/80.
LIFE OF RILEY (1953-58) NBC  Two episodes were filmed with Hawaii backgrounds in 1956.The shows were in season 5 "Riley Wins a Trip" episode 17, aired 1/4/57 and episode 18 "Aloha Riley, Goodbye" which aired 1/11/57. As most Hawaii shows both these shows aired in the middle of winter
LITTLE COUPLE, THE (2008-current) TLC Cable Series about a successful but little couple.  Wife a doctor trainer is 3ft 2.  The couple go on a Hawaiian vacation with a 2 parter in “Hawaii Here We Come” Part 1 & 2, Aired July 2009.  In Hawaii they learn the hula and eat at a luau amidst the modern tram of Waikaloa Resort on the Big Island
LITTLE PEOPLE (2004-present) TLC (cable)  Nice family of half little people go to Maui on an adventure.
LOITER SQUAD (2012-present) CARTOON NETWORK  Sea.2, Ep.8, Titled: “Poetic Justice”, Aired 04-07-13.  Episode shot partly in Hawaii w a Brady or SHADY BUNCH black version parody of bad luck tiki doll  pendant w surfing and hula dancing.
LONELY PLANET-GLOBE TREKKER (1994) TRAVEL CHANNEL (cable) One episode devoted to Hawaii with kayaking along the Na Pali coast of Kaua’i.
Sea.4, Ep.6, Titled: “Hawaii”, Aired 05-08-05
LOOK FOR LESS, THE (2002-07) STYLE NETWORK (cable) “Honolulu” episodes.  One reality show aired January 2004 had the twin host shopping at Ala Moana Center.
LOVE BOAT, THE (1977-86) ABC/AARON SPELLING  The love cruise swings by Hawai'i.
Need more information?  But in season 5 the cast and crew went to Australia and the South Seas, specifically New Caledonia and Fuji to film two 2-part episodes.  Ep. 1 & 2 are set in Australia but Eps.10 & 11 were set on the South Seas with one of the segments titled: “Melanie and Melanesia”, both aired 11-21-81 with a character named Melanie Kalani.

MAD TV (1995-2009) FOX TV One Episode had a funny Gillian spoof where it was all in Spanish.  El Professor builds a hot air balloon with Gingers gowns and fuel from the Howell’s booze trunk.  Not wanting to get Gilligan involved he comes aboard last minute after eating a can of beans.  They light the torch to fill the balloon with hot air, Gillian farts and the whole thing blows up. (Aired 2001?)
MEGA DISASTERS (2006-2007) HISTORY CHANNEL One episode entitled: "Hawaii Apocalypse" aired Oct. 2, 2007 season 2 episode 5. Could be about the Hilo tsunami of 1946.
MAMA'S FAMILY (1983-84) NBC  Two part Hawaii shows in season 4 episodes 24 & 25, air date for both 1/15/88. Entitled "Mama Goes Hawaiian". Mama wins a free trip to Hawaii on Jeopardy. Lots of romances for whole family. After mama turns away beach bum she finds out something surprising about him at luau. Parts for Don Nahaku and Cha Thompson.
MAN FIRE FOOD (2012-present) COOKING CHANNEL (cable) Two Hawaii episode: Sea.2, Ep.3, Titled: “Smoke & Steam”, Aired: 06-10-13 Here host Roger Mooking goes to Heeia on Oahu to visit uncle Gabby Cavelo to learn how to prepare an imu pit to cook or luau a pig, laulaus and ulu (breadfruit) and green bananas.  Also visited a guy who built a smoker using kiawe and guava wood.  Second show, Sea.2, Ep.4, Titled: “Feasts Over Fire in Hawaii”, Aired: 06-17-13 our host visits Koala Moa (cooked chicken) where they cook 140 chickens at a time over large rotisserie trailer (hui hui chicken) also a visit to Ma’O Organic farms in Waianae who’s chef cooks half cows on a custom grill over kiawe wood.  See also an episode in Tiki TV section.
MAN VERSUS WILD (2006-present) DISCOVERY (cable)  The survivor host of this show tries to live off the Lava fields of Kilauea.  Aired Nov. 2006.
MANNIX (1967-75) CBS/PARAMOUNT TV  Mike Conners stars in popular TV crime drama.  At least one episode filmed in Waikiki, aired 9/16/73 and entitled "Girl in the Poka  Dot Dress". It was a season 7, episode 147 "who done it".
MARCH 0F TIME THROUGH THE YEARS (1951-52) ABC  One episode, HAWAII - OUR NEXT STATE (1952?) a general descriptive tour of Hawaii, emphasizing how it was ready and mostly willing to become a state.
McCLOUDMcCLOUD (1970-77) UNIVERSAL TV/NBC  Two hour Hawaii show shot in 1973.  Don Ho plays an entertainer (surprise!) named Al Moana, but he turns into a very important character with a very meaty role and good acting.  He sings a couple songs, I’ll Will Remember You is one of them.  McCloud, Dennis Weaver, rides on an outrigger off Waikiki, Samoan fire dance, and Tahitian tamare dance.  Nephi Hannemann plays Hawaiian detective, Alan Naluai play thug with Lipi Espinda and Lucky (Bill) Luck has bits.  Decent story for TV.
Sea.4, Ep.3, Title: “Cowboy in Paradise”, Aired: 01-20-74.
MEGA DISASTERS (2006-present) HISTORY CHANNEL  Sea.2, Ep 5, Titled: “Hawaii Apocalypse”, Aired 10-02-07.  Show about the Big Island’s volcanos.
MELROSE PLACE (1992-99) DARREN STAR/SPELLING/FOX   Final episode and final scene in Hawaii but shot in L.A. Amanda and Peter fake their deaths and marry on a remote tropical island. Sea.7, Ep.35, Titled: “Asses to Ashes”, Aired 05-24-99.  Amanda (Heather Locklear) gets married in Hawaii.
MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW, THE (1961-82) GROUP W/CBS  Popular talk show taped on Waikiki beach for a few special shows. Possibly in January, 1969.
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (1966-73) CBS TV  Sea. 6, Ep 20, Titled: “Double Dead”, Aired 2/12/72.  This episode was set in Hawaii.  But filmed in a L.A. studio with the usual many Tiki set dressing.
MISTER ED (1961-1966) CBS   Show entitled: “Ed the Stowaway” where the talking horse sneaks aboard an ocean liner to Hawaii to join his master, Wilbur who's on vacation.  Classic scenes of Wilbur dancing the hula as a Hawaiian wahine and Mr. Ed surfing with a back screen of Diamond Head in the b.g..  Does not look like the cast left Hollywood for this one.  Season 5, ep #115.  L.A. Hawaiians Tiki Santos (as a hotel owner) & David Cadionte (aka Caliente).  Nice sets.
MODEL TV (1998) E! (Cable) The Entertainment Channel series featured model Malia Jones a surfer and cover girl from the north shore of O’ahu.  Maila is part-Hawaiian.
MONUMENTAL MYSTERIES (2013) TRAVEL CHANNEL  Sea.1, Ep.11, with 3 segments, one was Titled: Death of Captain Cook”, Aired 07-25-13.  It covers a monument of the famed Capt. on Kauai but the docudrama cover Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii where the natives murder him.  He did land on Kaui first with a gods welcome.
MRS. EASTWOOD & COMPANY (2012-current) E! (cable)  Reality TV about the life of Clint Eastwood’s current wife and their teen daughter and Clint’s 18 yr. old daughter and her weird older boyfriend.  3 episodes were shot on Maui where Clint has a vacation home of course.  Sea.1, Ep.4, Titled: “Mayhem in Maui”, Aired: 06-10-12, Ep.5, Titled: “If the Nose Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”, Aired: 06-17-12, Ep.6, Titled: “Mrs. Doubt Taylor”, Aired: 06-24-12.
MTV SPORTS (199?-??) MTV (Cable)  One segment which aired in the fall of 1997 featured part-Hawaiian Malia Jones, a surfer model.
MUPPET SHOW, THE (1976-81) CBS Ep #68 sea.3 Big production number of the “Hawaiian War Chant” This episode guest starred Sylvester Stallone.
MURDER SHE WROTE (1984-96) CBS  In 1986 Angela Lansbury in a hit mystery show that hits Hawaii for two shows, one a cross-over with MAGNUM P.I.  A 2 parter called "Magnum on Ice: Part 1 & 2", season 3, episodes 8. The first part was aired on the MAGNUM P.I. series. Later does another Hawaii episode in 1994 entitled: “Death in Hawaii” which was filmed in L.A. with mostly haole cast and mainland Asians.  But an Ata Scanlan had a part, he was murdered.  Good leis though in this season 11, episode 4 which aired 10/16/94.
MY LITTLE MARGIE (1952-55) HAL ROACH STUDIOS/CBS  Gale Storm stars in this popular TV comedy series.  One episode is called: “The Hawaii Story” where Gale poses as a 12 year old daughter of one of her dad’s clients. Dad courts a rich widow in Hawaii along his rival. Luau scene. Fun.  Sea.4, Ep. 26, Titled:“The Hawaii Story”, Aired 02-23-1955.
ABC (1ST 5 seasons) CBS  In Sea.5, Ep.32, Titled: “Chip O’ the Islands”, Aired: 04-22-65. Uncle Charlie has a friend visit from Australia and he tells fantastic yarns of the South Seas.  Problen is is he telling the truth or a con man.  Must have had flashback scenes because Polynesian actors Bernie Gozier, Tiki Santos and Doug Mossman guest starred.  Later in color Sea.7, Ep 32, Titled:”Weekend in Paradise”, Aired: 05-11-1967 with William Demhearst as Uncle Charlie the gang goes to Hawaii and Charlie wants to look up his old girlfriend there who is now aged and overweight, so he spend most of his time hiding.  Not cool, not PC and mean.  Napua Woods guest stars along with Bernie Gozier and Tiki Santos.
MY WIFE AND KIDS (2001-05) ABC  Stars Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell-Martin as parent with a creative and comic style.  In a 3-part season opener Wayans takes the family to Hawaii.  Sea.3, Eps.1,2,&3, Titled: “The Kyle’s Go to Hawaii Pts, 1,2,&3, Aired: 9-25-2002 (1st 2 eps.) & 10-02-2002.  Need more information but Pt. 2 the parent go out with out there kids, pt. 3 they almost miss their flight home.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (1977) PBS  "The Voyage of Hokule'a".  Documentary of Hokule'a a modern canoe built with ancient Hawaiian design and navigated by ancient Polynesian ways. Also "Polynesian Adventure"  Educated east coast white man takes his family to French Polynesia to live with the natives for one year so they should receive an education outside of school.  Show chronicles the year. Also 12/11/2005 " Hawaiian Monk Seals"; "Strangers in Paradise", Aka “Hawaii: Beyond the Feathered Gods"; "Kon-Tiki Man" Documentary on Thor Heyerdahl's voyages in the Pacific.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/EXPLORER (1985) NGC (1993) "The Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal".  Underwater documentary of old American and Japanese ships that sunk in the great WWII battle of Guadalcanal; (1992) "Sea Trek: The Hawaiian Islands" One episode in a five-part series on aquatic adventures, this one covers the Hawaiian waters with the humpback, manta-ray and whale shark.        
NCIS: LOS ANGELES (2009-present) CBS  Sea.3, Ep.21, Titled: “Touch of Death”, Aired; 05-01-12  Crossover show with HAWAII FIVE-0 Sea.2, Ep.21, Titled: “Pa Make Loa”, Aired:04-30-12. NCIS  Agents Callen & Hanna go to Honolulu to help solve a dangerous case then they return to L.A. with Danno & Chin Ho. To finish the case.  
NEW EXPLORERS (1991) BBC/TDC (Cable) Science series which in this episode covers Hawaii's volcanoes: "The Rivers of Fire".
NEW GIDGET (1986-88) COLUMBIA TV  Pilot and one series show filmed on O'ahu before moving back to Los Angeles. Also show portrays California surf culture that's big into Hawaiian culture that brought surfing to the world. Kahuna is present and a play on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.
NEW WILDERNESS (1992) A&E (Cable)  "The Gooney Show"  Documentary on the gooney birds of Midway Atoll.
NOT JUST THE NEWS (1993) ABC  Half hour news magazine for kids.  One show in Hawaii.  Some subjects covered were the hula, Sea Life Park and lei making.  Taped on O’ahu and Mau'i.
NOVA (1974-present) PBS (1982) "Hawaii - Crucible of Life"  How Hawaiian Island chain was made and its evolution.  Good account of endangered and extinct life; (1991) "Eclipse of the Century"  Documentary of the July 1991 total eclipse of the sun as seen from Hawaiian observatories.  Also titled: “Eyes On Hawaiian Skies"; (1995) “Hawaii Born of Fire”  Geographic documentary that traces Hawaii’s evolution from lava flow to tropical paradise.  Lots of UH scientist are interviewed with their works; (1996) PBS “Shark Attack”  This show covers the recent tiger shark attacks in Hawaii and what the local government and scientist are doing about it.  The new studies are fascinating.
(2012) PBS/NAT. GEOGRAPHIC  Titled: “Mystery of Easter Island”. This documentary explorers the native Rapa Nui verbal legends of neke neke or walking with no legs.  In other words a the transportation of of giant moai statues by them walking to their sacred platforms or final resting place.  At the end two Cal anthropologists used a computer designed/built scaled down 10ft moai and after 2 days of trial they finally walked it down a dirt road in Kualoa Ranch on O’ahu.  The moai statue sits there today as a proud reminder of it achievements.

OCEANS 8 (2004-2006) NAT. GEO.  Sea.1, Ep. 2, Titled: “Dangerous Archipelago”, Aired ? is about the Tuamotus and its shallow reefs.  Also Sea.1, Ep.3, Titled: “A Slow Boat to Somewhere” follow a rustic cargo boat as it delivers to 21 Polynesian ports in the Pacific.
OCEAN MYSTERIES WITH JEFF CORWIN (2011-2014) ABC Host Jeff Corwin travels the world’s oceans for interesting stories of sea life.  About a third of the episodes in three seasons take place in Pacific locations of New Zealand, French Polynesia and Hawaii.
OFF LIMITS (2011-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL  Sea.#1, Ep.#10, Titled: “OFF LIMITS:HAWAII”, Aired: 10-25-11 covers Coco Palms not the hotel but its Hawaiian past of wars fought on the grounds.  Also covers H-3 tunnels, the sugar industry and a secret bunker on Ford Island w SSCS member Daniel Martinez,.  Main host Don Wildman.
ONE STEP BEYOND (1959-61) ABC  Sea.3, Ep.1, Titled: “Tidal Wave”, Aired 08-30-60 Tidal wave is coming to Hawaii but no one will help a wheelchair bound Naval engineer wife except telepathy
OPRAH WINFREY (1986-present) HARPO PRODS./HBO  Popular topical talk show taped from Waikiki in late-80s.
ORAL ROBERTS (ca.1973) NBC  Popular TV Evangelist take his show to Hawaii in “Oral Roberts in Hawaii” with local guests Don Ho and The Surfers.
OUR CENTURY (??) ???  Episode on Truk Island.  Need more information?
OUR HOUSE (1986-88) NBC  Wilford Brimley brings family show to O'ahu in 1987. A 2 parter called "Trouble in Paradise", episodes 40 & 41 of season 2. They aired on 2/14 & 2/21/88.

PAUL HOGAN SHOW, THE (1973-84) SYNC.  Australian  Popular show with one show a Benny Hill / Hawaii Five-0 parody called: “Benny Five-0”.  Hogan plays McGarrett.  Need more info?
PERRY MASON (1957-66) CBS  Raymond Burr stars in one episode that has a Hawaiian theme.  It guest starred Jon Hall. Episode was called "The Case of the Feather Cloak" of season 8, episode 19 which aired 2/11/65. No location shooting. 
PETTICOAT JUNCTION (1963-1970) CBS . Ep #150, season 5, “Hawaii Calling” aired 1/11/67. Did they answer the call or stay in the Junction.
PLANET EARTH (1995) PBS  Part of one show and probably more.  Dealt with volcanoes.
PROFILES (19??-) A&E? (cable TV)  Two shows on famous South Seas personalities which aired in May, 1996.  One on Captain Bligh of the “Bounty” fame and the other on Admiral “Bull” Halsey a WWII hero in the Pacific, especially for the Guadalcanal naval battles. Need more information on network and series?
PURE INSANITY (1990) FOX TV  First show tapped on Waikiki Beach.  Guest stars? Apparently game show pilot only?

QUINCY M.E. (1976-83) NBC   Hawaii show shot in 1981.  Need more information? Possibly a two parter "Slow Boat to Madness: Part 1 & 2 which aired on 11/11 & 11/18/81, both season 7 episodes 3 & 4. Quincy is on a cruise in Tahiti when an illness breaks out on board and he helps.

THE RED SKELTON SHOWRAGING PLANET (1997) DSC (cable)  “Title Wave”  This episode covered Hilo title waves and a giant crack on the South Point of the Big Island that if the piece of the land falls into the ocean a giant title wave will emerge.
READING RAINBOW (1983-present) PBS  Popular and educational TV show hosted by Levar Burton. Some special shorts taped on Windward O'ahu.
REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS (2010-current) BRAVO (cable)  Sea.2, Ep.17, Titled: “Leis & Lies”, Aired: 01-12-12 in Lanai.  2 episode rich gold digger reality show.
REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY (2006-current) BRAVO (cable)  Sea.7, Ep.18, Tiled: “Will he or Wont He?”, Aired: 06-12-12.  Tamera goes to Bora Bora by her boyfriend Eddie so he can propose to her.
REAL PEOPLE (1979-84) NBC  Tapped show on interesting people, need more info?Must have some videos from Hawaii as well as every other State.
REAL WEDDING FROM THE KNOT (2003-to present) OXYGEN (cable)  A couple from the mainland come home to Hawaii nei to tie the knot.  They both are Kamehemeha graduates and they get married at the campus’ chapel.  This episode aired January 2004.
REBECCA’S GARDEN (1998-??) NBC  Special segment on Kona coffee production, taped in Kona. Aired in July 12, 1998.
RED SKELTON (1953-70) CBS One episode entitled “Desert Island” has a great opening musical number with hula dancers on an island set.  The plot itself is about two sailors on a Pacific desert island where they find a film crew with a gorilla and two blonde native girl characters.  Guess stars Jamie Farr and Buster Crabbe.
RENEGADE (1992-97) STEVEN J. CANNELL "Bonnie and Claire" from season 2, Ep #8, aired 11/2/93. Two sisters are financing a trip to Tahiti. Do they get there? By the title I guess they don't earn the money honestly.
ROB DYRDEK’S FANTASY FACTORY (2009-present) MTV  Sea.3, Ep.10, Titled: “Hawaiian Manventures”, Aired: 09-20-10.  Rob take cousin Drama to Kaua’i to take their manhood up a level.  They see Laird Hamilton to get taught paddle surfing and tow surfing then waterman Titus Kinimaka taught spear fishing for he’e or squid.
ROCKFORD FILESROCKFORD FILES (1974-80) NBC/ STEPHEN J. CANNELL  James Garner in 1979 Hawaii show written by Cannell.  Guest Hawaiians include Danny Kamekona, Jimmy Borges, Esmond Chung and Jake Hoopai.  Sea.6, Ep. 8, Titled: The Hawaiian Headache, Aired: 11-23-1979,  where Rockford wins a trip to Hawaii only to find it a trick by his old army buddy who wants him to help solve a case. Trivia: although not the last show aired it was the last show shot for this popular series.
Also possibly more than one episode in the early seasons where he and his father would frequent a Tiki restaurant.  Some fell it may be the Tonga Lei near the Malibu pier where his trailer was first set.  Need more information?  Also spotted is a Tiki mask over the stove in his trailer.  Why not?  Garner is a product of the 60s.
ROUGH GUILD (199?) BBC/PBS  Kind of a travelogue for the hip young crowd.  One episode which aired in July, 1993 covered 45 minutes on Hawaii and its current issues like the sovereignty movement, high teen pregnancies, illegal marijuana crops, the hanai system and more.

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH (1996-2003) ABC 1999 season finale were Sabrina and her two aunts go on a Hawaiian family business/vacation where Sabrina figures out her family secret (everyone has an evil twin.)  One relative is from Hawaii (heavy Asian looking Hawaiian nurse from M.A.S.H.)  Sabrina is determined the evil one and has to be thrown in a volcano because lava is the only thing that can kill a witch.  Well they find out she is not the evil one, she becomes a full pledged witch and her two aunts and Hawaiian relative dance the hula complete with tacky outfits at the end.   No Hawaii location shooting. Episode was titled "The Good, the Bad and the Luau", of season 3, episode 25 (the season ender), aired 5/21/99.
SANFORD & SON (1972-77) NBC  A 2 parter taped on O'ahu as the season opener of the 1976-77 season.   Season 6, episodes 1 & 2, called "The Hawaiian Connection: Part 1 & 2". Hula lessons, luau, canoe riding, Fred wearing grass skirt like Lucy before they left to Hawaii, leis, Fred’s aloha shirts aplenty, Don Ho show, with credited but unrecognized Danny Kamekona, and uncredited Jake Hoopai.
SANTA BARBARA (1984-93) DOBSON PRODS./NBC   Soap that shot in Hawaii in 1991.
SCENIC WONDERS OF AMERICA: (1990) READERS DIGEST  "HAWAIIAN PARADISE" Hour and 1/2 modern travelogue that covers each major Hawaiian Island.  Produced and written by San Franciscans but they did their homework.  Narrated by Robert Feero & Ricalda Mahealani.  Cute ending of four keiki hula girls dancing and singing to No Shoes Hula as
end credits roll.
SCHLITZ PLAYHOUSE OF THE STARS (1951-59) LEWMAN PRODS./CBS One episode called "Tapu" season 3, episode 31, aired 4/2/1954 starred Richard Denning and Hilo Hattie. Need information on plot?
SCRATCH (1991-94) KXTV  Teen Magazine show. Need more information?
SCTV NETWORK 90 (1981-83) NBC  The SCTV gang but Harold  Ramis reunites for NBC for a couple of seasons.  In Sea.#2, Ep.#11, Titled: “Sammy Maudlin: South Seas Sinner”.  Need more information?
SEARCH PARTY (1999-2000) E! (cable)  On the shores of Waikiki we find this simple race challenge. This show has games on exotic beaches all over the world. 11 out of 76 episodes that was taped on Hawaii.
SECOND CITY TV (1976-81) SYND.  One show the later famous comedic cast does a parody of Hawaii Five-0.  Rick Moranis stars with the joke that Don Ho will replace Steve McGarrett.  Sea.3, Ep.14, Aired: 12-19-80.
SELL THIS HOUSE (2003-present) A&E  Reality home improvement show where they do a one day makeover to help sell a house.  Two episodes or two homes tapped in Hawaii in late 2003, one on Hawaii Loa Ridge another in Kaneohe.
SESAME STREET (1969-present) PBS  In Sea. 9, Eps.35-40 of Sesame Street the cast visited Hawaii in a 6-part series of and .  In this set of episodes, it is revealed that Snuffleupaguses come from Hawaii. Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus search for Mount Snuffleupagus, which is revealed to be Mount Ihu Papa'a Lo'ihi Nui.These scenes Aired: 12-23-29-77 they also learn to count to 10 in Hawaiian, do the hula, and surf.
In Sea. 4 or 5,ep.519 (old #) features the song "Hawaiian Cowboy".Big Bird tries to win a trip to Hawaii in Sea.9, Ep.24,  An animated segment of Sesame Street features Leanna Williams telling a story of how she traveled to Hawaii and bought a Hawaiian shirt.: Old Epi.3135,   Wyoming Walt goes on vacation to Hawaii in Old Ep.4161, Gordon shows a 16mm silent film of Mount Kilauea erupting in Old Ep.2782,   In the “Elmo's World” segment  Elmo is doing  the Hula on the beach.  Need more info?
SHINDIG (1964-66) ABC  Two part episode Sea.2, Ep.20 & 21, Titled: “Shindig in Hawaii Part 1 & 2, Aired: 11-20 & 11-25-65. With Bobby Sherman, Glen Campbell, Billy Preston and Don Ho & the Aliis singing I’ll Remember You, Pearly Shells, and ends with Aloha Oe.
SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (1973-78) ABC / UNIVERSAL/ HARVE BENNETT  Sea, 5, Ep, 16, Titled: “The Lost Island”, Aired: 01-30-78.  Odd “Jump the Shark” show where star Lee Majors recues a near dowing victim who turns out to be an alien who lives on an invisibe Pacific Island, near Hawai’i. The alien islanders fall ill to a radioactive sattilite that crashes on the island and the U.S. Navy can’t find it.  Majors saves the day by going to BYU-Hawaii to get a serium to save the aliens.  One alien is hapa Hawaiian but we don’t know her background.
60 MINUTES (1968) CBS  Popular news magazine program probed Hawaiian Air problems in spring of 1991.
SMITH (2006) JOHN WELLS PRODS./WARNER BROS./CBS  From the makers of ER and THE WEST WING comes a very dark series that did not last a season.  An undercover group of violent thieves also leads normal lives.  First episode has one of the gang members on vacation surfing in Hawaii where two Hawaiian surf thugs threaten him for being on their beach.  Gang member is super sorry, casually goes back to his rent-a-car, assembles a high powered rifle and casually returns to beach to kill thugs.
SOAP (1977-81) ABC  In Sea.1, Ep.22, Titled “Episode 22”, Aired: 02-28-78 Jessica does a hula dance before the Jury because she thinks she recognizes a Juror from the PTA when they did a Hula number together.
SOAP TALK (2002-2006) SOAPNET Last shows were taped out of Hawaii.
SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE (1955–1957) STUDIO USA In Sea.1, Ep.29, Titled: "Aloha Means Goodbye", Aired: 08-19-1955 Tim & Toubo crash a party in Hawaii. Also in
Sea.2, Ep.8, Titled: “Treasure of Vicker’s Island”, Aired: 11-11-56.  Our hero’s ship is hit by a hurricane in the South Pacific and they shipwreck on a remote Island but one native is credited, Taru.
SOMERSET MAUGHAM TV THEATRE (1950–1951) ???  Live theater television.  Maugham was host for two episodes.  One Episode Titled: “Honolulu” starring Roberta Hayes.  Need more information?
SOUND OF AMERICAN MUSIC, THE (1984) CAMERA 3 PRODS./AMC (Cable)  Short series on American music which has to cover Rogers and Hammerstien and it did for a two hour episode hosted by Mary Martin. Of course a large portion of the show covered the hostess’ Pulitzer Prize play and movie SOUTH PACIFIC.  Lots of good, old and new interview clips of the shows musical b.g...
STEP BY STEP (1991-98) LORIMAR/ABC  Title of episodes was "Aloha: Part 1 & 2", aired 2/19 & 2/26/93 Shot on Maui? Daughter falls in love with beach bum gets engage but break up even after he comes up with VERY expensive ring (back ground mystery) also treasure involved. Compare MAMA'S FAMILY in Hawaii Sea.2, Eps.18,19.
SUPERSHIPS (2001) PARTTHENON FILMS/DISCOVERY (cable) One episode aired 1/12/07 covered the UH Research SWATH ship Kila Moana and its studies the remote northwest Hawaiian Islands.
SURVIVOR (2000-present) MARK BURNETT PRODS./CBS  Granddaddy of reality shows, with 5 segments on South Seas islands.  Titles SURVIVOR: MARQUESAS MICRONESIA, COOK ISLANDS, PALAU and FIJI between 2000-present. Connection: David Letterman spoofs Marquesas.
STREET FURY (2004-2006) G-4 Cable  One episode, Sea .2, Ep.1, Titled:Street “Fury 5-0h”, Aired:01-22-06, this episode was shot in Hawaii.
STUDIO ONE (1948-58) CBS  Sea.3, Ep.5, Titled: “Away from it All”, Aired 09-25-50.  A Naval pilot and a female crewmate crash land in the Pacific near an island.  On the island they discover a lavish estate where rich people live who secretly want to get away from it all.  They hold the pilot and his mate prisoners. STUDIO ONE was a multi Emmy winning and nominated series.
SUPERSHIPS (ca 2005-present) DISCOVERY (cable) One episode aired 1/12/07 covered the UH Research SWATH ship Kila Moana and its studies northwest of the main Hawaiian Islands.
SURVIVOR: (2000-present) CBS Early reality show and one of the world’s most popular TV showS with all it different country versions being shown almost everywhere.  Originally derived from Swedish TV series called EXPEDITION ROBINSON of course titled origins are from two popular pacific island shipwreck stores SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON  & ROBINSON CRUSOE which is the premise of this reality show to survive on an exotic location.  Show originator is British Producer Charlie Parsons.  The US version of the show is what is covered here with the premise of the show covered well in SURVIVOR: MARQUESAS (2002) Sea.4, SURVIVOR: VANUATU (2004) Sea.9, SURVIVOR: PALAU (2006) Sea.10, SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS (2006) Sea.13, SURVIVOR: FIJI (2007) Sea.14, SURVIVOR : MICRONESIA (2007) Sea.16 also shot in Palau , SURVIVOR: SAMOA (2009) Sea.19, SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS (2010) Sea.20 also in Samoa, SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC (2011) Sea.23 shot in Samoa, SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD (2012) Sea.24 also shot in Samoa.
SWEET 16 (2005-present) MTV (cable) Popular show about rich spoiled brat girls getting their way for their Coming out 16th birthday party.  In the spring of 07 “Priscilla’s” party was a luau I think in a Miami Night club.  Fat Joe preformed and Priscilla got a new 500 Mercedes Benz and she told her mom “I hate you!”  Should rename the show; “World’s Worst Brats”. Classmate Nikki did a tiki beach Party earlier but the decor was clean and modern not tiki enough.
SWITCH (1975-78) GLEN A. LARSON PRODS./UNIVERSAL TV/CBS  Robert Wagner & Eddie Albert one episode in Hawaii. Three possible episodes .Need more information?

T.J. HOOKERT.J. HOOKER (1982-86) COLIMBIA TV/ABC In an episode called "Blood Sport" of season 5, episode 16, aired 5/21/86
TABOO (ca 2000 to present) NAT.GEO. (cable)  Series named after a Polynesian word although the show covers interesting and common customs from different parts of the world that may seem taboo to others.  In an episode aired Oct. 17, 2007 it reports the “other” gender in Samoa call Fafa Fine. 
TASTE OF AMERICA with Mark DeCarlo (2004 to 2006) TRAVEL CHANNEL (cable)  Popular food host DeCarlo travels to Hawaii (Maui) to cover macadamia nuts, spam and a luau.  Aired 10/11/06.
TEN WHO DARED (1977) BBC/TIME/LIFE FILMS (Syn.)  Anthony Quinn was host and narrator of this 10 part series of great historical figures.  One episode covers captain James Cook.
THIS IS YOUR LIFE (1952-61) NBC  In 1956 Ralph Edwards hosted show on Duke Kahanamoku.
TIME TUNNEL,THE (1966-67) ABC  Popular but short-lived series by Irvin Allen.  One episode entitled “The Day the Sky Fell In” is about the series stars James Darren & Robert Colbert traveling back in time to Hawaii the day before the Pearl Harbor Attack.  They try in vain to warn folks. See DESILU PLAYHOUSE.  Also in 1966 “Kill Two by Two” when our heroes go back to a Pacific island during WWII where they confront two abandoned but fierce Japanese soldiers.
TRACKS AHEAD (1993 to 2000) PBS  One show, which aired Feb.,1995, featured trains of old Hawaii.
Sea.3, Ep.2.
TRAVELERS (1996) DISCOVERY CHANNEL (cable)  Episode that first aired in 1996 which covers well the Big Island of Hawaii.  The show emphasized correct hula and its importance to Hawaiian culture and took the audience to the Merry Monarch hula festival.
TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT (1980-86) ABC Episode 22 of season 4 called “Hawaii Five-8” Guest star Branscombe Richmond as a Hawaiian.  Where set?
TODAY (1952-present) NBC  Barbara Waters and Joe Garagiola telecasts from Hawaii in 1974.
TOP 10 (1999) A&E (cable)  “Exotic Destinations” #4 Palau, #2 Bora Bora.  Surprisingly no Hawaii nor Fiji.
20/20 (1978-present) NBC  In 1978 story on Pakalolo (marijuana).  Also segment “Paradise Found” aired May 21, 1999, part of a theme show on guns.  This segment was about Fiji where once a very violent place has almost no violence, no guns and no TV.  The story centered violence expert Gavin De Becker who lived and studied Fiji for two years (see book: “Protecting the Gift: Keeping the Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane) Note: the next day in the newspapers a story on the introduction of TV in parts of Fiji has apparently caused, for the first time, anorexia in teenaged girls.  Go figure!
TWILIGHT ZONE (1959-1964) CAYUGA PRODS./CBS  One episode starring Dean Stockwell has him as a Lt. On a South Seas island during WWII.  He’s young & gung ho and wants to kill, kill, kill.  Suddenly he’s a Japanese soldier and in a role reversal his Japanese Lt. Wants to kill, kill, kill.  He switches back and he learns his lesson. The episode was called: "A Quality of Mercy", season 3, episode 15, aired 12/29/61.
THE UNDERSEA WORLD OF JACQUES COUSTEAU (1968-99) Various networks Starting with shorts from 1942 this famous underwater explorer has covered the Pacific and its island for at 40 percent of his shows. To numerous to name for this list. Later grandson Michael has continued the Cousteau legacy with a base out of Fiji and at lest five documentaries done by 2008, all Pacific Islands.
VEGA$ (1978-81) AARON SPELLING/ABC  Robert Urich starred in show filmed on O'ahu in 1980. Season 3 opener, episodes 1 & 2 entitled "Aloha, You're Dead: Parts 1 & 2" both aired together on 11/5/80. Guest stars Polynesians from L.A. Branscombe Richmond and Manu Tupou.
WEST 57TH STREET (1985-89) CBS  Short-lived news magazine show. Must have done some South Seas story. Need more information?
WHEEL OF FORTUNEWHEEL OF FORTUNE (1975-present) KING SYN.  Popular game show taped episodes at the Waikaloa Resort on the Big Island in Jan. 1996 to air in Feb. 1996. Also did some Waikiki shows through the years.
WHEN EARTH ERUPTS (ca. 2011) SCIENCE CHANNEL Shorts series with one episode Titled: “Pacific Rim”, Aired: 03-15-11.  Half of the episode covers fault that runs through the capital of New Zealand, Wellington.  Maori legend is covered and Maori warriors dancing the Haka.
WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO (1991-95) PBS   This Saturday adventure cartoon is based on a geography computer game show the main characters where bound to come to Hawaii and they did in a 1991 episode.  Sea.1, Ep.63, Titled: “Island Hoping”, Aired 12-25-91 where the Island of Kure is stolened from the Hawaiian Island Chain. In Sea.4, Ep.6, Titled: “Kamehameha Mayhem”, Aired 10-17-94 where, after a brief geography lesson on Hawaii at the beginning, a bad person steels the famous King Kamehameha statue that faces the I’olani Palace.  In Sea.5, Ep.8, Titled: “A Shriek of Nature” the kid detectives catch up to Sarah who steels Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Another episode Sea.5, Ep.25, Titled: “Stop Your Blubbering”, Aired: 11-10-95 someone steals the Humpback Whales from Hawaii.  Also in Sea.1, Ep.33, Titled: “The Great Heist”, Aired: 11-13-91 an Eastern Island Moai is stolen.
WHERE ON EARTH IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? (1994-99) FOX  In Sea.1, Ep.7, Titled: “Rules of the Game”, Aired 04-09-94, the kids follow Carmen to Hawaii for a winner-take-all chess game in a volcano crater.  Also in Sea.2, Ep.3, Titled: “Cures, Foiled Again”, Aired 09-30-95, episode is devoted to Hawaii where Carman steals some famous Hawaiian treasures, some with curses which doesn’t bother Carmen.  Bishop Museum and Iolani Palace were shown.
WHERE THE ACTION IS (1965-67) ABC  Dick Clark hosted this half hour musical show for teenagers that aired during the daytime.  He shot in many different locations with O’ahu being the location at leased once, featuring Paul Revere and the Raiders and other performers.
WIDE WORLD OF KIDS (1991) BENNETT PRODS./ABC  Shot on Kaua'i, Big Island and O'ahu in 1990.
WILD WILD WEST (1965-69) BRUCE LANDSBURY PRODS./CBS  Johnny Noble (part Samoan writer) wrote episode “Night of the Two-legged Buffalo” Sea.1, Ep.23, Aired:03-11-66, for this popular western series with a haole looking Polynesian prince who murders for fun.  Artamis Gordon played a better Polynesian when he doubled for the prince.  His outfit was great. Also “Night of the Deadly Blossom”  Sea.2, Ep.25, Aired: 03-17-67, where our two heroes must stop the plot to kill a Hawaiian King aboard a trans Pacific ship. Tiki Santos played King Kalakua and where a killer dart flys out of the mouth of a killer Tiki.
WIN LOSE OR DRAW (1987-90) BERT & BERT/NBC  Bert Convey hosted and produced along with Bert Reynolds fun game show taped on Waikiki beach with residential guest stars: Carol Burnett and Jim Nabors with Loni Anderson and Reynolds in 1988.
WORLD OF AUDUBON (1993) TBS Cable  Titled: "Hawaii: Paradise in Pearl" Good documentary on the bad impact of tourism on the island's ecosystem.  Hosted by Richard Chamberlain who himself has been a resident for 17 years and admitted he was also part of the problem. Cheers, Richard, for being honest.  The show was also honest to tell how the natives had in the past done their part in destroying nature.  Also a plea to help these same natives survive as a culture and as a race.
WORLD OF DISCOVERY (1997) ABC   “Bikini: Forbidden Paradise”   Good documentary on the “Crossroads” A-bombing tests and current aftermath.  Today it is safe to live but not to eat things from the areas abundant food chain.
WORLD’S BEST (?) TRAVEL CHANNEL  One episode called: “Hang Loose Hawaii” shows usual stuff.
YOU ASKED FOR IT (1950-59) DUMONT/ABC  One episode, about 1950, had a segment on Hawaiian cowboys, with film of actual paniolos at work and a studio segment with a cowboy greeting the show’s host and then singing in Hawaiian.   Also a show on famed Hawaiian waterman Duke Kahanamoku.
YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, THE (1973-present) BELL DRAMATIC SERIAL INC./CBS  A few shows of this long running soap were tapped on Mau'i in 1990.

ZERO ONE (1962-65) BBC
British  In Sea.3, Ep.3, Titled: “Point of View”, Aired 07-19-65.  One of our heros investigates a small Pacific island because of a manager abusing his local laborers.

While numerous TV commercials have used the Pacific islands as scenic backdrops they have also used Oceanic cultural influences anywhere. The list below are TV ads that has South Seas and Polynesian Pop elements and settings in its storyline. For example a giant stone moai set in Rapa Nui is South Seas where as a moai tiki mug found in tiki bar in New York City is a Polynesian Pop element and setting or a hula dancer in Waikiki is South Seas but a hula bobber in a L.A. taxi's dashboard is Polynesian Pop. One can see some of these Polynesian Pop ads in Commercial Captures in the Poly Pop Posters section in the Images page.

APPLEBEE’S (2006) Retuning the GILLIGAN’S ISLAND theme song for a new line up on their menu.
ALMOND JOY & MOUNDS (2012) Closing shot has a hula doll.  Also possible in 2007 another ad with lots of South Seas images.
ALPHA BITS (1998) “With Hawaiian Bits” series.
AMERICAN EXPRESS (199?) big commercial where spokesperson Jerry Stienfield runs all over Hawaii with his plastic card.
APPLE COMPUTER (2001) to push DVD recording on its latest desktops.  This ad has a son getting married somewhere in the South Pacific with a modern Polynesian kahuna doing the vows.  The son later sends off the disk to his parents to view.
ARBY’S (2013)  King Hawaiian bun ad with a hapa Asian/American playing Hawaiian surfer teaching us the Hawaiian word “ono” on a generic beach.
AT&T (1999) Spokesperson David Arquette, with an Aloha shirt, is in plane dreaming he’s going to Hawaii but he is reminded by a fellow passenger that he’s only going to Minnesota. !-800 callATT campaign.
AIWA (2000)  Cute ad were a young man sets up a bunch of Hula bobber car dash dolls very meticulously.  Camera pulls back to reveal bobbers on a stereo system.  The guy turns on
system with the wave of HAWAII FIVE-O on TV and the bobber are now swaying.

BABY RUTH (1999)  Simple ad, one shot of interior car with a Baby Ruth bar and hula doll on dash.

BING.COM (2009) Series of commercials where people zombie out and start reciting many definitions of or related words like a web search engine.  One ad has a man get up and recite Hawaiian than surf lingo words.
BOUNTY (1997)  Cute little girl dressed as a hula dancer spills some juice while dancing the hula.  Mom happily cleans up with the quick picker upper paper towel.
BLUE BUFFALO DOG FOOD (2015) for the Kichen Cravings Savory Sizzlers with real pork ad campaign.  Happy dogs are shown because of the real meat feature of the dog food.  Featured at the end is a hula dancing dog with a dog hula outfit and Hawaiian music.
BOUNTY CANDY BAR (1990s) International ad campaign "Taste of Paradise" showing South Pacific scenes because of it's chocolate covered coconut. See couple examples below:
BUD LITE (2010) Started as a coveted super bowl ad of a LOST parody of the plane wreck on the beach with the discovery of gear that could save them and the discovery of a frig full of intact bottles of cold Bud Lite.  Which do you think the survivors run for and party over?
BUDGET RENT-A-CAR (19??) Need more information?

CAPITAL ONE (2010) Popular commercial campaign with Barbarians in a modern world.  One trip using “Double Miles” they end up on Hawaiian Beaches with Hula girls and one funny bit they lay siege to a large sand castle.CAPTAIN CRUNCH (2004) Some Caucasian kids in colored hula skirts and someone who looks like Tongan Vili the Warrior in warrior out fit, all on tropical island with a live volcano on next island.
CAPTAIN MORGAN (2006)  Two guys to drunk to drive, call for pizza delivery and hitch a ride home with the pizza.  Pizza car had a hula bobber on dash.
CARL’S JR. (2007) Caucasian surfer in surf car with Hula Bobber on dash and the announcer rolling off a bunch of Hawaiian words to introduce the new Teriburger which is a Japanese sauce.
CHECKERS (2006) Ad campaign covers the Drive –thru at Checkers with 2 Moai
CHILLI’S RESTURANT (2003)  Young Hawaiian man playing ukulele & singing contemporary Hawaiian song in a promotion for a pineapple burger.
CITIBANK (2001)  Young geeky man plays ukulele and sings about “Wild Wild Waikiki”.  No natives nor Hawaii shoots.
CLAUSSON PICKLES (1998)  A man with a lei makes his pickle dance the hula and all the other pickles on the shelf dance too.
COKE (2004)  Surfing theme with Maila Jones getting a handsome Hawaiian guy's attention on wave on the North Shore of O'ahu, Kala Alexander teases the guy surfer because she smoked him all day. Check out Australian version of the commerical below:
COMCAST (2006) Two turtles on vacation (in Hawaii) and on beach chairs discuss slow internet and slow lava call Pahoehoe which is a Hawaiian word which was shown on a title board with a piece of Pahoehoe lava.

CONTINENTAL AIRLINES (197?) A series of Ad for enconmy fares to Hawaii. Ons shows Asian/American Hula dancer thoughout who fakes her dance, bad PC. Another shows a couple enjoying Hawaii conplete wit a Hawaiian restaurant with a tiki.between them. And another showing a man looking at a Continental billboard ad with a Hawaiian trip offer. He day dreams that he could take his family to Hawaii complete with dreaming about kissing llongfully a hula madien. Sure he is thinking about his family?

COOL AID (1998)  For their 98 campaign which introduces two new flavors, one “Island Punch.”  The series of commercials which shows lots of quick colorful images, some of which are a youthful hula girl.

DANIMALS CRUSH CUPS (2009) Commercial with the Sprouse twins imaging that there crushing things with their thumb and pointing finger while on break outside a stage.  One thing they crush is a giant prop Moai Tiki setting outside a neighboring stage door.
DISNEY'S AULANI RESORT (20011) "Imagine" national spot for Disney's first resort not attached to a theme park. Great Poly Pop architecture. Modeled after the famous Coco Palms on Kaua'i.

DODGE NITRO (2007)  A Nitro is dropped from a crane and falls through the earth all the way to China but on the way there is one set were large moai are on ledges in a cavern.
DOLE FRUITCUPS (2005) Hawaiian steel guitar music in b.g. and aloha shirt with fruits on it.
DOMINOS PIZZA (1998)  Family stuck in Hawaiian like motel with heavy rain outside.  Then they order the pizza and have fun.  Clique Aloha shirts and leis. (2005) Just images of the Hawaiian pizza with pineapple chunks over the HAWAII FIVE-0 theme music.
DR. PEPPER, DIET (2004)  Guy relates to girl about his favorite dish, flashback to a luau in Hawaii, a big Samoan is carrying forward a dish, walking on coals, the guy all along is drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper.  “And it doesn’t taste like his foot" (referring to the Samoan’s), and to his soda.

ESPN FOOTBALL (2012) For their 2012 season promotions a series of commercials “Where Fans Go For Football” Fan spa with a Polynesian Pop theme of tikis and thatched stuff.  Its Paradise.

*FEDERAL EXPRESS (1998)  For 98 Christmas season we see elves enjoying themselves with on a South Seas island with Polynesian women surrounding them.  Looks like they’re on strike. Also in (2003) FEDEX did a CAST AWAY series with a guy playing Tom Hanks delivering his final package, inside a satellite phone, GPS, seeds, etc…haha!  
FOODMART (??) Mega comercial star Jim Varney does the hula for a Hawaii vacation contest. Check video below:
FRUIT OF THE LOOM (2005) The Fruit guys are going over other things they do like on the SURVIVOR show were they are on a Polynesian Island and the Grape guy say “Aloha” to a loser.

GATORADE (2005) Spotlighted Chris Leigh an Ironman competitor who collapsed 50 meters from the finish. After, go to Gatorade training and hydrating himself he finished no problem.  Big Island and Samoan fire dancing was featured.
GARDENBURGER (1998) (animated) of geeky guy wanting to impress girl by throwing a luau.  After she arrives she wonders where all the other guess are.  Is this the famous commercial that ran during the last episode of STEINFIELD that cost the company 1/6 their gross profit?
GLADE CANDLE SCENT (1999)  One scent called Hawaiian Breeze featured a Hawaiian (hapa Filipina living in LA) beauty and a little Hawaiian girl with lei and Muumuu.
GO ARMY (2003) A group of Army engineers on the Big Island of Hawaii tell how they move rocks…on a live volcano.

H&R BLOCK (2009) Woman eyeing a Hawaii travel poster, dreams about going to Hawaii.  Former ex-presidents (all green because they are on paper money) tempt her to go with her tax refunds.  Image of a Hula Bobber.  Another ad from same campaign has the same Bobber being offered by the same green Presidents to a guy who needed auto parts and of course a tax refund.  He refuses the Bobber.
HAWAII CHAIR (2008) Informercial on a excersie chair that does a "hula hoop" motion while seating. Two things; make one want to throw up just watching it work, let alone sitting on it, otherthing; the rotating hip movement is not a standard hula movement but stereotypcially used in the mainsteam media as such. Note the HulA Hoop. Real hula dancers and their kumu (instructors) will be and should be insulted by this product.
HAWAIIAN PUNCH (1960s-present)  Long lasting campaign on beach boy like cartoon character asking” “Would you like a Hawaiian punch?” then punching someone in the face. Below is a Hawaiian Punch commercial ca. 1980 starring Donny and Marie Osmond and a Homage to Hawaiian Punch Ads.
HELIO (2007) While featuring it’s web connection and photos they used a hard to pronounced Hawaiian location to show off the product.
HERSHEY’S KISSES (2001)  Asking the question: Why do we dress Kisses in foil?  Because everything else is silly.  One version of a "silly" Kiss wrap is a hula skirt & lei with steel-guitar Hawaiian music in background and the popular candy dancing a hula.
HI-C (ca 1988) Montage of a kids quick life stly along with the quick moves of a Polynesian dance review, all the sell HI-Cs "Hula Punch". Also a "Hula Punch" commercial in 1992. Check both videos below:
HONDA PRELUDE (1996) New Prelude speeds around the Big Island of Hawaii with a classic bobbing Hula doll on dash.  Car is so fast the doll explodes. Also Honda driving on Hawaii's interstate 3 where the passenger asks: Why do they call it an interstate on an island surrounded by water?

IHOP (2004)
  Polynesian theme ad with Samoan Sid ? with ukulele and aloha shirt and a typical family enjoying their “Paradise Pancakes”.
IHOP (2009) In the summer of 09 IHOP created new “Hawaiian Pancakes” (3 of them) with bananas, pineapples, macadamia nuts and passion fruit are some of the ingredients (most not native ingredients)  No stereotype natives just ingredients.
IMMODUM A.D. (1995) Spot on family enjoying their Waikiki vacation but dad has diarrhea. Later happily canoeing with his family in front of Diamond Head, Waikiki.
INFINITY (2012)  Engaged couple with a new Infinity asks: “How about a honeymoon in Bora Bora?”  They picture themselves on a tiny sandy islet under a coconut tree with their Infinity car.  Suddenly a coconut hits the hood.  The couple exclaims that they have to find another place.

J.G. WENTWORTH (2014) "Hawaiian Luau"  Hula girls, tikis and Polynesian chief on high back rattan chair. Champaine is called “Kash Kahuna” similar to but not as elaborate the “Huggies” ad that didn’t really air.
JACK IN THE BOX (1998)  Cliché Hawaiian steel guitar b.g. music, Aloha shirts and the “Jack” himself complete with a lei. Jack is on a Hawaiian or other Polynesia beach drinking mai tai with a sarong clad waitress. (2011) Ad entitled “What Happened Last Night?” Where a couple party animals +-went out the night before wasted, ate at Jack in the Box, Jack drove them home and was stick at the house cause the guys on a couple of dares ate Jack’s car keys and cell phone.  Smack in the middle of the set and prominently placed - a rad Tiki mug
JINRO SOJU (1959) From Korea a lively commercial by this popular beverage. On a ship they reach their dream on a South Seas Island with wahines.
JOLLY RANCHER (1998)  Samoan knife dancer surrounded by a South Seas exterior set with lots of baskets of fresh fruits around him.  After dance the fruit is sliced and diced up to candies.

K-MART/ROUTE 66 JEANS (1999) Guy leaves wife and takes girl friend to Tahiti.  Where on the beach he receives 10 dollars from wife from selling his classic race car.
KASHI FOODS (2007) Shows fresh foods that they use and in this case the foods from Hawaii, with a Samoan coconut tree climber and a local in a pineapple field.
KELLOGG’S (1967) "Puffa Puffa Rice" tropes of volcano worship, warrior on outrigger canoe and a catchy tune ecept the Hawaiian signer sounds inept. (2001) "Froasted Flakes"Tony the Tiger is peddling the grrreatnest of Frosted Flakes with a beautiful tropical island b.g..  He’s trying to put up a hammock between two coconut trees that are to far apart – until he eats his Flakes and drags the trunks closer together.  Nice ukulele music in b.g.. 


KFC (2016) Series with George Hamlton playing the extra crispy Cornel. In his last ad it takes place in a tiki bar with at first bad art direction then realizing all the tikis were images of chickens. I call these props Chikis, from mugs, carved figures, lighted blow fish, and even a hen figurine with a hula shirt. Clever.
KIA (1998)
Korean car sold in most of America who’s spot is about how tourist in Hawaii treat or mistreat their Kia rent-a-cars. Funny ad with car bumping coconut tree and coconut falling on hood with dent and other funny moments. 
KODAK MAX (1999) About beautiful shots on beautiful Hawaiian Beach with family wearing aloha outfits. 
KIDS CUZINE (2004)  LILO & STITCH characters in pasta shapes.  Steel guitar music in background.

LIFE LOCK (2013) Identity theft ad had the bad guy planning a trip to Hawaii, shows him in his SUV with a hula bobber on his dash.
LIZ CLAIBORNE (2002) To kick off new fragrance line call Bora Bora with a beautiful South Seas wahine but the Polynesian beauty is Philipina. See videos below, the one on the right is with Tony Bennett:

  Big Polynesian village set built on Kaua’i.
McDONALDS (1996) Big budget comical campaign was shot on Kaua’i about distant South Seas islanders travel across ocean for a McDonald’s deal.  It was shot for Super Bowl and Olympics but was not received well and lasted only a couple of weeks.  Although funny, it must of made the natives look stupid. Also: (2001) with the popular animated movie SHREK tie-in.  Here Shrek’s donkey side-kick buys him an aloha shirt.
MEGUIAR'S HEADLAMP CLEANER (2015) Machcanic in shop cleans headlamp while hula bobber looks on and is featured.
MERCURY INSURANCE (200??) Ad called "Lula the Hula" Japanese/ American playing a live hula boober.

MILLER LITE (1997)   Part of a big campaign on picking creative cheerleaders for the Super Bowl.  One Spot has two Hawaiian brothers (who look Californian Samoan) dressed in leis and hula skirts trying out in the back ground by comically jumping over each other.
MIRACLE GROW (2008) Couple working and planting in their garden, at one point wife puts a flower in husband's ear than he proceeds to do an impromptu hula. from the waste up.
MOTORSTORM: PACIFIC RIFT (2008) Video game commerical of extreme off-road motorsport racers who jump out of a plane with their ATVs, dirt buggys and motorcross bikes to race on a Pacific island below. One dirt buggy has a hula bobber on the hood.
NEWPORT CIGARETTES (ca.1960) Man settling down for the evening watches TV where a Hawaiian luau commerical comes on with hula dancers. The female dancer entices the man to join here at the luau and he suddenly is in the luau, where he is offered and enjoys a newport cigarette.

NISSAN (2003) In this Titan SUV commercial shows how big the storage area is by loading a moai statue into the rear of the vehicle.
NOXEZIMA (2002) Ad shows a bad hula dancer that needs good skin care.  She looks Philipina.

OLD NAVY (1999)  Two in a series of selling board shorts, one which the old b.g. shot of Diamond Head and the Waikiki surf with the spokespersons and a dog on surfboards with the Hawaii Five-0 theme song.  The other ad has them on shore (on a sound stage) with a surf hulk In spring (2015) with spokesperson Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  In this version Dreyfus plays a bride to be at a Hawaiian wedding. She says “Aloha” and “Mahalo”..
OLD SPICE (2011)  Ad on Old Spice Fiji where a beefy African American (who is featured in all Old Spice commercials at this time) who this time for the Fiji scent come up from being buried in the sand of a tropical beach presumed in Fuji wearing a Fijian grass skirt.  In another Old Spice ad which covers all their scents for 2011 the same spokesperson starts in Fiji, on the beack with a grass skirt in front Fijian hut then he transforms to other parts of the World representing other scents
ORBIT (2008) Ad for Maui Mental Mints. Super model and diva Jancie Dickerson gets burned and does the hula in this Ad. Ad has Janice on a photo shoot on a beach with a flower in her hair & Tikis. Check video:
  Three Hawaiian like models pose with computer monitors on Kailua beach for this travel internet site.  Series of a handful of 15 second spots.

PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA (2003) Introducing the Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken pizza with pineapple and the usual Hawaiian fare.
PEPSI (2002)  Big campaign with teen singer Britney Spears. It was introduced during Super Bowl so you know its big.  The series is about Britney singing from different eras and the “60s” spot has her on the beach in a surf party with shots of Spears on a surf board and a blue screen b.g. of the much seen waves of Waikiki and Diamond Head.  One shot the screen is backwards I think on purpose maybe because this mistake was typically common.
PLYMOUTH (1997)  First part is a Hawaiian Ukulele player.
PONITAC (1996) “Wider is Better” campaign where a Hawaiian surfer shares a lesson that it's easier to surf with a wider board like the wider new Pontiac.
PT CRUISER (2007) This ad has the PT Cruiser getting loaded with a bunch of Tikis.  Need more info?

ROSS (2005) “Swimsuit Spectacular”  Local beautiful looking young ladies with flowers in their hair and dancing the hula.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE (2013) The big cellphone has a woman in the office barrow it from the 1st guy, she then tells supervisor she did the report that’s on the phone.  The boss says good now do the next report while he goes to lunch with the 1st guy.  Boss asks what he want to eat?  “Polynesian?”   “Pupu platter?”Yep.
SHREK (2001) movie promo tie-in  ad.  Here Shrek’s donkey side-kick buys him an aloha shirt. Need more info. on tie-in product?
SKITTLES (1998) A young Polynesian boy dives off his small outrigger like he’s diving for pearls but instead goes for the colorful living coral which after he touches them Skittles rain down. Other Polynean-est imagines from this same campaign.
SLIP & SLIDE SUPER GEYSER (1999)  A Polynesian themed water slide with a couple of caucasian boys in bad warrior make up but at end the chief is a real Polynesian heavy-set kid, sitting in a  high back rattan chair.   The slide has a Tiki Arch that shoots water.   By Whamo
SNICKERS BAR (1999) Play on Gilligan’s Island where Gilligan has a wife who is old and still waiting. Also: (2007-08) On Samoan like village where we see Fire Knife Dance and a big Samoan warrior jump in car with other big warriors from other cultures all yelling and eating their Snickers Bar. This is part of a series of ads with the macho warriors in the car.
SPRITE (1996) Surfing in Hawaii cut to Hawaiian stunt surf double then Caucasian star bumps into camera on Shore.  Also (1999) Fun tacky luau scene with fake exploding model of a volcano on a table.
SUBWAY (2008) With the "$5 Foot Long" series some hula dancers are dancing with their hula hands spreadigg to a foot spacing to illustrate the ad campaign's theme.
(2015) Fun and popular ad series called “Trrphy Talk” featuring Polynesian pro quarter back Marcus Mariota and a talking Heisman like trophy.  One ad, titled “Girlfriend” the trophy shows off, to Mariota, his hula bobber girlfriend.  “She’s from Hawai’i like you.”  She bobs, “Shake it, baby!”
SUNNY-D (2008)
An official Sunny-D old VW beach van goes around to a beach for a taste test.  Hula Bobber is on van dash board of course.

TAMPAX (2008) "Hello Hawaii" ad with new arrivals fresh off the bus in Hawaii. One female tourist has to be reminded of proper feminine protection so as to not ruin her dream vatcation.
TARGET (2001)  Shot of roll of hula bobber dolls in a fast paced commercial with an orange color theme. (2010) This commercial shows a women eating and living better.  One shot she’s playing with her young son in front of her fireplace where to the right this is a nice collection of Tiki mugs
TIMEWARNER CABLE (2015) In an Ad for their “Intelligent Home” system.  Starts with a tourist couple at a Polynesian show with a Samoan knife dancer featured and golf with palm trees in bg.
TOYOTA (2001)  In this Camary (#1 selling car in America at this time) ad we find two adventurous refrigerator magnets, one a handsome football player and the other a cute native hula dancer, hoping off and struggling to find some unknown destination.  At last they hop and stick on a Camary just pulling out of the drive way.  How romantic.
TRIVIA PURSUIT (2001)  Guys are enjoying themselves with just a hula bobber on the chubby guys tummy dancing until the girls come in and they straighten up.  In other words it doesn’t take much to entertain men.

UNITED (1979) Come fly to my Islands of Hawaii problem is the models were two Filipina and one Samoan Al Harrigton.

VANILLA FROSTED MINI WHEAT (2003) In Hawaii a large Moai sings on a beach, a Tiki masked guy beats on a drum while others dance the hula in the b.g.

VERIZON WIRELESS (2009) Clicks like a computer and the browser looks like a computer, screen then shows an hula bobber for sale on Ebay. (2013) ad for Nokia Lumina photos where the family is taking photos at a Hawaiian luau with a Samoan fire dancer.    
VISA (ca. 2000) Former sumo star and Samoan Koniski in a Visa commercial were he goes to buffet after buffet in Honolulu and gives all the restaurant owners a big headache. Also (2006)  “Life Has VISA” campaign with a hula bobber in it.

WELLS FARGO (2007) “Someday” ad shows a couple people with their big goals in life.  One office worker pulls out her lower drawer, there we see on the bottom of the drawer sand and a star fish, she then puts her bare feet in the drawer and the announcer says: “Someday Tahiti”. Check video below:
WESTERN UNION (1999) A fake talk show interviews Mary Ann who says she dropped the boyfriend to marry the Professor. Connection: GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.

YOPLAITE YOGURT (2004) Woman with nice figure at poolside wearing a red-dyed hula skirt and matching  red bikini top.

Bellow are a list of South Seas Toon titles and descriptions or cartoons set on a Pacific Isle, but as a companion to these South Seas Toons one can read about TIKI TOONS titles and descriptions or toons set outside the Pacific but with Oceanic cultural influences. This TIKI TOONS section can be found in the POLY POP PICTS page. Also see the TOON IMAGES section on the IMAGES page for picture examples of a few of these mixed South Seas and Poly Pop cartoons or animations.

3-2-1 PENQUINS! (2007-09) NBC  Ep. Titled “Wiki Tiki” about floating islands in space with the natives as Tikis with feet and grass skirts. The King is a Moai as a head.  Erupting volcano so our hero penquins have to save them with their spaceship.
ACROBATTY BUNNY (1946)  WARNER Animation   Bugs Bunny does the Hula in the circus.
ADVENTURES OF HOPPITY HOOPER (1964-66) JAY WARD “Ferkle to Hawaii”  released on  Nov. 7, 1965.  Need more plot information?
ALOHA HOOEY (1942) WARNER BROS.  From the Schlesinger Studios with Mel Blanc as voice.  Two Mid-Westerner birds stowaway on ship to see Hula dancer.  After fighting a shark and a gorilla, one gets the dancer at the end.  Connection: ALOMA OF THE SOUTH SEAS is referenced.
ALOHA OE (1933) FLEISCHER STUDIOS Theatrical cartoon short. Need more information on storyline? Released on 3/17/33
ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS (1983-90) NBC (animated)  One episode takes David and the chipmunks to Hawaii where Alvin is cast in a surfing commercial and thinks he’s cursed by a Hawaiian Tiki.  This Ep #23 aired 12/03/1993 and is entitled “Curse of Lontiki”. Connection: BRADY BUNCH in Hawaii.
AMAZING CHAN AND THE CHAN CLAN, THE (1972) CBS (animation)   About famous Chinese detective who travels the world with his children to solve mysteries.  In Sea.#1, Ep.#3, Titled: “Will the Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up?”, Aired: 09-23-72.  The Chan’s are in Hawaii where the kids spot dad coming out of a Hotel that just got burglarized or was it someone else?  Also in Sea.#1, Ep.#8, Titled: “The Bronzed Idol”, Aired: 10-28-72, Charlie and the kids visit a small island where the chief asks Mr. Chan for help because an idol named Ona Bona asks for everything and the people are now starving.  Fake Tiki plot.
AMERICAN DAD (2005 to present) FOX  In Sea.9, Ep.2, Titled: “Killer Vacation”, Aired: 10/07/12.  The family goes on vacation on a tropical isle.  Although island not mentioned it is full of tikis, tiki torches, aloha shirts, sarongs and lots of steel guitar Hawaiian music and a luau.  Also Sea.9, Ep.13, Titled: “For Black Eyes Only”, Aired: 03-10-13, Stan “Smith” acts like Bond while alien Roger is in his world evil Tearjerker persona complete w tropical isle volcanic evil lair.  Although lair location is not mentioned because it only in a brief fake opening recap of a fake episode the week before where we all think Roger dies in his own volcano. But he is alive and later inprisioned in a very high security facility beneath the moai of Easter Island. 
(1993-98) WB
Ep #33 sea. 1 The animals do a big production number of a parody of the Gilligan’s Island theme song. Ep #120 sea. 1 “Moby or Not Moby” parody on Moby Dick any Quequei?  Ep #226 sea. 1 “Wheel of Morality #13” Animals win a trip to Tahiti.
ANIMATION DOMINATION (??) FOX TV  One episode Titled: “Axe Cop”, Aired 07-05-2014, has super Super Axe honeymooning in Hawaii with the love of his life but Axe Cop sends him back in time to kill a red head lady that will ruin life on earth.  Problem is after he does his hero thing he can’t go back to his love at a luau in Hawaii, so Axe Cop sends her to him to start humanity all over.
ARCHER (2010-current) FX   Sea.3, Eps.1,2,3 Titled: “Heart of Archness pts. 1,2,3.  Acher distraught after his Russian fiancée is killed at their wedding (Sea.2 closer) is missing.  After three months Archer’s boss and mother hires a former agent (Patrick Warburton) who finds him right away.  Warburton goes to retrieve Archer in a Freach Polynesian resort where Archer sports an Aloha shirt as a bardender.  Problem is Archer doesn’t want to go home, wrecks Warburton’s plane and Pacific pirates capture them for ransome.  The pirates are a mix of southeast Asian men and beautiful Asian/Polynesian women.  Archer kills leader and he’s the new pirate king and he is surely not going home now surrounded by beautiful two-piece sarong clad, flower in hair wahines.  (2016) Funny promo ad for Sea.7 which copies the MAGNUM P.I. intro frame by frame.
AROUND THE WORLD WITH WILLY FOG (1963) BRB INTL. (Spain)  With Englishman Willy Fogg set in 1872.  Episode entitled “Hawaiian Party”.  Need more information?

BAILEY’S COMETS (1973-74) CBS/DePATIE-FRELENG ENT.  One episode “Hawaii Five-Oh Oh”, six teen skaters go around the world.  One stop in Hawaii.  Aired Feb. 9, 1974.
BANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR, THE (1968-69) NBC Within this children's show with lots of cartoons there is this regular live action serial “Danger Island” with a South Pacific setting.  Co-starred Hawaiian Kim Kahana (stunt trainer extra ordinare) Lee Meriweater, Jan Michael Vincent and directed by Richard Donner.
BAILEY’S COMETS (1973-74) CBS/DePATIE FRELENG  16 teenage roller derby team battling for One million dollars. “Hawaii Five Uh Oh”, aired 9/8/73 where the kids race in Hawaii.
BEATLES, THE (1965-69) ABC 2 back to back episodes set in Hawaii in Sea.1, Ep.18, Titled: “Matchbox/Thank You Girl”, Aired: 01-22-66 here John buys a trailer instead of staying at a hotel which they are sick of doing. While on the road they help villagers fleeing an erupting volcano.  In Sea. 1, Ep.19, Titled: “From Me To You/Boys, Aired: 01-29-66 where George is challenged to a surf contest.  Note: the real George ends up retiring in Hawaii on the island of Maui.
BETTY BOOP ON BAMBOO ISLE (1932) PARAMOUNT/UM&M-TV (animated)  beginning of this cartoon has real shots of the Royal Samoans, a band that is used throughout the short as the score.  A Samoan beauty dances with the band in a hula grass skirt in a modern Samoan dance that combines the hula and the tambore.  Betty has a darker skin as she play a native beauty on this Pacific Bamboo Isle and she dances the very same Samoan dance in a scene that was famous for her.  A western dog character falls in love with her and they escape to his home at the end.  The male natives are drawn to look African with bones in their hair and big lips.  Also a good Samoan slap dance was drawn.  Also: "Zula Hula" Where Betty and Grampy crash on a South Seas island. Looks like when natives arrive they want to cook the newcomers. Grampy plays music to make a getaway. Released in 1937.

BLAKE ET MORTIMER (??) ELLIPSE ANIMATION (Fre) “Le Secret de I’île de Pâgues”  Popular French language toon series with two detectives.  On this episode they solve a case in Rapa Nui.
BRADY KIDS, THE (1972-73) ABC   Premier episodes Sea.1, Eps.1 & 2, Titled: “The Brady Kids on Mysterious Island” Pilot Aired 09-09 & 16-72  Take on MYTERIOUS ISLAND movie complete with out of control hot air balloon and giant crabs on faraway island.  Aka: “Jungle Bungle”
bro’TOWN (2004-present) FIREHORSE FILMS
(NZ) First truly all Polynesian character base cartoon series ever.  Set in the largest Polynesian city in the world Auckland, NZ basically four boys (three Samoan and one Maori) and their Polynesian boyish antics.
BUGS BUNNY SHOW, THE (1960-68) WARNER BROS.  Three South Seas shows of this popular cartoon where produced; MUTINY ON THE BUNNY, WACKIKI WABBIT where Bugs speaks and dances Tahitian, and RABBITSON CRUSOE. Also FROM HARE TO ETERNITY (1998). Also WWII propaganda BUGS NIPS THE NIPS: (1944) MERRIE MELODIES  Bugs repels a Japanese invasion by himself, on a “lustrous Pearl of the Pacific: isle.  At the end he sees a sexy sarong clad islander bunny, Bugs turns wolf and chases her.
BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KIDS (1973) NBC/HANNA BARBERA (animation) Not the western outlaws but a 70s rock band who’s actually CIA agents who travel the world to entertain and solve cases.  In Sea.#1, Ep.#5, Titled: “The Pearl Caper”, Aired: 10-06-73, the agents…I mean the band find themselves in Hawaii.  One scene Mickey Dolenz (a former Monkey) feeds their pet monkey poi.  Need more info.?

CARGO CULT (2013) SACREBLEU PRODS. (Fre) Academy Award nominee director Bastien Dubois’ short on the WWII Melenesian religious phenomena of Cargo Cults.
CAPTAIN N & THE ADVENTURES OF SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 (1990) DIC (animated)   The princess of the mushroom people takes a long needed vacation to Hawaii.  There she learns to surf by a haole surf rat while her kingdom is being taken over by the bad guys and her robot look-alike. Episode was titled: "Reign Storm" from season 1, episode 7, aired 9/29/90.
  Mickey is shipwrecked on a deserted isle with bananas, a piano and waves.
CATTANOOGA CATS (1969) ABC  6 min. short from the series called  “Around the World in 79 Days”and the title “Hawaiian Hangout”.  Aired Dec. 27th 1969. with teenage Phileas Fogg Jr.
CHIP'N DALE RESCUE RANGERS (1989-92) DISNEY (Animated)  Chip & Dale with female counter part Gadget goes on vacation to Hawaii where Gadget has a evil look-a-like who controls an artificial volcano and with it controls the mouse villagers.  Surf, shark and volcano scenes.  The Hawaiian mice are portrayed as behind the times and foolish. Episode Titled: "Gadget Goes Hawaiian", Ep.33, Sea.2, Aired 12/21/89.
CLUTCH CARGO (1959) HAAS  Episode 4 of first season entitled “The Pearl Pirates” On vacation on a South Seas beach his pal Mayor Molokai from another island of giant black pearls in peril by the local trader who uses a sub as a giant puepue fish.  Live volcano, giant clam and a saronged daughter named Leilani who greets them with the word “Aloha”  Native males have leis, females hibiscus over ear.
COURAGEOUS CAT AND MINUTE MOUSE (1959-62) SYN  Animated Sea.2, Ep.?, Titled: “Case of the Hawaiian Holiday”  Need more info?
CRITIC, THE (1994-95) GRACIE FILMS/COMEDY CHANNEL (cable)  1995 episode where star Jay Sherman’s super rich parents cash land on a deserted island 200 miles east of Fiji in the South Pacific.  While everyone thinks they died, they turn the island into a Gillian-Howell like tropical estate complete with the Gilligan's Island theme song at end.  No natives just talking apes. Go figure.

DENNIS THE MENACE (1986) DIC/CBS In an episode entitled: “Black & Blue Hawaii”  which aired 11-16-86.Need more information?
DICK TRACY (1960-61) UPA/COLUMBIA  Sea.1, Ep.21, Titled: ”The Hawaiian Guy” with a Moai and a big Diamond on its head thus it’s called Diamond Head featuring Jo Jitsu who fly's to Hawaii to catch a couple of jewel thieves.
DROOPY (199?-??) HANNA BARBERA/MGM  One episode of Droopy and his son actually helping the bad wolf go after this gorgeous girl who lives in Hawaii. The Wolf is afraid of flying so our heroes teach him not to be but the wolf keeps getting hurt every time we see her she dancing the hula.  At the end Droopy and son is on the plane with her while the Wolf is flying outside with the birds, all heading to Hawaii.  Lots of steel guitar b.g..  Need more information? From TOM & JERRY KIDS series Ep #29. “Gas Blaster Puss/Fear of Flying/Mess Hall Mouser”?
DUCKTALES (1987-90) DISNEY  Sea.1, Ep.21, Titled: “The Pearl of Wisdom”, Aired 10-16-87.  Thieves steal pearl from tiki idol on Banana Island.  Uncle Scrooge ends up with the pearl which has the power of wisdom.  This wisdom tells Uncle Scrooge and the thieves to return the pearl to the natives.  Same season in another episode entitled: “Allowance Day Huey” Uncle Scrooge has a business deal with the Banana Islanders
EAGLE RIDERS (1996) SABAN ENT./TATSUNOKO PRODS. English version of Japanese anime entitled GATCHAMAN II & F. The episode "Deep Freeze in the South Seas" aired in U.S. in 11/11/96, episode 10 of season 1. Compare Superman and Bullwinkle cartoons with freezing the tropics
EEK! THE CAT (1992-97) FOX  Sea.1, Ep.8, Titled::“Hawaii Eek 5-0”, Aired 11-21-92. Eek has to save Annabelle in her dirty pool but her sharkdog protects her.  They all get sucked down the drain to Shangrala, a tropical island where Annabelle is the new Queen (with a pineapple as a crown) of the natives who wear lava lavas.. She the Queen because she looks like an ancient wall carving. Small surfing, Tikis, volcano ending.  Only tyhing Hawaii is the title.
FAIRLY ODD PARENTS (2001-present) NICKELODEON  Sea.6, Eps. 21,22,23,Special  3- partner Titled: “Wishology”, Aired: 05-01,02,02-09  where Timmy Turner has to save the world from outer darkness (4-robots).   When the bad robots get to earth they spit up.  Two end up in Hawaii drinking mai tais from a hula maiden and playing a ukulele (last thing on their mind is concurring the earth).  Also Sea.7, Ep.26, Titled: “Beach Blanket Bozos”, Aired 08-15-11.  Timmy wishes that his parents are best surfers ever to get in luau.  There he see the crush of his life the wahine who greeted them with leis earlier.  Surf, volcano, luau (with pig), lei greeting, hula & fire dancer scenes.
FELIX THE CAT (1919-53) ?? This Animation short Titled: ‘Baffled by Banjos” was released 06-15-24.  A banjo player in his apartment drives Felix nuts so he takes a vacation to a South Seas island where the favorite instrument there is the banjo.
FLINT THE TIME DETECTIVE (1998) JIKU TANTEI GENSHI-KUN (Japan) One episode of this Japanese cartoon series has the main characters going to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) where the moai (big tikis) has disappeared.  They interact with native children and a moai like time shifter (like pokemon) named Moa.  Moa figures out the case and with his might he stomps on the ground as the missing moai raise from under the sand where it looked like they were hidden naturally.
FLINTSTONES (1960-66) ABC  One episode where Wilma and Betty are watching their favorite TV show which is a MAGNUM PI rip off.  They enter a contest (as Fred) to be on the show and win a trip to Hawaii.  This episode is  called: “Hawaiian Escapade” Season 3 Ep# 70, surfing by Fred & hula by Wilma & Betty.
FREAKAZOID (1995-97) WB  “Freakazoid is History” Ep#7 Season 1 Steven Spielberg produced nerd, teen, super hero who goes back in a time warp to find a couple of cute hula girls and lovely tropics.  He finds he’s in pre Pearl Harbor attack in Hawaii.  He weighs how history could change and he elects to turn back the Japanese planes.
FRESH FISH (1939) WARNER BROS.  Story of fish around a South Seas island.

GARFIELD & FRIENDS (1988-95) FLIM ROMAN/CBS TV First show in series has one episode called "Garfield Goes Hawaiian"it aired 9/17/88, season 1, episode 1. Later in season 1 an episode 10 which aired on 11/19/88 which the lazy cat shipped himself to Samoa. This episode was called "Monday Misery". There we see grass huts a Samoan cat in lava lava and other natives.  A framed quote hang inside reading, “Hut Sweet Hut”.  Also (1993) in a 15 minute short Garfield and his master Jon are on a cruise.  They get kicked off the boat on an island where Polynesian babes serve the fat cat drinks and fan him on a hammock. This episode is probably "Ship Shape" aired 9/22/1990 in season 3, episode 3. In "Castaway Cat" which aired 10/5/91 of season 4, episode 8. Garfield imagines he's Robinson Crusoe while reading his book.
GARFIELD IN PARADISE (1992) FILM ROMAN PROD. (Animated)   First the famous cat dreams about Hawaii as singer Garfield Ho complete with white suit, lei and hula cat girls.  Lou Rawls is the singing voice of his catchy tune; Hello Hawaii.  The feline wakes up to find that Jon takes them to an economy island with the natives a racial mix of fifties surfing throwbacks including a Wolf man Jack chief and a pretty hapa haole like princess daughter who Jon falls in love.   She later has to sacrifice herself to an erupting volcano.
GOOD VIBES (2011) MTV  Animation about sexy Jersey single Mom moves to SoCal with her cubby teen son both trying to adjust to the beach culture.  Mom get a job at a good looking Tiki Bar on the beach.
GOOF TROOP (1992-93) DISNEY TV  Serial cartoon featuring Goofy and his teen son Max.  In .  In Sea.1, Ep.15, Titled:“Wrecks Lies and Videotape”, Aired: 09-25-92.  Goof gets ripped off by neighbor who steels Max’s home movie to win a trip to Hawaii.  At the end the neighbor make amends by taking both families to Hawaii.  Only Aloha Oe playing in background & neighbor’s aloha shirt for the Hawaiian scene.
 Part of first show of series
Original ABC Aired: 09-06-75, Ep.79-2, Titled: "That Was No Idol, That Was My Ape"  Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle decide to take a vacation in Hawaii.  Once at Hawaii, they encounter a group of natives worshipping a 40-foot purple idol named Mo-Mo; the two decide to get the natives on their side by replacing Mo-Mo with Grape Ape, and are successful. "It is as the prophecy says!" exclaims the native chief. "When Moo-Moo becomes angry, Mo-Mo will appear!" Unbeknownst to Grape and Beegle, the chief is referring to a volcano!  Also Ep.79-31 "Grape Five-O" Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle has to solve the mystery of the world's disappearing islands...which is being perpetrated by the nefarious Mr. Y. Aired: 12-06-75.

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS, THE (1970-1972) CBS/HANNA BARBERA (Animated)  One show Titled: "Bad News Cruise" has the Basketball team in a race with a another ship to Honolulu. On the way they get grounded on a South Seas island where they play surf-basketball with the natives wearing lava lavas. They end up winning the game and the race to Hawaii. At the end they are sunning in Waikiki with a Diamond Head shot.  From Sea.1, Ep.4, Aired: 10-03-70 1st season.
HAWAIIAN BIRDS (1936) FLEISCHER STUDIOS (animation)  Early color story of Hawaiian birds on honey- moon but big east coast orioles and band lure wife away to the big, cold city.  Loyal husband pursues her in time, because the orioles kick her out of the band and into the snow. She is about to commit suicide but husband saves her and they go back to their simple life in Hawaii and live happy ever after.  Good early 3-D layered b.g.s.
HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY (1937) DISNEY (Animated)  Old, classic cartoon of Mickey and friends in Hawaii; where there is surfing and Minnie and Donald Duck each do hulas to On the Beach at Waikiki.
HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE (1930) TERRYTOONS/FOX Theatrical short about a mouse in Hawaii who fly's a plane into a volcano.
HECKLE AND JECKLE (1947) TERRYTOONS/FOX "Hula Hula Land" where our two birds (Magpies) get in trouble on the beach, they get bombed like Hiroshima and they dance the hula hula in the sky. Released 6/22/49.
HELLO ALOHA (1952) DISNEY Goofy escapes to a primitive Hawaii and loves it so much he throws his wallet away and stays.  He later goes to a luau and the natives sacrifice him to a volcano. Narrarator is Harry Owens.
(cable) One episode from Sea.1, Ep.8, Titled: "Kaz Almighty", Aired 01-07-09 has the Japanese teen pop stars vacationing on a South Seas island.  The after some hula dancing the natives think the teen’s manager is their god because he looks like the main tiki.  The islanders later figure he’s a fraud a kick them off the island.   Mistaken tiki identity plot.  Lots of other tikis and coconuts. Compare an episode of Gilligan's Island with his mistaken tiki god identity.
HULA HULA CABARET (1919) PATHE/BUD FISHER FILMS A Mutt and Jeff cartoon,  Need more information?

INCREDIBLES, THE (2004) DISNEY/PIXAR  Movie of an incredible family of superheroes go on an adventure on a tropical volcanic island which of course is the HQ of an evil brainiac.  Although not mentioned where in world is the island, it does have a big moai (giant Easter Island tiki) in the HQ.  Evil volcanic lair.

JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES (2000-05) ADELAIDE PRODS./COLUMBIA TRISTAR TV Series is about Jackie and his family finding 12 powerful talismans from around the world before the evil guys get them. One episode brings the good guys to Hawaii in "Monkey a Go-Go" where they chase a monkey all over the island. Episode 57, aired 10/12/02.
JEM (1985-88) HASBRO/MARVEL PRODS. Rock n Roll series where hot lead singer is also a record executive. One show: "Hot Time in Hawaii" with a rock competition. Aired 10/18/86, episode 18 of season 1.
(Animated)   Popular adventure cartoon of Jonny and his scientific/sleuth dad.  One episode: “Fraudulent Volcano” (1964): was set in Bahiti where a internationally known bad Scientist Dr. Zin was creating artificial explosions in a volcano.  Note this episode features the four men standing on two saucers that are also used in the title shots also Jonny’s voice is a young Tim Matheson. Evil volcanic lair.
JONNY QUEST, THE REAL ADVENTURES OF (1996-99) HANNA-BARBERA  In the new series, the older Jonny and his gang travel to Easter Islands (Rapa Nui) to solve the mysteries of the giant moai statues. Titled: “Secret of the MOAI” Ep# 21 season 1 (Titled Episode 46) 10/22/1996 Another first year episode of this new Jonny has them at a South Seas island where its the training base for US spies.  Race Bannon’s old stomping grounds but no natives only coconut trees.
JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS (1970-76) HANNA-BARBERA (Animated)  One episode set in Hawaii Sea.1, Ep.12, Titled: “The Melody Memory Mix-up”, Aired: 11-28-70.  Madman the Hawk captures the Pussycat gang because Melody has a secret formula in her head.  The Hawk tries to drop them in a live volcano. Later another girl in the gang tries to dance the Hula.  Lots of leis and a ukulele. Also "The Nemo's a No No Affair" Ep#1,yes series opener, aired 9/12/70. on the way to Pago Pago gang's ship is attacked by Captain Nemo and his sub. Evil Volcanic Lair.
JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED (2001-06) CARTOON NETWORK  Sea.2, Ep.15&16, Titled “The Terror Beyond” Two-parter where Aquaman battles Wonderwomen on Ester Island among the Moai  

LEGEND OF THE HAWAIIAN SLAMMERS, THE (1994) DIC PRODUCTIONS (animated)  Probably a pilot that didn’t take off.  This straight to video feature length movie has a local kid who finds an ancient slammer in cane field which is actually a container that holds a super-natural hero.  An evil scientist discovers another which contains an super-natural bad guy.  The person who releases them from the slammer by spinning them can master them like genies.  There are five good ones and five bad ones and they all reside in an ancient chamber in a Hawaiian volcano.  The schools and homes in Hawaii are still grass shacks in this story.
LIFE WITH LOUIE (1994-98) FOX Cartoon version of heavy weight comedian Louie Anderson’s childhood.  One episode has dad bragging about his WWII heroic actions until reunion confirms it with a flashback at Pearl Harbor “No the Solomon’s.  Whatever, all the islands are alike.”  No natives. Episode is called: "Military Reunion" episode 27, aired 9/20/97, season 3.
Popular movie about what looks like a small but fierce dog is actually a super strong and super smart alien (Stitch) who lands in Hawaii escaping from his society who thinks he’s dangerous and should be locked up.   Stitch is injured by a giant cane truck and ends up in the pound.  A young Hawaiian girl (Lilo-not a real Hawaiian name but it means “lost” in Hawaiian) adopts him and Stitch eventually learns the meaning of “Ohana” family, belonging, wanted and loved.  Voices by a Hawaiians Jason Scott Lee and a Kumu hula in California who consulted on the film as well as super surfer and super model Malia Jones who consulted on the surfing scenes. This movie spawned a couple of sequels and a TV series as well as computer and console games.
LITTLE DRACULA (1991) FOX TV  The little vampire goes Hawaiian in an episode titled: “Little D Goes Hawaiian” Aired Sept.07, 1991, season #1, episode #5.
LOONEY TUNES (19??) WARNER BROS.  Dumb, hick, black bird is in Hawaii and at the end has lots of chicks with a local bird.  Need more information?  A DAFFY DUCK episode which the duck has stowed away on a sailing ship with a character of Charles Laughton as the Admiral and a parrot as the first mate named Mr. Christian. Connection: MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY.  At one point Daffy is locked up for days in a chest and to show time passes the ship stops quickly at a Polynesian port with a male Polynesian clad with a lei and lava lava greets the Admiral with another lei and that “A’puaaaaa” word.  Need more episode information?
LUPIN THE THIRD (1977-80) TOKYO MOVIE SHINSHA/CARTOON NETWORK (Japan)  One episode has Lupin starting in Hawaii than going on an ocean cruise where most of the story takes place.  Apparently Lupin has adventures all over the world because the end credit montage has him all over the globe including a shot of him surfing. Need more episode information?

MARIO BROTHERS (1990) DIC (animated)   The princess of the mushroom people takes a long needed vacation to Hawaii.  There she learns to surf by a haole surf rat while her kingdom is being taken over by the bad guys and her robot look-alike
MERBABIES (1938) HARMAN-ISING/DISNEY  Baby Mermaids frolicking underwater and creating a circus parade with ocean creatures.  One parade float has a Hula dancer (with a pearl lei) and an ukulele player.
MERRIE MELODIES (1931-42) WARNER BROS.  “Aloha Hooey” produced by Leon Schlesinger.  This old cartoon features two traveling birds going to the South Seas to find a girl bird.  Boy do they find one, Leilani who’s a native with a sarong and a flower in her hair, she’s also dancing the hula on a tropical island beach.  There is a pearl, shark, turtle and a funny starfish scene. Need more information?  There are a lot of other South Seas titles with no descriptions to confirm? PAGAN MOON, released 1/23/32 by HARMAN-ISING PROD/VITAPHONE about hula boy with ukulele and girl dancing on their South Seas beach complete with giant octopus.
MICE ISLAND (1951) PARAMOUNT  Animation Hero mouse takes his cousin to a tropical island supposing in the South Seas. 
MIGHTY KONG, THE (1998) WARNER BROS.  Straight to video full-length animation feature of the classic King Kong with lots of references to the South Seas and some Tikis.  Early filming on ship where Miss Darrow as a Polynesian Princess sings “Pa Pali Ali” as she dances the Hula.
MOANA (2018) DISNEY Big animation production with a Polynesian story of a teen Polynesian girl and tiki idols. Also Maui the deni-god voiced by Polynesian Dwayne Johnson. Announced to be released March 09, 2018.  Produced by the Disney team of classics, John Musker and Ron Clements (Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog) "mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the South Pacific." The main character will be Moana Waialiki, a sea voyaging enthusiast, and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her family needs her help, she sets off on an epic journey. The film will also include demi-gods and spirits taken from real mythology”
MIKE, LU & OG (1999-2001) CARTOON NETWORK (cable)  Apparently set on a South Seas island "where no one goes" Natives are actual white because their ancestors shipwrecked there many years before. There is a volcano, coconuts and other cliques on the island. Quite silly.
MONSTERS INC. (2001) PIXAR/DISNEY (animation)  One quick scene where the two heroes come through a door and end up in a Polynesian paradise.  No natives but the mandatory blue ocean, sand, coconut trees and grass huts are there as well as the clincher Hawaiian music in b.g.. 
MR. MAGOO (1964-65) NBC, (1977-79) UPA PRODS./CBS  One episode must of took Mr. Magoo blindly to Hawaii. Called: "Hula Magoo", Magoo also rides the big surf. Fron Sea.1, Ep.115, Aired: 07-24-61. This episode has Tiki, luau, lei greeting & hula.  Also “Robinson Crusoe Magoo” on an Island with unfriendly natives from Sea.1,  Ep.12, Aired: 11/28/60
MR. T (1983-86) NBC  In  Sea.2, Ep.1, Titled: “Mystery in Paradise”, Aired 09-08-84 while in Hawaii trying to enjoy themselves modern pirate try to steal jewelry.  Mr. Tee wraps them up so he can continue on his vacation.  Cast wearing hula skirts.
  “The Hula Hula Cabaret” (1919); Hula Hula Town (1920); Aroma of the South Sea” (1926)  Need more information?

NEW ADVENTURE’S OF GILLIGAN, THE (1974-75) ABC (Animated)  Saturday morning cartoon series for children.  In 1982 the producers developed GILLIGAN’S PLANET, where the cartoon castaways start on the Island and try to use a rogue NASA ship to call for help but I instead are cast off to an uncharted planet.  Original cast provides voices of their respective characters
NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, THE (1966) FILMATION Ep #21 “The Abominable Ice-Man” Lois surfs at Waikiki when the ocean freezes over.  Superman comes to Hawaii for the rescue.  He finds an innocent snow creature who lives in a now frozen volcano. Superman then and banishes the snow creature to a frozen asteroid.
NEW THREE STOOGES, THE: Aloha Ha Ha (1965-66) CAMBRIA STUDIOS Short cartoon on our three landing on a Polynesian island (from title) where the native chief wants to cook them for dinner and the volcano/tiki god approved it. The Stooges escape but it was all a hidden camera joke.
FOX KIDS In Sea. 1, Ep. 4, Titled: "Fake Vacation", Aired: 01-10-06 fun show where the Buzzard trys to sell Woody on a bogus trip to German Polynesia where one can play with the Hula frounds.

ORU Y MAMPATO: EN RAPANUI (??) CINEANIMADORES (Chile) Young inquisitive boy and his strong magical caveman like partner go off on a series of animated moves, this one is set in Rapa Nui with good research and realistic Rapa Nui characters of all status of society from leaders to bad guys to a little girl as leads NOT background.  Even the animation of the natives of Rapa Nui would make them proud.  But it would make the people of Chile form a closer connection to the islanders and that might not be a good thing since, after all, Chile is the island’s colonizer.
ORANGE ROAD (1987) TOHO/STUDIO PIERROT (Japan, Animated)  Episode entitled: "Hawaiian Suspense" which shows a dark, criminal side of Waikiki as a bad guy kidnaps Japanese teen for ransom. 

PEEBLE AND THE PELICAN, THE (1995) MGM/DON BLUTH Straight to video full-length animation feature of a Pelican romance from the south pole.  Two of the Pelicans end up in Tahiti for a short scene.
POLICE ACADEMY (1988-89) RUBY-SPEARS PRODS. Short-lived cartoon from movies series. One episode "Hawaii Nine-0" has the academy gang going to Hawaii. Episode 63, season 2, aired 3/11/89.
POPEYE (1942) PARAMOUNT Sea.3, Ep. 10, Titled: “Alona of the Sarong Seas”, Aired: 12-25-42, from Fleischer Studios.  Connection: plot is a spoof of ALOMA OF THE SOUTH SEAS.  Olive is a taboo South Seas Princess named Alona that is protected by local volcano.  Also “The Island Fling” (1946) where the love triangle continues on a South Seas island, Bluto plays Robinson Crusoe and Popeye and Olive are shipwrecked. Another Ep. Titled: “Pop-Pie A La Mode” our hero shipwrecks on an island of cannibals, need more info.? THE ALL NEW POPEYE HOUR (1978) CBS where "Boola Boola Hula" aired on 11/16/78.

Q*BERT (1983-84) CBS  Animation based on video game, one episode in Sea.1, Ep.15, Titled: “Q*urf’s Up”, Aired: 11-03-84, Q*Bert and friends go to Q-awaii to surf.
QUACK PACK (199?-) DISNEY  “Dewey P.I.”  Donald’s nephews are watching a “Magnum P.I. like show starring Tradewind Troy and Dewey want to be like him with lots of Hawaiian daydreams.
QUICKDRAW McGRAW (19??-??) HANNA-BARBERA PRODS.  Later version which involves an ark with all his cartoon friends are on it like Snagglepuss and Magilla Gorilla.  One episode has the ark land on a South Seas island.  No natives only a surfing scene and a pirate. Need more information?

RATATOUILLE (2007) DISNEY/PIXAR  One clip of Norway Rats in Hawaii from the Documentary within the Blue-ray and DVD discs.
ROBINSON CRUSOE’S BROADCAST (1938) TERRYTOONS (animated?)  Short?  Like alls Crusoe's the question is where set?   
ROCKET POWER: MENEHUNE ISLAND (2004) NICKELODEON  Special TVM and video animation of popular series Cartoon this time they travel to Hawaii with surf, luaus, hurricane winds, volcano and tikis. One boy takes, Tiki from little menehune temple and gets bad luck.  When confessing he yells “I pulled a Bobby Brady!"  Connection to the Hawaii BRADEY BUNCH special episodes & 2nd movie
ROCKY & BULLWINKLE SHOW, THE (1961-64) NBC; (1964-73) ABC  Small series about bad Boris and Natasha tipping the earth so he could make lots of money playing Santa on a South Seas  island called, Ricki Tiki.  The natives come in all colors, speak with gangster accents and are under dressed because of the new snow and freezing temperatures.  Rocky later saves them. Sea.2, Ep.3, Titled: “Topsy Turvy World”, Aired: 09-03-63, 14 segments.
ROKUNGA:EL UTIMO HOMBRE PAJARO (2002) SPONDYLUS PRODS.  (Chile) (Annimation)  Cleverly using the rib showing stick tikis as the village priest and the bird symbol as islanders, this short’s plot is about the Birdman competionion in Rapa Nui.
RUGRATS GO WILD (2003) NICHOLEDON  All the families plan on a luxury cruise to the South China Seas but father Stu has another idea and buy an old boat instead to take them across the Pacific.  They shipwreck in a big storm and land on a beautiful tropical island which is deserted except for the famous Thornberrys shooting a documentary.  No natives or much South Seas references except for the tikis and pop Polynesian music in the opening and older, mean Angelica’s daydream/musical of her being an island princess with leis & hula skirts.

SABRINA (1969-70) CBS FILMATION The "Archie" gang introduced Sabrina the teenage witch for the first time. Season 1 part of (Archie Comedy Hour) need more information?
SANTA’S SURPRISE (1947) PARAMOUNT  After Santa travels the world on Christmas Eve low a behold there are 7 stowaways in his sleigh.  One is a Hawaiian girl so he must of stopped in Hawaii because there is a Hula dance scene.
SCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU? (1969-72) CBS/HANNA-BARBERA PRODS. (animated)  Famous scarredy-cat dog and gang are found in Hawaii enjoying a luau when they get interrupted by a Tiki ghost, thus the title: “A Tiki Scare is no Fair”, Ep.6, Aired: 10-17-70, Scooby does a nice hula and so does Vilma at the end of the episode.  Also at the end Scooby surfs a wave all the way on shore.  The cartoonist proposes that we still live in grass huts and the native guys all were short lava lavas (aloha print simple wrap around).  The good guy turns out to be a native cop. 
SCOOBY-DOO (1976-78) HANNA-BARBERA/ABC “The Creepy Cruise “, Sea.2 Ep.7  The gang wins a trip on a South Seas Cruise.  Runs into trouble with a time machine and a monster  The famous cartoon dog goes on vacation on board the Tahitian Star they never land because of ghosts but they do teach a monster to do a “Polynesian dance”, complete with leis, grass skirt and palm tree backgrounds.
SCOOBY AND SCRAPY-DOO (1979-1982, 2010) HANNA-BARBERA/ABC Season 2 which are divided in three 7 min. segments. Ep# 38 “South Seas Scare”  Has gang in Hawaii Fire-God scaring them.  Aired 12/27/1980.
SCRAT’S CONTINENTAL CRACK-UP (2012) FOX  Short from ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT where Scrat the prehistoric squirrel ends up down a huge crack in the earth which lands him and the ever elusive acorn on the round core of the earth.  While chasing the acorn the core spins causing the continents to drift and to Scrat to occasionally crash the surface making his impression in the rock like an additional Scrat head at mount Rushmore or an additional Scrat Moai at Rapa Nui
SHAOLIN SHOWDOWN (2002-present) WB  One episode, aired 7/10/04 (rerun), had a Chinese relic stuck in a Moai at Rapa Nui.  These relics are spread throughout the world and they need to find them before the evil gang does.  Need more information? This storyline sounds more like JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES, but I need more information there also?
SIMPSONS (1989-present) FOX Sea.4, Ep.9, Titled: “Mr. Plow”, Aired:11-19-92.  Starts with Homer watching TV of a celebrity reality set on the island of Molokai. Rusty the Clown opens one episode with a cheap info commercial shot in where else, Hawaii, actually on Moloka’i.  Another episode called ”Treehouse of Horror III: King Homer” Sea.4, Ep.64 which Homer is King Kong and the South Seas chief yells “Mosi Tatupu, Mosi Tatupu who was actually a Samoan fullback, from Hawaii, who played for the New England Patriots for many years.  In Ep# 194 season 9 “Dumbbell Indemnity”  Moe tricks Homer in breaking the law for money.  Moe weighs a decision to take his girl to Hawaii or bail Homer out.  Cute Hawaii ad in travel office window than Moe and his girl are in leis and aloha attire with Hawaiian music in b.g. but do they go?  Need more information?  In Sea.11, Ep.10, Titled:  “Little Big Mom”, Aired: 1/9/00 Homer & Bart Simpson tricks Lisa into getting out of house cleaning by thinking they have Hansen’s Decease they end up in bed and then surprisingly they end up at a leper colony on Moloka’i where they bask in the sun.  Also same season 11 Homer is a missionary on a South Seas Island Ep.16, Titled: “Missionary Impossible”. Aired: 2/20/00.   Sea. 14, Ep. 1, Titled: “Treehouse ofHorror XIII: The Island of Dr. Hibbert”, Aired 11/3/02 has the Simpson’s going on vacation to the Island ofLost Souls where everyone turns half animal.  Sea.15, Ep.19, Titiled: “Simple Simpson”, Aired: 05-02-04, which starts with Homer watching a reality show on an island with a tiki and tiki torches.  Sea 17, Ep.18, Titled: “The Wettest Stories Ever Told”, Aired  04/23/06 while waiting for food at a local restaurant Lisa, Homer and Bart tell different sea fairing stories. Bart’s story was MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY where they did go to Tahiti but when they went back after the mutiny, with Bart at the wheel, they got lost.  Homer & Marge play Tahitian Chieftains while Bart and Pal play lost on Easter Island. Also Sea. 17, Ep. 9, Titled: “Simpson’s Christmas Stories”, Aired: 12/18/05 Grandpa takes us back to WWII where  he and his Brother were pilot in the Pacific.  His Brother gets lost and Grandpa and his co-pilot, Mr. Burns, crash land on a South Pacific Island where while waiting for rescue during Christmas time Burns accidently shoots down Santa.  They fix Santa’s sleigh and Claus says he will return to rescue them.  Back to present after relating the story to the grandkids Santa finally returns and takes Abe to his missing Brother in Tahiti.   Sea. 20, Title: “Lost Verizons” Bart calls a bar in Hawaii to pull a prank. In Sea.22, Ep.19, Titled: “A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never do Again”, Aired: 04-29-12. On a cruise ship we see the family at a luau with Homer in a Hula outfit and Marge in a sailor outfit.  Men in coconuts. Night before at a dinner Marge & Homer are all Hawaiian tourist out with leis, aloha shirt and flower in Marge’s hair.
SINBAD THE SAILOR (1935) CELEBRITY PRODS.  Animation of a tropical isle, coconuts, pirates and hula
dancing.  Need more information?
SNOOPER AND BLABBER (1960) HANNA-BARBERA/SYN. Cat and Dog private detective team who has a case on a tropical isle in "Hula-Hula Hullabaloo".
SOUTH PARK (199?-present) COMEDY CENTRAL (cable) Funny episode; Sea.16, Ep.11, Titled: “Going Native”, Aired: 10-17-12.  Has uptight blonde, blue-eyed Butters going back to his “native” island of Kauai.  He goes with his only school friend Kenny.  On this Hawaiian island they discover Butter’s haole native roots of “native” condo dwellers who’s ancestral ruins are the Coco Palms Hotel and they really hate tourist.  In this episode the native haoles rebel against America because their local’s only Mahalo card, a discount & points card discontinued.
SPEED RACER (1967-68) TATSUNOKO PRODS. CO. (Japan) “Race the Laser Tank”  Ep #44, aired 2/16/68, in season 1. Going to a race in Hawaii the team gets sidetracked.  Bad guys who steel plan for a laser weapon.  Hula girls dancing and greeting at the airport and volcano scenes. Aka: MAHHA GO GO GO.
SPEEDY GONSALES (1966) WARNER BROS.  “Squeek in the Deep”  Speedy and Daffy Duck are in boat race to Hawaii with lots of Hawaiian songs in this one.  Cartoon ends right before they reach the islands.
SPONGE BOB, SQUARE PANTS (1999-present) NICKELODEON  One of these wired new cartoons on cable with an underwater/Polynesian theme.  Set in Bikini bottom with the top Bikini Island site of Moby Dick and nuclear tests. Tikis, tapa, moai and pineapple homes with Hawaiian steel guitar score makes for a very popular cartoon. Some episodes of note: Sea.7, Ep.41,Titled: “Sponge-Cano”, Aired: 1/28/11. Mt. Bikini Bottom erupts, lava heads towards the Bikini Bottom , suddenly a warrior appears telling the Bikini Bottmers that they have to sacrifice the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom, at least it’s not a petty virgin.  Another interesting episode in Sea.7, Ep.37, Titled: “The Wreck of the Mauna Loa”, Aired 10/9/10. Just a shipwreck that the Sponge tries to keep a secret.  Also Sea.7, Ep.27, Titled: “Enchanted Tiki Dreams”, Aired 6/19/10 Squidward has his dreams come true in Tiki Land. Actually Spoonge Bob & Patrick build it for him complete with Tiki bar and Tiki drinks.
STREET FIGHTERS (1996- ) ??? (Animation) This ep# 9 “Eye of the Beholder” aired in 12/30/95 has Blanka the Beast goes to Hawaii to get a chemical treatment to restore him to normal.  The treatment is invented by Hawaiian Dr. Kapuna, his assistant, beautiful Malei, is a possible love interest to Blanka who brings up the tried dilemma of Blanka be cured and getting Malei as a love interest or staying strong and freakish to save Malei and Kapuna’s lives. 
SURF'S UP (2007) SONY PICT. ANIMATION Lonely surfer penguin from the South Pole finally gets a chance to surf with the big boys of the South Seas on fictional island of Pangu which has a totally Hawaiian culture complete with names and important words. Good computer flick with excellent surf scenes
(Cable)  US President and his plane Air Force One crash lands on a South Seas island near a exploding volcano.  This puppet show had no natives but the brass went to a Luau in Washington D.C. and communicated with his team wearing a lei. This episode was the series opener season 1, episode 1 and aired on7/23/98.
SUPER FRIENDS (1973-77) ABC  DC Superheroes go to Hawaii in one episode.  Another episode has aliens hide in a South Pacific volcanic island called, Malaba, to try to bring the sun closer so they could take over the world. Need more episode information?
SYLVESTER THE CAT (1964) WARNER BROS. “Hawaii Aye Aye”  Tweety and Granny are vacationing in Hawaii when a starving Sylvester comes along but instead of a their pet dog there’s a pet shark to protect bird.  TWEETY & SYLVESTER MYSTERY SERIES (1998) “Hawaii 33&1/3” Granny needs to find tiki god, goes to Hawaii to find him and fun.  Need more information?

TAILSPIN (1990-94) DISNEY TV  Animated version of TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY / INDIANA JONES type show, set in the Pacific, with some characters from Disney's THE JUNGLE BOOK and new ones.
TERRYTOON (1930) 20TH CENT. FOX Released May, 04, 1930 short animation about a Mouse in Hawaii flying a plane into a volcano.

TIMON & PUMBAA (1995-98) DISNEY CHANNEL Animation Cable At least two episodes set in the South Seas including the series opener.  Sea.1, Ep.1, Titled: “Boara Boara”, Aired 09-08-95 where on a South Seas island natives make Pumbaa their god-king.  Also Sea.4, Ep.6, Titled: “Oahu Wahoo!”, Aired: 10-19-96, here Timon has to worship a stone idol because thinks the idol is giving him orders.  Also Titles “South Sea Sick” & “New Guinea Pig”, Sea.2 and “Kahuna Potato” Sea.6 but need more information on these episodes?
TINY TOON ADVENTURES (1990-93) WARNER BROS./AMBLIN ENTR.  Sea.1, Ep.63, Titled: “No Toon Is An Island”, Aired: 2/25/91 where the little toons go treasure hunting in an island south of Sandwich Islands and other snack food islands.  When they land Babs puts on her hula outfit and sings and dances.  Volcano ending scene.  In Sea.2, Ep.8, Titled: “Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian”, Aired 11/18/91 It’s a much different image, modern, skyscraper, need lots of money Waikiki.  Buster surfs, plays ukulele and sings same song as other episode.  Lei greeting, luau, hula, Hawaiian band & volcano ending scenes.  Steven Spielberg, the show’s creator, plays his cartoon self. In Sea.2, Ep. 11, Titled: “Kon Ducky” has Plucky Duck playing Pluck Hyerdal who sets to prove his ancestors sailed from Yap Island to Salinas, CA.  There are a Gilligan’s Island, Bounty (35), 2000 Leagues parodies as he sails across the Pacific and Piggui or Cumbya pal. Sea.2, Ep.11, Aired 2/10/92.
TOM AND JERRY (1965-72, 75-78) CBS  One episode “Cruise Cat”  in 1951 where Jerry sneaks aboard the S.S. Aloha bound for Hawaii.   Tom is in charge of keeping the ship free of mice.  Jerry plays Hawaiian tunes throughout the episode with his tiny ukulele.  At the end they make it to Honolulu, where Jerry is surfing in front of great images of Diamond Head and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Possible South Sea island on the end of "A-Tom-Inable Snowman" Episode #150 aired 1/1/1966. Also "His Mouse Friday: a play on Robinson Crusoe. Episode 59, aired 7/7/1951.
TOM AND JERRY TALES (2006-08) CW In this new version of Tom & Jerry Sea.1, Ep.5, Titled: "Freaky Tiki", Aired: 11/4/06 as one short (2 of 3 per episode) where on a tropical island full of tikis. Our two heros find a tiki that triggers a volcano to erupt, they are also lead to a cave and cursed by a fire goddess.
TOONSYLVANNA (1998-200) FOX/DREAMWORKS  Smiley, weird, aloha print clad family who goes on a South Seas vacation, gets lost, thinks local cannibals are host of local resort, they get thrown in a boiling cauldron (where do these pots come from?) in front of a tiki God that, guess what, looks like them.  Now they are treated royally which they think its part of the hotel service, the mother gets bored and she really wants to tour the poi factory. Compare: Gilligan episode of look-a-like identity of a tiki god.  Need episode information?
TOP CAT (1961-62) HANNA-BARBERA One Episode Ep# 1 (series opener) “Hawaii Here We Come”  They do get there by cruise ship.  All the cats surf on one board and one cat does the hula. Aired 9/27/61.
TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND (2007-present) CARTOON NETWORK  Tikis can be found on this kids friendly version of the Survivor. Like real reality shows they like to go to Hawaii and the last 3 episodes of Sea.3, Titles: “Hawaiian Style”, "Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles”, and “Hawaiian Punish”they do just that.
TOTALLY SPIES (ca 2001) WB or FOX  Anyway four young pretty ladies are spies.  One episode they are on a Hawaiian island where an evil man has his headquarters in a volcanic mountain. He plans to wipe out the whole world with molten lava.  It turns out to be a hoax/test for the young female adults.  Meanwhile the real volcano erupts the girls save the day for real.  At the end a luau with people dancing the hula like King Tut style. Evil volcanic lair.
TWISTED TALES OF FELIX THE CAT (1995-97) FILM FORMAN PRODS. (sound)  Felix in Hawaii.  Need more information?

WHAT’S NEW SCOOBY-DOO (2002-2006) The WB Sea.1,Ep.9, Titled: "She Sees Sea Monster at the Sea Shore", Aired 11-30-02. Hawaii has a more current look with a surf contest plot. This time the native is the bad guy named Tiki Tonga, who poses as a sea monster to chase other surfers away because of treasure below the waves.
WHEELIE AND THE CHOPPER BUNCH (1974-75) NBC HANNA-BARBERA  Episode that aired Dec. 14, 1974 called “Wheelie Goes Hawaiian” Probably a race in Hawaii with other animated vehicles. 
WICKY, WACKY ROMANCE, A (1939) TERRYTOONS/FOX 8 min short  Pirates on a South Seas Island capture a hula dancer who is later rescued.
WILD THORNBERRY’S, THE (1998-02) KLASKY-CSUPO/NICK (cable)  Adventure cartoon about traveling family who’s dad is a scientist a mom is a documentary maker.  One adventure while looking for the Cook Islands they get stranded on a deserted, uncharted island (what other kind is there?)  A beautiful lagoon scene and the castaway kids go LORD OF THE FLIES.  A giant hurricane wipes out the island but the family is safe. Could be "Thornberry Island" where they are trying to survive on a beautiful island. Episode 37, season 3, aired 9/15/99) Need confirmation?
WILLIE WHOOPER (1930s) CELEBRITY PRODS./MGM Theatrical cartoon short from Willie Whopper series, one released 67/24/34 was titled "Jungle Jitters" which featured a hula dancer and cannibals.
WOODY WOODPECKER SHOW, THE (1957) UNIVERSAL/ABC (animated) One segment has the woodpecker going after Dopey Dick south of Bikini in Sea.2, Ep.8, Titled: "Doby Dick the Pink Whale", Aired: ? Also episode 22, aired 2/25/58, entitled "Jungle Jive" (1944) where native of the Sandwich island receive musical instruments and suddenly play jazz.

YOGI’S GANG (1973-75) HANNA-BARBERA  Later HB combined lots of their toon characters in a flying ark which traveled everywhere for adventure.  One episode the gang was on their way to a South Seas vacation but they had ark trouble and they landed on the “Isle of Plenty” where a mad man uses a machine to create anything anyone would want but it strips the islands of all its resources.  No natives but an “Aloha” greeting and a luau with a conveyor belt full of food from the machine. Evil island ruler.
YOGI BEAR & THE MAGICAL FLIGHT OF THE SPRUCE GOOSE (1987) ABC TV special  Yogi and Bo Bo accidently fly the giant Spruce Goose with animals aboard.  The get shot down on an island by the Baron Dread who has a lot of gold.  They take off with the riches but they are too heavy so they unload the gold but the Barron jumps with the loot.  On this new island the native worship the Barron as a god.  Need more info.?


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