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American Pie Book of LoveABOUT SCHMIDT (2002) NEW LINE CINEMA  A bored Jack Nicholson watches Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller on TV acting in PRIVATE NAVY OF SERGEANT O'FARRELL, THE (1968) COLUMBIA.
ACCEPTED (2006) UNIVERSAL  With Jonah Hill & Justin Long who form this fake college to finally get accepted in a school and please their parents.  Besides a large skate board ramp the school also has a Tiki bar.
ADDAMS FAMILY (1991) ORION/PARAMOUNT  After the family gets kicked out of the mansion, a distraught and silent Gomez yells out that he’ll miss GILLIGAN if they leave.
ADVISE AND CONSENT (1962) COLUMBIA Tiki Santos plays a Hawaiian Senator in a Otto Preminger court drama involving a Sentar receiving a blackmail note while in Hawai’i. 
AIR UP THERE, THE (1994) BUENA VISTA  When Kevin Beacon recruits a talented native African he encounters another African who is a greedy landowner, who wears an Aloha shirt. 
AIRPLANE (1980) PARAMOUNT FROM HERE TO ETERNITY famous kissing on beach scene is spoofed in this comedy. This scene ls also spoofed on: YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS (1950-54) NBC TV and PRIVATE NAVY OF SERGEANT O'FARRELL, THE (1968) COLUMBIA 
ALPA DOG (2006) UNIVERSAL  True story set in Santa Barbara but shot in Palm Springs with a pool scene lensed at the Tropics Hotel in Palm Springs with tons of Tikis around the pool.
ALVIN & THE CHIMPMUNKS (2008) FOX  Modern movie version where toward the beginning, Alvin, fooling around sings Aloha Oe and dances the hula with a napkin ring as a hula hoop. This little scene influences Dave to write the Chipmunks famous theme song Chipmunk Christmas with the famous “hula hoop” line.  The Munks dance the hula with that line of the song.  The Chipmunks also love to watch SPONGE BO SQUARE PANTS.
AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS THE BOOK OF LOVE (2009) UNIVERSAL  Big luau frat party scene complete with a tiki, surfboard and a big Samoan D.J.
AMERICAN ULTRA (2015) LIONSGATE  Stars Jessie Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Topher Grace.  Original concept of a stoner who barely survives with his very forgiving stoner girlfriend but unbenouced to him he is a very deadly sleeper agent for the CIA.  The two personalities make for an exciting, action packed and at times comical story.  The story is also framed around Jessie’s love of and desire to go to Hawai‘i.  Much like StephenBaldwin's Under the Hula Moon (1995), along with this desire Jessie plays Hawaiian music and wears Aloha shirts.  But unlike Baldwin and like Al Pacino in SCARFACE (1983), Jessie’s red Aloha shirt is covered in blood.
AMERICAN VAMPIRE (1997) COLUMBIA/TRISTAR  With Carmen Electra.  Vampires meet the So Cal beach culture w a Big Kahuna, Adam West (who has a part Tahitian son, in real life). Adam also wears an aloha shirt & shakas.
AMERICAN WEDDING (2003) UNIVERSAL  Third in the American Pie series has one scene where Jim and his bride to be are talking and in the b.g. there is a hula bobber and surfer.
ANCHORMAN (2004) DREAMWORKS  Stars Will Ferrell with small pool party with a simple luau theme that includes plastic tiki lamps. There is also a hulu cat.  Don’t ask me why?
ANCHORMAN 2 (2013) PARAMOUNT  Same gang is back Farrell, Rudd, Carell, Koechner, and add Harrison Ford in a rare co-staring role.  Two other co-stars Willard and Parnell are in a tiki bar, while the gang sits under a Witco Viking Ship in the office.
ANIMAL, THE (2001) SONY PICTS  Rob Schneider’s comedy has him hanging with his buddies at a Tikibar complete with hula dancers. 
ANNA LUCASTA (1959) UA  With Sammy Davis Jr. & Eartha Kitt set in San Diego one scene as a cool cab with a Hawaiian Ku Tiki as its hood ornament. There is also a tiki club scene.
(British)Young man has a lifelong dream to go to Tahiti.  Tries patiently to rescue a millionaire from a traffic accident.  Finally meets his tycoon who wants to take the young man to the South Seas but on the way they both get in a traffic accident and the young man is forced to stay home.
TNE APARTMENTAPARTMENT, THE (1960) UA  Billy Wilder directed Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray in this classic 60s period piece.  The latter two Macs are seen twice in the same tiki bar even though it’s refered to as a Chinese restaurant.
ARE YOU WITH IT? (1948) UNIVERSAL  Like most carnivals at this time period there is a Hula dancer.  Stars Donald O’Connor.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE (1961) MGM  Bob Hope with Lana Turner, who does a sensual hula in a tiki restaurant.
BACK TO THE BEACH (1987) PARAMOUNT  This Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello movie has tiki all over (like most So Cal Beach movies) including a few tiki mugs in Connie Stevens night club.
BARKER, THE (1928) 1ST NAT. PICT./WARNER as VITAPHONE  Carnival silent (with sound added later). Silent biggies Milton Stills, Dorothy Mackaill, Betty Compson & Douglas Fairbanks Jr.  Posibly Betty plays a hula dancer on the midway. Need more information?
BARRY MUNDAY (2010) MAGNOLIA PICTS.  Man loses his balls in an attach.  Has a scene with girl at a tiki bar.  In reality Bahooka
BEACH BALL (1966) PARAMOUNT  Fundraising for a beach band.  There is a Beachcombers shack with tikis inside as the band’s pad and a good tiki lounge with a giant tiki on the outside.  Beach music with standard Hawaiian words like “Kahuna” & “Wahine”.
BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (1996) MIRAMAX  Jim Hutton, Matt Dillon and many others of his generation stared in this melodrama.  Hutton character was a piano player at a “tiki bar” in New York city but we don’t see it. 
BE COOL (2005) MGM  John Travolta’s GET SHORTY sequel with the Rock Dwayne Johnson playing a gay body guard, who wants to be an actor.  Near the end Travolta gets Johnson a gig with a couple of other Samoans to do the Slap Dance on a big stage event. At the very end you see Johnson’s character on a Hollywood billboard as a co-star with Nicole Kidman in SAMOAN RENDEZVOUS.
BEDTIME STORIES (2008) DISNEY Adam Sandler and Kerri Russell. Adam’s nephew and niece who apparently have special powers because every time they finish a bedtime story the story comes true the next day.  Adam has an important presentation in order to run a fancy Hotel which his father used to own.  The presentation is a competition with current GM and it had a Polynesian theme with the works of hula dancers, fire dancers, tikis and leis.  Most extras looked the part along with better than normal Hollywood costuming.  I think Sandler’s personal time in Hawaii helped with that better look.
BELL BOOK AND CANDLE (1958) COLUMBIA  Novak & Stewart (who teamed up this same year to do the opposite type of movie VERTIGO) made this comedy with Novak as a modern day witch who owns a African/Oceanic Art store.
BIG BLUE, THE (1988) Weintraub Entertainment Group (French). Set in Europe and Peru. There is a world diving championship with one of the main drivers a Tahitian.  A Luc Besson film.
BIG HEAT, THE (1953) COLUMBIA PICTS.  Lee Marvin slaps a women around with a tiki in the b.g. in his apartment.
BIG KAHUNA, THE (1999) LIONS GATE  with Kevin Spacey as the Big Kahuna which is set in a big party thrown by industrial lubricate salesmen at a convention.  Spacey even wears a Tahitian headdress.
BIG MOUTH, THE (1967) COLUMBIA  Jerry Lewis always running from the bad guys, mainly in a San Diego South Seas resort with lots of tiki. 
BIG WEDNESDAY (1978) WARNER  Big budget Californian surf movie with lots of Hawaiian music in b.g.. 
BIO-DOOM (1996) MGM  Pauly Shore finds himself throwing a big luau or an environmental-keger in a so-called sealed environmental doom.  The party has all the luau party prop cliches including tikis.
BLACK BIRD, THE (1975) COLUMBIA  George Segal as Sam Spade Jr. with one bad guy who’s a bald dwarf surrounded by Hawaiian thugs. 
BLACK MARBLE (1980) AVCO/EMBASSY with Paula Prentiss, premise of story is a police couple wanting to go to Kaua’i. 
BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) ARTSIAN ENTERTAINMENT  Infamous no budget horror film which was the first to successfully use the internet to create a prerelease buzz.  The buzz worked but the film didn’t.  Before the point of view chase (compare Cloverfield) our amature young researchers make camp.  Around the fire most of the group sing the theme from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND and a debate follows.
BLAST FROM THE PAST (1999) NEW LINE CINEMA  Brendan Fraser & Alicia Silverstone.  The film has a tiki bar exterior. Also crazy man with colorful moai tiki string of lights.
BLOOD MONEY (1933) FOX  Bad guy movie with a luau scene with a“semi-nude Hawaiian dancer”.
BLUE DAHLIA, THE (1946) PARAMOUNT  Alan Ladd & Veronica Lake in South Pacific war hero story, who returns home to unfaithful wife. 
BLUE GARDENIA BLUE GARDENIA (1953) WARNER  Nate King Cole plays at a night club in this film-noir.  He and his band wear leis in one scene. Quasi Chinese/Hawaiian Restaurant the Blue Gardenia has a tropical décor of rattan aloha shirts and leis. Anne Baxter & Raymond Burr in murder mystery.
BOB THE BUTLER (2005) RAMPAGE ENT.  As a new Butler, Bob (Tom Green) thinks he’ll impress his new boss ( Brooke Shields) with a Luau dinner.  It all literally blows up cause the pig was whole with the head (yes and an apple) and family was grossed out plus the gases didn’t escape and with one poke of the fork and the nearby coconut candles the pig exploded.
BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) NEW LINE  Porn director has a tiki bar by his pool.
BOOM! (1968) UNIVERSAL Liz Taylor as a rich women who feel empty and Richard Burton who is a poor poet.  Liz has apparently commissioned art work of a few Moai for the back of her Italian villa.
BREAKING POINT, THE (1950) WARNER  John Garfield is trying to keep a boat.  One tiki bar scene with South Seas interior without the tiki.  Set in Newport, CA.  Sign say’s Christian’s Hut an early chain tiki bar named after Bounty’s Fletcher Christian.
BRIGHT LIGHTS (1930) FIRST NAT. PICTS.  Dorothy MacKaill stars in this possible silent.  Official still of movie has Dorothy in Hula outfit.  Her character ends up a famous stage star but in this movie Dorothy starts in a South African dive doing of all things, the Hula Hula.  MacKaill invested well in prime L.A. real estate and she lived in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel until her death, she also befriended Dorothy Lamour who visited her for many years at the Hotel. 
BRING IT ON: IN IT TO WIN IT (2007) UNIVERSAL HOME ENT.  Part of a series of rival cheerleader movies.  This one takes place at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida with a Polynesian theme luau restaurant complete with Tahitian, Samoan and Hawaiian entertainment.  Compare VAN WILDER with white sexy luau outfit and even a brown guy named Penn.
BROADWAY BABIES (1929) FIRST NATIONAL PICTS.  Stars Alice White who is a dancer on Broardway who falls for her director.  One dance number is a big hula number.
BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 (1937) MGM One still shows hula dancers behind stage.  Need more info?
BROKEN DOWN PALACE (1999) FOX  Couple of HS grads plan to go to Hawaii but go to Bangkok instead where they are busted for drugs. 
BROTHERS RICO, THE (1957) COLUMBIA  Film Noir  Richard Conte has a cool tiki in his cool apartment.

CALIFORNIA DREAMING (1979) ORION/AIP  Towards the beginning a So Cal surfer goes to a tiki bar after he surfs (Duke’s Vista del Mar) then it goes downhill from there.
CARNIVAL STORY (1954) RKO  Romance/Drama set in a carnival touring Germany.  A main act in the carnival and story are the seductive “Hula Girls” where you can see more of them in a tent for a price of a ticket.
CASINO (1995) UNIVERSAL  While walking through the Casino floor a couple of Moai appear in the b.g. and neon lighted sign spelling Aku Aku, a homage perhaps by Scorsese to the original tiki restaurant in Vegas?
CASINO JACK (2010) FOX/ATO PICTS  Kevin Spacey as a high powered D.C. lobbyist.  There is hula dancing but don’t know where is the setting.
  Mele Kalikimaka the classic Bing Cosby version plays while Tom Hanks works overtime.  His nemesis Leonardo DiCaprio surprisingly calls him up. Also one :just got away scene”, Hanks and his men are at a tropical motel with a little tiki bar.
CEMETERY CLUB, THE (1993) BUENA VISTA  Wacky Hawaiian wedding & reception scene designed by older New Yorkers.  When the groom’s bad tapa jacket matches the bride’s maids dresses - you know you’re In trouble.
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD (1998) TRIMART PICTS.  Carrot Top stars as an unsuccessful inventer from the so Cal beach culture, who inherits a large company.  Of the many changes to the company's corporate structure, Carrot Top also installs “Luau Wednesdays” complete CHAN AT TREASURE ISLANDwith tikis and aloha attire hula girls.
CHARLIE CHAN AT TREASURE ISLAND (1939) FOX  Sidney Toler as Chan visits the Hawaiian Pavilion at this International Exposition.  Like today with the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau lots of hula dancers and grass thatching.  Of course there was a murder during the fair that Chan will solve of course.
CHECK IS IN THE MAIL (1986) ASCOT ENT. GROUP  Brian Dennehy and Anne Archer star in film where everything goes wrong including being ripped off with a Hawaiian vacation.  So Dennehy pays back the modern society and takes his family off the grind. Ahead of its time.
CHEECH AND CHONG’S NEXT MOVIE (1980) UNIVERSAL  In an near-empty van we spot a tiki.
CHRISTMAS VACATION (1989) WARNER Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s hit movie series, in this film Mele Kalikimaka was played while Chase imagines a beautiful women disrobing out his window.
CIRCUITRY MAN (1990) IRS MEDIA  Manu Tupou plays Mahi in movie that takes place in the future.
CITY BENEATH THE SEA (1953) UNIVERSAL  Although set in Jamaica, there is a tiki bar called the Rum Tot.
CLAMBAKE (1967) UA Elvis is the life of a beach luau scene with tikis galore.
CLOSER (2004) COLUMBIA PICT  Julia Roberts sits in front of a big tank at the London Aquarium.  Inside the tank, sharks and giant Moai.
COCOANUT GROVE (1938) PARAMOUNT  Fred MacMurray's film about a band trying to play at a big club.  You know there was some hapa Hawaiian music because Harry Owens played Hula Harry and Hawaiian music legend Randy Oness was in the movie.  Also songs Sweet Leilani & Hawaiian Blue.
COLD FEVER (1994) ICICLE (Iceland)  A Japanese man cancels plans to go to Hawaii but goes to Iceland instead to put his dead parents souls to rest. 
COVER GIRL (1944) COLUMBIA  Gene Kelly and Phil Silvers hitch a ride on back of Army truck and sing a melody of song styles, a Hawaiian song is included with a cuite little hula with wacky Hawaiian words. 
CRACKSMAN, THE (1963) ABPC British comedy of a locksmith tricked into helping a robber do a heist.  In jail he’s tricked again into helping bad guys escape.  Big tiki bar scene.
CRAZY HEART (2009) FOX SEARCHLIGHT  Oscar winning performance by Jeff Bridges as a washed out Country singer.  He performs in a Santa Fe, NM bar with South Seas décor.
CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN (1955) COLUMBIA  Towards the beginning of film in a Casino office one can see a Moai on a table as part of the décor.
CRIME AGAINST JOE (1956) KOCH PRODS./UNITED ARTISTS  Like A KISS BEFORE DYING, also 1956, this film features the Pago Pago South Seas Tiki Lounge from Tucson, Az. in two scenes.  But here it’s pronounced Pongo Pongo.. Not much Poly décor but a bunch of bamboo.  Front had painted Tikis though.  Alika Louis plays a torch singer in the Pago Pago.
CRUSE OF THE EXOTIC TIKI (2004) NEW CITY  This straight to video movie has a found little tiki pendant that, unlike the bad luck Brady tiki, this one turn the wearer and people around horny.  Complications do arise and the tiki must be tossed.  AKA BIKINI A GO GO.  Rare film where the tiki is the story not background. See also below the film TIKI (2006) and THE SECRET OF EASTER ISLAND (1991) a South Seas Cinema short.
CURLY TOP (1935) FOX  Shirley Temple doing the hula on a New England beach. She wears a grass skirt & a lei and no top.

DA VINCI’S WAR (1994)  Branscombe Richmond plays a “Don Ho” character, a Vietnam vet.
Dance Girl DanceDANCE, GIRL, DANCE (1940) RKO  Maureen O’Hara, Lucille Ball & Ralph Bellamy story of a dance troop finding their way.  Classically trained European dance instructor falls into hard times.  She either folds and lets her girls go unemployed or turns to the more paying but less tasteful dance of the day - the hula.  O’Hara doesn’t make it with her conservative and more accurate approach to hapa haole hula but Ball is a huge hit when she sexes up the dance for Hal Roach.
DARK BEAUTY (2008) LIFETIME (cable movie) aka BLACK WIDOW  Stars Elizabeth Berkeley with an opening pool scene full of tikis.
DAVE (1993) WARNER the president’s look-a-like uses the excuse that he has a new Polynesian lover, half Polynesian to skip out of work for a while. 
DAY AFTER TOMORROW, THE (2004) 20TH CENTURY FOX  Among the horrific weather changes was a Pacific Hurricane with a Hawaiian name “Kealani” and the cliché Tropical billboard in a contrasting environment in this case Hawaiian Air in a freezing terrain. 
DAZED AND CONFUSED (1993) GRAMERCY PICTS GILLAN’S ISLAND connection where in the classroom the class is naming things from the island and listing them on chalkboard.
DIME WITH A HALO (1963) MGM  Set in the back alleys of Tijuana five boys steal a coin from a church and win a bet with it.  One sister of the boys is a hula hula dancer in a club.
DEAD HEAT ON A MERRY GO ROUND (1966) COLUMBIA  When it was cool to be cool, cool actor & con James Coburn visits his new wife that he marries only to get at her rich employer. While he’s on a so-called business trip his new wife picks a decorated new apartment.  It’s a South Seas apartment building with a big tiki out front. The term “Waikiki Pop” was used by Colburn for its interior décor. Also a Hula maiden costumed character on a studio lot where Coburn visits with another con.
DEVILS OF DARKNESS, THE (1965) FOX British  Tiki in three sets, the bachelor pad (colored, cheesy), in a loft for storage where there are real Māori tikis and coffins are stored and in a party with a snake dancer.
DJRANGO UNCHAINEDDEVIL’S REJECTS (2005) LIONS GATE  Family of mental murders hold up in a tiki motel in Texas with hostages.  The fake motel in the middle of nowhere dessert is called the Kahiki Palms with tikis everywhere and a Swiss A-frame with an outrigger on roof’s peak.   Problem was the color a Caribbean blue/green.
DICKIE ROBERTS: FORMER CHILS STAR (2003) PARAMOUNT  David Spade plays the former star.  Story of he trying to make it as an adult.  One scen playing poker with real child stars.  Barry Williams of the Brady Bunch wagers a replica tiki pendant from his famous Hawai’i episodes.
DIE NACKTE UND DER SATAN (1059) TRANS LUX DISTRO.  Germany  Here we find a modern German tiki bar.  Aka: THE HEAD.
DIRTY DANCING (1987) VESTRON  Small South Seas rehearsal number on a small stage.
DJANGO UNCHAINED (2012) WEINSTEIN CO.  Co-staring Leonardo DiCaprio as the bad guys and Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz as the good guys.  One scene out of nowhere the slave owner, DiCaprio, offers the good guys Polynesian Pearl Divers served in a half coconut shell nested in a silver cup holder.  Compare both THE BLUE GARDENIA with the “Polynesian Pearl Diver” & WHERE DANGER LIVES with the half coconut shell in a silver cup holder
DOLL SQUAD (1973) GENENI FILM Low budget with Ted V. Mikels has a cool tiki restaurant exterior with big nets, big clam shells, and a thatched roofed on tiki poles as an entrance.
DON’T KNOCK THE TWIST (1062) COLUMBIA  Chubby Checker (surprise!) star in this film with a Tiki bar called the Spice Islands towards the beginning.  Although it’s a Caribe name there are all the usual tropical touches to the décor with some tiki masks on the walls.
DON’T MAKE WAVES (1967) MGM From the 60s SoCal beach culture which has to include some tiki and it does.  Stars Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale with Sharon Tate.
DOOMSDAY PROPHECY (2011) SYFY/ANCHOR BAY TVM  Based on a fictional doomsday prophecies from the Maya and Rapa Nui.  Of course the moai save the day.
DOWN PERISCOPE (1996) FOX  Kelsey Grammer stars in comedy with a Gilligan’s Island comment and or course a play on words of a South Seas title.  Set in Atlantic and mechanic, Harry Dean Staton, wears Aloha shirt. The same Aloha shirt he wore as a mechanic in the classic sci-fi film Alien.
DREAM GIRL (1948) PARAMOUNT Betty Hutton daydreams a lot, one involves a “South Sea island policeman” played by Al Kikume. 

EGG AND I, THE (1947) UNIVERSAL  Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray as Bob MacDonald, who buys an abandon farm then tells wife, inspiration later for TV’s GREEN ACRES.  Also spin off the Ma & Pa Kettle series because Collbert and MacMurray were the Kettle's neighbors.  Hula dancers in a carnival scene.
EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (1997) LEGACY Crazy neighbor grabs our hero and throws him into his house, where we all find that he’s not so crazy after all and his house has a cool tiki décor.  He explains that he and his wife had their honeymoon in Tahiti and they want to return but his wife is sick so he brings Tahiti to her.
8 Mile8 MILE (2002) UNIVERSAL  Semi biopic of Eminem rise in the rap world out of Detroit.  Stars Eminen himself with Briiany Murphy.  Feature in this film in the interior and exterior of Eminen’s real life hangout, the tiki bar Chin Tiki.  It was fixed up for the movie ater being abandon but today it has been demolished
EINE NACHT IM MAI (A NIGHT IN MAY) (1938) UNIVERSUM FILM  German musical starring Marika Rokk, possible Hawaiian club setting with two Hawaiian musical numbers with a chorus of fake Hula dancers.
ENCOUNTER IN THE THIRD DIMENSION (1999) VENTURA DISTRO.  This special 40 min short was first shown in IMAX theaters.  It’s about 3-D imaging with tikis and hula girls as part of the images.
ENVY (2004) DREAMWORKS With Ben Stiller and Christopher Walken who meet at a cheap and simple tiki bar.
EVER SINCE EVE (1937) WARNER  Robert Montgomery in the Equator Club full of bamboo, palms, pre-tiki South Seas Club.  Dorothy Thompson does a hula to the music of Hoopai Haaia’s Wreath of Flowers.
EVOLUTION (2001) COLUMBIA  Seann William Scott's character in the film works at a golf club where one night he and other employees had to dress as “Hawaiian Warriors” with Tahitian head dresses and plastic leis to go with the plastic Hawaiian decorations. Couple of nice tikis.
EXCUSE ME (1925) METRO-GOLDWYN (Silent) Lieutenant ordered to Honolulu tries to marry first.  They don’t make it to Honolulu.  First made (1915) HENRY SAGE INC.
EXPERTS, THE (1989) PARAMOUNT    John Travolta and a partner from New York get a job as nightclub consultants in a small Neb. town where they are tear up an old tiki bar (The Polynesian Lounge) and make it an 80s hip club.  Typical of the 80s “me” generation to tear up the past cool stuff.  Also starred part Hawaiian Kelly Preston and yes this is where they met and later married.  Oh one catch the small town is not in Neb. but in the middle of the USSR in a KGB spy training town that sorely needs updating.

FABULOUS BAKER BOYSFABULOUS BAKER BOYS, THE (1989) FOX  South Sea Clubs with Michelle Pfeiffer, Beau and Jeff Bridges.  Brother Bridges play two piano playing lounge act brothers.
FAILURE TO LAUNCH (2006) PARAMOUNT  In a barbeque scene one mother shows off her tiki tattoo on her chest.
FATTY & MABEL AT THE SAN DIEGO EXPOSITION (1915) KEYSTONE  Mabel leaves Fatty alone then he chases a petite lady into a hula exposition where he than chases the heavy hula dancers. 
FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS (1998) UNIVERSAL Tiki bar scene, sign is covered up but it’s the Bahooka restaurant in Rosemead, CA.
FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF (1986) PARAMOUNT  A popular image when Ferris is pool side sitting
on a cool curved rattan chair, while sipping a drink with a Stockton Islander mug which has a hula girl and palm tree on it.  Same movie, including mug was spoofed years with the main actor, Matthew Broderick in a 2012 Honda CR-V commercial.
FIFTH ELEMENT (1997) GAUMOUNT/COLUMBIA  Bruce Willis in big budget sci-fi where he travels in space to a resort planet called Planet Paradise and low and behold what else greets the travelers but a large Tahitian dance troupe (drummers and dancers) in traditional attire. Tiki culture never ends.
FIVE PENNIES, THE (1959) PARAMOUNT Danny Kaye plays a jazz musician in New York city with Louie Armstrong and a couple of others. Together they form a group and in one number they are dressed Polynesian in front of a live radio audience doing a Hawaiian pineapple commercial, very funny.
FOLLOW THE BAND (1943) UNIVERSAL  Musical in NYC with one song: Hilo Hattie Hop by Harold Adamson & Johnny Noble. 
FOOL’S GOLD (2008) WARNER  Matthew McConaughey wears Aloha shirts in this Caribbean set story.
FOR THE LOVE OF MARY (1948) UNIVERSAL  Stars Deanna Durbin as a new White House switchboard operator who is suddenly attracted by three gents with business with the president, an attorney, the naval aid to the president and a rich young man whose father owns a Pacific island.  The rich son says their family will sell the island to the U.S. if the attorney is made a judge 15,000 miles away from D.C. and the Naval Officer is assigned ship on sea duty.   
40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, THE (2005) UNIVERSAL  Steve Carell stars as the virgin but his friends at work want to change that.  Co-stars Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks or the usual Judd Apatow gang.  On important social stop-the tiki bar.
FOUR CHRISTMASES (2008) NEW LINE CINEMA Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as the perfect material couple with no kids and a “Me” generation outlook head out to Fiji on one of their perfect Christmas vacations.  They are dressed the part at the airport with panama hat, aloha shirt and muumuu.  Too bad the flight was canceled and they were forced to visit their parents and revisit themselves in the meantime.
FRIGHTENED CITY. THE (1961) ALLIED ARTISTS  UK Set in London but a major set is a Hawaiian Restaurant called Taboo Club,  Stars Sean Connery.  Some bamboo, Tiki masts and white hula dancers in the interior. A mob joint where the hula was a risque dance.

GANG RELATED (1997) ORION PICTS.  One scene shot and set in Hawaii at West Beach on O’ahu.  No Hawaii scenes were used in final cut.  Either they were a dream sequence or an alternative ending.  From beginning of film Jim Belushi and Tupac dream on retiring early to Hawaii, they don’t make it.  Can see Hawaii in “making of” in b.g. of interviews on DVD version. 
GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL (1964) MGM  Stars Mary Ann Mobley with Nancy Sinatra.  One scene there’s a mad rush by male college students at night club with large Māori Tikis.
GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI (1966) AM INTL PICS Stars Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley with Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff.  Has a pool party featuring tiki-faced planters.
GIDGET (1959) COLUMBIA  Luau and a Big Kahuna (Cliff Robinson) character.
GIRL, A GUY AND A GOB, A (1941) RKO Stars George Brent and Lucille Ball.  Scene in the "Bon Ton" a bar with palm trees and wall masks.
GIRL HAPPY (1965) MGM  Elvis as a rock band leader (surprise!) hired by Chicago mob boss to watch his daughter during spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I bet the daughter falls for Elvis (surprise!)  Elvis is in a bar fight, a Tiki Strip Bar fight, complete with Māori tiki with fake palm trees.
GIRLS WALKS INTO A BAR (2011) WREKIN HILL Ten main bars in this movie, one a tiki bar which is the real Tonga Hut in North Hollywood.  Stars many but Carla Gugino is featured in this bar.  One girl drinks a Tonga Lei.  First major internet film.
GOODFELLASGOODFELLAS (1990) WARNER  Famous scene where Joe Pesci says “You think I’m funny?” and “What the f##k you looking at?” takes place in a mob tiki bar called the Bamboo Lounge.  Unfortunately the bar gets torched later in story.  The set was the real former great NYC Polynesian restaurant the Hawaii Kai. Later spoofed by Jimmy Fallon in 2014 for a Tonight Show promo.
GREASE II (1982) PARAMOUNT  Big luau and 50s hula number at the end. 
GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, THE (1952) PARAMOUNT Dorothy Lamour with an entertaining circus number with many other woman in Mylar like shiny hula skirts.  Dorothy first sings “Lovely Lua Wana” in the first Hawaiian song then the rest of the girls remove their skirts and shimmy up ropes for a second Hawaiian number with rope dancing.
GUY THING, A (2003) MGM  Jason Scott Lee is engaged but wakes up with a “hula girl”, Julia Stiles, from his bachelor party at a tiki bar the night before. 

HARDER THEY FALL, THE (1956) COLUMBIA  Stars Hunphrey Bogart & Rod Steiger in this behind the scenes boxing movie.  One scene is a big meeting set in a hip house with hip late 50s décor, you guessed it the house includes tikis and other cultural icons from throughout the world.
HARPER (1966) WARNER  Paul Newman exits a tiki office tower, nice art direction, they classed up the building with classy tikis.  Irony of the scene, it’s the Miramar Hotel in reality with one real tiki out front that was replaced by the movie company with two because it was also the home of Tiki-Jo. 
HAT CHECK HONEY (1944) UNIVERSAL w Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians
HAUNTED MANSION (2003) DISNEY  Early in movie Eddie Murphy meets clients in a tiki restaurant where one client asks doesn’t this place remind you of Hawaii.  Producer & writer in DVD commentary says that the script goes from the Tiki Room then eventually to the Haunted House just like in Disneyland.  They also say that the Director kept the tiki bar set for his house. Red couch in mansion was also used in 2000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA.
HAVANA (1990) UNIVERSAL  Robert Redford wore an Aloha shirt at the end. 
HE WAS A QUIET MAN (2007) MITROPOULOS FILMS  A hula bobber is central to the story, stars Christian Slater.  
HELLO FRISCO, HELLO (1943) FOX  About turn of the Century vaudeville in San Francisco, down in luck show biz guy ends up announcing for Hula dancers on the carnival midway.
HOLIDAY RHYTHM (1950) LIPPERT PICTS.  Young man is trying to get a sponsor for a TV program.  He konks his head and he dreams of a big variety show.  Posters have a singer/hula dancer credited as Moana with the song titled The Aloha Song and Samoan Freddie Letuli dances his knife dance.
HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN (1944) WARNER  WWII musical variety where two soldiers are entertained by big stars before being shipped to New Guinea.  There they find their dream girls but the farewell at the train station is said to be one of the most touching in film history.
HOOP-LA (1933) FOX  Clara Bow as belly dancer at carnival midway.  She seduces the owner’s green young adult son while the owner‘s girlfriend is the hula dancer on the midway.
HOPE SPRINGS (2012) COLUMBIA  Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones trying to save their 32 year marriage.  One night Lee wants to watch CAIN MUTINY and does but Streep is not interested.
HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1988) MPI GROUP (UK) TVM Here Holms and Watson solve the death of Sir Charles Baskerville, who has a Hawaiian tiki in a grand hall in his estate. 
HULA GIRLS (2006) VIZ PICTURES (Japan) Semi based on a true story of a poor Japanese mining town who is laying off miners. The mining company comes up with an idea to attract tourist and get work for some towns folk. The crazy idea is to build a Hawaiian Center with dancers. The town resists but some of the shy girls volunteer to learn to dance Polynsian.and they succeeded.

I AM CUBA (1964) ICAIC Cuba/Russia propaganda released in the USA in 1995 to a poor audience.  The pre-Castro visuals are a delight but not the plot.  Anyway 1st story is in of all places a great tiki bar? Yes in Trader Vic’s in Havana or a set borrowing Trader Vic’s tikis.  No wonder there was a revolution.
I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY (2007) UNIVERSAL  In Chuck’s (Adam Sandler) apartment there is a bamboo framed 60’s painting of Diamond Head.
In one scene Sigourney Weaver catches young Christina Ricci in bed with her young son.  She then tries to lecture her using Samoa as a reference.
IRMA LA DOOUCE (1963) MIRISCH/UA Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon star in comedy of prostitution in Paris.  One way popular woman of the night, MacLaine helps some of their impotent customers is to tell them a story of the South Seas, a story of Tahitian women not in “grass skirts and coconut tops” but in sarongs.  They remove them to wash them in a bright blue lagoon. Compare: BOSTON LEGAL describing a night of passion in a Polynesian Motel under the Vacancy Hula Dancer neon sign (see below).
ISLAND, THE (2005) DREAM WORKS/WARNER  Clones bred for body parts are lured to death by a promise to the island where there is no contamination.  The island’s photos are of Tahiti, also hula lamp featured in a computer tech’s house.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldIT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (1963) UNITED ARTIST Son of main character, a “wayout” CA lifeguard, Dick Shawn, won’t answer his phone.  He’s to busy groov’n and dancing with his girl.  Shawn has a tiki, tapa print and bamboo bar in his hip beach pad. 
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946) LIBERTY FILMS Even this American & Christmas classic has South Seas or Tiki influence.  In an early scene George (Jimmy Stewart) as a young teen explains to a girl (who ends up being his wife) that coconuts come from Tahiti and other Pacific isles.  Later for their honeymoon, the now new wife decorates this old beat up house with travel posters from the South Seas and one with a female surfer with a lei on while an old hapa haole tune plays in the background, Song of the Islands uncredited.  In another scene a distraught George runs by a bar called the Bamboo Room and Exotica music is heard from its doors.

JACK FROST 2 (2000) A-PIX ENT.  A tiki bar built on stage. Two bored married guys at the tiki bar during the Christmas holidays.  The main hero wears an aloha shirts and owns hula dolls.
JAWS 3-D (1983) UNIVERSAL  With Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong and Louis Gossett Jr.  A tiki bar scene. There is also a Polynesian show in this Florida Ocean Park
JERRY MAGUIRE (1996) TRISTAR  Tom Cruise stars with a scene in his apartment where he carefully watches a HAWAII FIVE-0 segment which enlightens him to a major mistake he has just made. 
JERSEY GIRL (2004) MIRAMAX  Kevin Smith’s film which has a scene where a little girl is watching cartoons of a super hero fighting bad Tikis.

KARATE KID, THE (1984) COLUMBIA Popular movie where the main set is the actual South Seas Apts. in Reseda, CA.  In the 80s the low times of Tiki culture the apartment was referred to as a dump in the movie. 
KID GLOVE KILLER (1942) MGM  In the Bamboo Room we find lots of bamboo, Hawaiian music in b.g., Chinese food and an African lamp.  Pre Tiki, mixed up Hollywood Art direction but the Hawaiian music makes it Tiki.
KING OF MARVIN GARDENS, THE (1972) COLUMBIA  drama starring Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern. Jack's dangerous brother Bruce dreams about building a Hawaiian resort.  They never get on a plane.
KING RALPH (1991) UNIVERSAL  John Goodman as new King of England but as an American lounge singer from Vegas he wears a lot of aloha shirts.  His proper tutor played by Peter O’Toole remarks: ”After all, there are no Royal luaus planned”. 
KISS BEFORE DYING, A (1956) UA Robert Wagner and Joanne Woodward and a Polynesian restaurant called the Pago Pago in Tucson, AZ.  Same place as in CRIME AGAINST JOE

LAKE PLACID SERENADE (1944) REPUBLIC  w Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians
L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (1997) WARNER  Mele Kalikimaka plays when part Māori Russell Crowe meets Kim Basinger, he than meets part Hawaiian David Strathairn.
LEATHER BOYS, THE (1963) ALLIED ARTIST  British boys racing bikes.  In Bognor Regis, UK we find the boys in a Hawaiian Tiki bar.  Piped Hawaiian music in b.g. and tikis and tapa everywhere.  A real bar called The Beachcomber Bar.
The Little GiantLITTLE GIANT, THE (1933) WARNER BROS.  Stars Edgar G. Robinson and Mary Astor.  One big society party has Sol Hoopii playing a mean steel guitat while a Euro-American dances a faux hula with a sexy low cut white faux grass skirt.
LITTLE NICKY (2001) NEW LINE CINEMA  Adam Sandler plays the devil’s son.  In hell Hitler goes though daily punishment of picking a big pineapple to shove up his hindie, of course they play Hawaiian music throughout the scene. 
LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS (1998) POLY GRAM  British  Early Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones film where four street guys lose their savings on a bet and they owe the mob in a week.  Early scene in a “Samoan Pub”, British tiki bar.
LORD OF ILLUSIONS (1995) UA On a side table in the magicians mansion sits a nice little Ku Tiki.
LORDS OF DOGTOWN (2005) COLUMBIA  In this skateboarding movie there is a drug party scene with a big tiki and the kids chanting “Tiki! Tiki!” as they give it a hit.
LOVE AND HISSES (1937) FOX  with Host Walter Winchell a Hula Broadway number complete with cellophane grass skirts, plastic leis and would you believe top hats.  Big number called Broadway’s Gone Hawaii with lead singer, Ruth Terry, choirs line of Hula girls, three big mama song & dancers, the Peters Sisters, and two Hawaiian Hobo tap dancers, Chilton & Thomas (Carroll Chilton), then a singer & choirs line in huge finale.
LOVE IN BLOOM (1935) PARAMOUNT  A George Burns & Gracie Allen comedy where George’s sister runs away from carnival to try to make it in NYC.  Hula dancer at carnival.  Need more information?
LOVE LETTERS (1984) NEW WORLD PICTS  Love sick Jamie Lee Curtis caught the matinee of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY with the kissing on the shore scene, 
LOVED WOMAN, THE (1983) COLUMBIA  A Blake Edwards film with Burt Reynolds and Julie Andrews (Blake’s wife in real life).  After going sailing the two stars end up in a tiki bar.
LOVERBOY (1989) TRISTAR PICS.  Young Patrick Dempsey and mom Kate Jackson with a mess of family misunderstandings all acuminating in a Poly Pop Restaurant called Tiki Joes with all the standard tiki interiors.  
LUAU, THE (2005) XENON Stars Brian Hooks, who in his intercity neighborhood needs to raise money.  After brainstorming with his buds, they come up with a luau party with an entry fee.  It’s a hugh hits and they can barely handle it.  Lots of aloha shirts and plastic leis.

MAD DOCTOR (1941) PARAMOUNT Murderous doctor marries rich girl and a detective closes in on him.  Lobby Card shows a Hawaiian lady with muumuu, flower in hair and lei.  Need more info?
MAJESTIC,THE (2001) CASTLE ROCK/WARNER  Jim Carrey stars as a down & out screen writer acused of communist activity, who gets drunk at a tiki bar.  Later that night has an accident and crashes his car over the side of a brige and knocks himself out. He ends up in a small town with almost total memory lost.  In turn the whole town thinks he’s a missing in action WWII home town hero.  Two other Sourh Ses Connections, Māori actor Cliff Curtis plays Arab Shiek bad guy in Carrey’s last film as a writer and the film ends with a kiss and Nat King Cole’s famous song I Remember You with the first line “Was it in Tahiti?”.
MAN OF THE HOUSE (2005) REVOLUTION STUDIOS Tommy Lee Jones stares as undercover Texas Ranger assigned to watch cheerleaders, Tommy always wears Aloha shirts, classic South Seas Pam Am poster in living room along with a palm lamp. 
MAN UP (2015) SABAN FILMS (UK/France) Stars Simon Pegg and Lake Bell.  Bell, after a bad relationship, is building a wall around her.  After stuggling just to attend a large tiki themed wedding reception where she knew the newlyweds had someone waiting for her as a set up.  She later accidently meets Simon, who thought he was meeting a blind date on the same spot carring, coinincidenly, the same book as the intended date.  The book was suppose to be a marker.  Pegg was interesting enough for Bell to go along with the date.
MAN WITH TWO BRAINS (1983) WARNER  Stars Steve Martin with one scene Steve is talking to a mad scientist, David Warner holding a Ku Tiki mug drinking a Tahitian Tingle also in the Brain transfer room there is a small Moai next to the door, on the floor, on the right.
MARRYING MAN, THE (1991) BUENA VISTA  Five buddies go to Hollywood to make it, even the rich millionaire friend Baldwin.  Irony is Baldwin marries the girl of his dreams, Pfeiffer, four times and goes poor.  The other friends make it rich.  One is a big movie star and he throws a big Hollywood luau in his big mansion but Baldwin is too embarrassed to go in.  The house is where married and divorced couple Alex Baldwin and Michelle Pfeiffer met.
MATCHMAKER (1997) GRAMERCY FILMS  Opposite, Irish, romantic, lead of Janeane Garofalo, David O’Hara wears Aloha shirts in small Irish village, one was Elvis’ red one from BLUE HAWAII.
MEET THE FOCKERS (2004) UNIVERSAL  Ben Stiller’s family of parents Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman live in tropical Florida where they throw a Hawaiian party (not a luau just ambiance) and Barbara gives a Hawaiian lomi lomi massage to Robert DeNero. 
MELODY AND MOONLIGHT (1940) REPUBLIC  Movie about a talented couple with their own radio show.  One  song: Tahiti Honey with all it’s South Seas trimmings. 
MIDNIGHT COWBOY (1969) UNITED ARTIST  Best Pict. Oscar with the famous Dustin Hoffman’s Aloha shirt.
MILDRED PIERCEMILDRED PIERCE (1945) WARNER  Stars Joan Crawford many scenes in a Hawaiian tiki bar.  What the bar lacks in Poly pop costumes make up for in dressing room where Crawford wants her daughter and singer Blyth to come home.  There are numerous leis hanging on wall and hula outfits, one outfit is hanging on the back of the door which wayward daughter Blyth is going to dress into for her next number which is not shown - shucks. 
MILK (2008) UNIVERSAL  In Milk’s boyfriend’s living room there is a nice Tiki.
MILLION DOLLAR ARM (2014) DISNEY Igotisical, self-centeredand successful sports agent goes nearly bankrupt when he goes on his own, the key for survival besides finding a fast criket arm in India, to covert to an American pro baseball player, is a prized Samoan/American linebacker, played well by a real NFL linebacker, Rey Maualuga. complete with his true Samoan tribal tattoos.
MIND BENDERS, THE (1963) AIP (UK) Stars Dirk Bogarde who in one scene his kids play Thor Heyerdal and  crew in the yard complete with a home-made Kon Tiki raft.
MR. MIKE’S MONDO VIDEO (1979) ???  By many people from SNL includes the rare skit of Dan Aykroyd playing a TV preacher worshipping Jack the Lord in a church full of tiki decore and ending skit of modern Polynesians worshiping stuff like the lava lamp.  They spear Mike at the end and let him die
as end credits roll.
MIXED NUTS (1994) TRISTAR  Steve Martin wears an Aloha shirt. 
MONEY TRAIN (1995) COLUMBIA  Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson star in this crime caper where at end they walk down a city street planning to retire in Hawaii with a big Hawaiian billboard in b.g.. 
MONSTER ISLAND (2004) MTV TVM  Carmen Electra & Adman West team up in this satire of Pacific island movies.  Students win the weekend partying on a tropical isle (middle of the Bermuda triangle).
MUPPETS FROM SPACE (1999) COLUMBIA  One scene, the tropical decorated Jacuzzi scene, has tiki mugs. 
MUPPETS TREASURE ISLAND (1996) BUENA VISTA  On board a cruiseship there is a tiki bar for the mice tourist.  On deck, later a luau, then tour on the island with leis and aloha attire.  Also although set in the Caribe the island has tikis and a Polynesian like boar tribe with tiki torches and a sacrifice platform.
MURDER ON THE WATERFRONT (1943) WARNER  WWII where couple get married but he gets called to duty before the honeymoon so he sneaks his bride into camp where they both get involved with murder and espionage.  Hula dancer also involved but need more information?
MUTANT ON THE BOUNTY (1989) SKOURAS PICS.  Space “B” movie only title has a South Seas connection.
MY BLUE HEAVEN (1950) FOX  Betty Grable and Dan Daley are married Broadway vets that have trials trying to adopt.  Last big number a South Seas number.
My Dream is YoursMY DREAM IS YOURS (1949) WARNER  Early Doris Day film with a “Wacky” song & hula dancing number in the La Bibita Tiki club.  Hawaiian band, hula dancers and a Diamond Head mural as a back drop.
MY FAVORITE WIFE (1940) RKO-RADIO  Wife, Irene Dunn, gets lost at sea, and on a beautiful and remote Pacific Island with a handsome Steward Granger for years.  She remains faithful and returns to now remarried husband, Cary Grant on his honeymoon.  No South Seas scenes but the island is located between the Philippines and Palau. Note of interest: MY FAVORITE WIFE was remade as Marylin Monroe’s last picture by FOX which she never finished.  It was titled, SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE and it co-starred Dean Martin.  FOX remade it: MOVE OVER DARLING (1963) with Doris Day, James Garner and Chuck Connors. 
MYSTERY STREETS (1950) MGM  Film noir pregnant prostitute’s body washes on a New England shore.  Flashbacks takes one to a women who worked at the “Grass Skirt”, which has a hula theme.  Still shows Jan Sterling, the prostitute with a classic hula lamp.

NATIONAL LAMPOON’S BARELY LEGAL (2003) SONY PICTS  Aka: AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL Tiki bar with Horatio Sanz. Teens make fake Hawaii driver’s License to get in Strip Club. Compare SUPERBAD.
NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (1991) PARAMOUNT Football movie with Scott Bakula and Peter Tuiasapolu as of couse a Samoan lineman.  Got tikis even a cool one with neon lights.
NEVER BEEN KISSED (1999) FOX  Drew Barrymore and David Arquette who plays Drew’s brother that works at a mailing store called the Tiki Post or as Drew calls it: “It’s a luau with shipping supplies”.
NEWEST PLEDGE, THE (2012) 1887 PICTS.  A frat luau party in the film about college life.
NEXT OF KIN (1989) WARNER  With Patrick Swayze where there is a scene where mobsters plan to kill Swayze in the now closed Jimmy Wongs in downtown Chicago.  Wongs was a real Hawaiian/Chinese tiki restaurant.
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (2006) / NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN (2009) / NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3: SECRET OF THE TOMB (2014) 20TH CENTURY FOX  In all three Ben Stiller as the night watchman in a Museum where all characters come alive at night and one is a giant stone Moai tiki image from Easter Island.  He doesn’t say much but his grumpy words rhyme, i.e.; dumb dumb, fun fun and son, son.
NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF JIMMY REARDON, A (1988) FOX  Young Jimmy goal, against the wishes of his parents, is to leave and live in Hawaii where his girlfriend is moving.   He grows up one night and stays home to go to rich kids school.  His life only gets worst.
NIGHT SHIFT (1982) WARNER  Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton end up in a South Seas gentlemen’s club complete w smoky volcano, leis giant clamshell & tropical plants everywhere.
NINA TAKES A LOVER (1994) COLUMBIA/TRISTAR  Stars Laura San Giacomo who is married but has an affair with a professional photographer who has a large Moai in his studio.
NOA NOA, EL (1981) ??? (Mexico) Story of young teenager who want to became a singer but the manager of a local club wont’t let him in because his age.  He befriends a stripper from the same club and he eventually get in and sings beautifully.  Name of club? The title, El Noa Noa a Tahitian word, the tiki club a legend in Ciudad Juarez.  Noa Noa is also about this nightclub sung by Juan Gabriel and a book by the artist Gauguin.
NO WAY OUT (1987) ORION  Kevin Cosner has Māori dancers in a big Washington DC reception. 
NORBIT (2007) DREAMWORKS/PARAMOUNT  Eddie Murphy as fat mother in bikini swimming pool scene with tikis all over.
NOTHING TO LOSE (1998) BUENA VISTA  Martin Lawrence & Tim Robbins in crime-comedy with a South Seas themed strip-joint named “Milligan’s Island”. 
NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS (2000) UNIVERSAL  Granny has a tiki hot tub dream with Buddy Love.

O.C. & STIGGS (1985) MGM  A Robert Altman film with one pool scene full of Tikis and Martin Mull and a Bora Bora house special.
OCEAN’S ELEVEN (1960) WARNER  Dean Martin character, comes from Hawaii.
ON OUR MERRY WAY (1948) UNITED ARTIST  Produced and starred Burgess Meredith who as a timid “behind the desk” reporter does a series on how children can affect your lives.  One of three stories has Dorothy Lamour and Victor Moore as extras in a South Seas movies where the star is a bratty kid.  Lamour sings a tune about her ‘saronged” life.  A must see!
ONE FROM THE HEART (1982) ZOETROPE/COLUMBIA Francis Ford Coppola directs leads Terri Garr & Raul Julia.  The two meet while Garr is window dressing a Bora Bora display.  They use South Seas as a private joke between them.
ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL’S (2001) USA FILMS  Seems to be it wasn’t just McCool’s but also The Lucky Tiki a tiki bar.  Need more info?
ORGAZMO (1997) OCTOBER FILMS  From the makers of South Park, at the end the hero’s girlfriend is tied-up next to, two tikis and a fake volcano.
OVIRI (1986) INTRNATL. FILM MARKETING  This French/Denmark produced film stars Donald Sutherland and Max Von Sydow is the story of Paul Gauguin returning to Europe after his life in Tahiti.  Boy did he have some explaining to do. 
Compare: PARADISE FOUND (2003) LIONS with Donald’s son Keifer playing Gauguin on the islands.

PACKAGE, THE (1989) ORION  Gene Hackman in a Tiki bar scene which was the now closed Ciral’s House of Tiki in Chicago.
PARALLAX VIEW (1974) PARAMOUNT  In a scene where Warren Beatty call to Ben on a hotel house PUMPKINphone and reassigns him to Maui.  Also tells him to rent a jeep and go to the Hana Ranch Hotel.  Need more info to see if Ben has scenes in Maui?
PIRANHA (1978) NEW WORLD PICTS. With Keenan Wynn and others. Inside the Aquarena Springs Submarine Theatre of Texas are found two tiki posts.
PLACE IN THE SUN, A (1951) PARAMOUNT  Montgomery Clift & Elizabeth Taylor.  Near the end of film Taylor’s parents throw Clift a home luau, leis, aloha shirts, pineapple drinks and Hawaiian music.
PLEDGE, THE (2001) WARNER  With Sean Penn directing.  Many stars.  One set is a Reno tiki bar w Jack Nicholson & future star Aaron Eckhart.
PRIMITIVE LOVE (1964) AMERICAN FILM DISTRIBUTING  Jayne Mansfield takes her documentary on (see title) (from the Mondo films) to Italy to show a friend. Near the end he does a make-shift hula for two comic bellhops Ciccio & Franco dressed as natives.  Poster has her definitely in a hula outfit. Aka  L'AMORE PRIMITIVO.  Also Jane does a Hollywood (or in this case Spaghettiwood) hula number with the song Every Night is Date Night in Hawaii.  
PRIZE WINNER OF DEFIANCE, OHIO, THE(2005)    Stars Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson.  Moore is a Mother of 10 children who enters contests to help with the family income.  One prize a trip for two to Texas where they eat the the Polynesian Ports o’ Call Restaurant. 
PSYCHO BEACH PARTY (2000) NEW OZ PROD.  As a poof of the 60s Beach Party flicks, there is of course tikis.  One main character named Kanaka owns a tiki bar called The Great Kanaka.  Luau scene at the end.
PULP FRICTION (1994) MIRAMAX  Character of Samuel L. Jackson talks of the nuances of a Hawaiian Burger. 
PUMPKIN (2002) UNITED ARTIST  A big sorority scene where Christina Ricci and girlfriends/house sisters are in hula outfits. 

RAISING ARIZONA (1987) FOX  Stars Holly Hunter (The Piano 1993) and Nicolas Cage who dawns an aloha shirt.  Cage also wore a prominent aloha shirt later in Snake Eyes (1998).
REAL GENIUS (1985) TRISTAR  with Val Kilmer as a college genius who took a break by turning an auditorium into a “South Seas party” complete with bikinis and plastic leis.  Funny note: Val lines the orchestra pit with plastic and fills it up with water as his pacific ocean (Tiki Frat party).
RIGHT APPROACH, THE (1961) FOX  With Frankie Vaughan, Gary Cosby and Juliet Prowse.  A bachelor picks up Prowse and take her back to his amazing pad.  Amazing because it’s a former big tiki bar and all the accoutrements are still there.  A must see movie for Poly Popsters.
ROAD TO UTOPIA (1946) PARAMOUNT  A later Road picture with the three usual stars Cosby, Hope and Lamour.  Set mostly in Alaska you would figure Lamour wouldn’t have to don a sarong.  But no, Hope imagines her in a sarong walking towards him in the snow.  She also wears a flower in her hair with Hawaiian music in the b.g..
ROCKETEER, THE (1991) DISNEY  Classy South Seas club from this film set in the 30s. 
RUNAWAY BRIDE (1999) PARAMOUNT  Julia Roberts, Richard Gere reteam but this film has a ticky-tacky Hawaiian pre-wedding party. 

SARONG GIRL (1943) MONOGRAM   Ann Corio is a burlesque queen.  One song: Boogie Woogie Hula. plus two other Hapa songs.  She sings and sort of dances the hula as the lead adult dancer with a South Seas theme in a club called the “Blue Lagoon”.  One song has a real Hawaiian backup band.  She never leaves the mainland.
SCREAM 3 (2000) DIMENSION This Wes Craven’s horror flick stars David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox.  Found in the basement of movie props is a Ku tiki.
SEA BAT, THE (1930) MGM  Although set in the West Indies the cover of the music sheet has a woman with a hula shirt and ukulele. 
SECRET FURY (1950) RKO  Film Noir with Claudette Colbert walking in front of the “Tahitian” neon sign with bamboo.  Exterior only.
SENATOR WAS INDISCREET, THE (1947) UNIVERSAL  About a crooked Senator who runs for President.  Polynesia is part of the story but how?
711 OCEAN DRIVE (1950) COLUMBIA With Edmond O’Brien has a tiki bar.
SHALLOW HAL (2001) FOX  Jack Black & Gwenth Palthrow in comedy with a Hawaiian (Li’iboy) character played by two Hawaiians (Ron Darling & Josh Shintani) because Jack sees people differently than anyone else. 
A Shot in the DarkSHIP AHOY (1942) MGM  Popular musical with Eleanor Powell & Red Skeleton on board ship to Puerto Rico but Eleanor does a hula number: “Hawaiian War Chant” with a Tikis and the Tommy Dorsey band w/a great Buddy Rich drum solo. 
SHOT IN THE DARK, A (1964) UNITED ARTIST  Peter Sellers and Elke Sommers are in a Paris Tiki club with Tahitian dancers. Where else would you go in the 60s?
SHOW BUSINESS (1944) RKO  A comic duo team up with a couple woman entertainers to improve their act while they transition from burlesque to vaudeville.  Hula girl somewhere around the stage.
SISTERS (2015) UNIVERSAL  Stars as sisters Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who have a mid-life crisis when their parents want to downsize their home.  Hard luck Fey was about to move back to the house with her daughter and both sisters don’t want to lose their memories of the place so they throw a big last hurrah party at the parents’ home while house sitting just like the old days.  The party turns crazy has one guest dons a plastic lei and cellophane hula skirt.  There is also a Samoan joke.
SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (2012) WEINSTEIN CO.  Crazed Bradley Cooper meets crazed Jennifer Lawence in first date in diner.  Song in bg - Moon of Manakoora - Les Paul & Mary Ford version.
SKIPPY (1931) PARAMOUNT  With Jackie Cooper who has a little sister in a hula outfit on an official still.  Need more information?
SNAKES EYES (1998) PARAMOUNT  Nicolas Cage wears an Aloha shirt.
SNOW PIERCER (2013) WEINSTEIN  Stars Chris Evans, Kang-ho Sing, Ahisung Ko, John Hurt and Ed Hurt.  After the world freezes over a billionaire, who warned people of it’s demised, builds the ultimate survival machine, self-subtainable train with different cars that have incredibale functions.  Problem is in the last minute the owner let lowerclass people board while the paying rich, towards the front enjoys all its amenities.  The poor in the back are abused and under feed and they revolt.  A main prop of the plot is a rare matchbook from a Fijian restaurant in the South Seas.
SO THIS IS NEW YORK (1948) UNITED ARTIST  Al Kikume plays Hawaiian waiter and entertainer so maybe there is a Hawaiian restaurant in story.  Need more information?
SOME CAME RUNNING (1958) MGM  Star Frank Sinatra in a hard life after the war drama.  On scene with a moving hula lamp in b.g.
SOLID GOLD CADILLAC, THE (1956) COLUMBIA  Like most cool offices in the mid 50s to late 60s got to have a tiki on a mantel or console or credenza.  In this film two offices have tikis.
SOME CAME RUNNING (1958) MGM  Big stars of the era: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley MacLaine in story of a bitter post WWII veteran as he copes with being home.  A hula lamp is spotted in one scene.
SONS OF THE DESERTSONS OF THE DESERT (1933) ROACH/MGM  Considered Laurel & Hardy best film about the two faking that they are going to Hawaii for Ollie’s health but instead they sneak off to Chicago for their
lodge convention.  I would of gone to Hawaii.  Song Honolulu Baby featured in this movie with cellophane hula dancers. 
SPACE COWBOYS (2000) WARNER  Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Wallace, Donald Sutherland & James Gardner star as old astronauts in space with Gardner’s character having a Hawaiian obsession, he wears aloha shirts, has a Hawaiian lamp and takes a hula bobber doll with him in all his flights. 
SPY HARD (1996) BUENA VISTA  With Leslie Nielsen in spy spoof has him with tikis in his house as well as tikis in front of a museum that he’s standing in front of.
SPY IN THE GREEN HAT, THE (1967) MGM From the MAN FROM UNCLE TV series.  Mad scientist has a cool 60s pad with tikis in it.  He throws a “luau-au go-go at his place for other mad “THRUSH” scientists.  Also in opening chase scene, the old Pacific Ocean Park on the pier contains a South Seas Island section that the chase goes through.
SPY KIDS (2001) MIRAMAX  The dad’s best man, a spy gadget maker, falls asleep and the kids replace a spy device, lodged in his hands with a hula doll lamp so he doesn’t wake up. 
ST. LOUIS BLUES (1939) PARAMOUNT  Broadway star who is tired of being stereotyped in South Seas plays runs off to disappear in a small Mississippi river town.  Guess who’s the star?  There she meets and befriends an unsuccessful Riverboat owner.  Together they put together a new show for the boat. One still has their dancers rehearsing a hula while you guessed it Dorothy Lamour sits and watches in her sarong. AKA: BEST OF THE BLUES
STAR IS BORN, A (1937) UA This version has a simple pre-Tiki South Seas bar with a little bamboo and a little tapa and a lot of Andy Devine.
STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM (1942) PARAMOUNT  Dorothy Lamour has a sarong number called: “A Sweater, A Sarong and Peek-A-Boo Bang”. 
STAR TREK THE MOVIE   IV (1986) PARAMOUNT  Dr. Bones names their captured Klingon ship "The Bounty"
STRATTON STORY, THE (1949) MGM  Starring Jimmy Stewart who’s in a tiki bar with bamboo and fish nets but the clincher the song Pagan Love Song plays in the background.  Won Oscar for Best Writing.
STRIP, THE (1951) MGM  Simple set pre-Tiki club with clean modern bamboo lines, tropic plants and some Tiki masks.  Here we find Mickey Rooney listening, Earl Hines and Louis Armstrong playing.
SUFFERING BASTARDS (1989) CINELUX Opening scene in a tiki bar, the Hawaii Kai in New York, and main characters use tiki mugs throughout the movie.
SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS (1941) PARAMOUNT  about a Hollywood director who is tired of making films like “So Long, Sarong” and makes like a bum so he can do serious drama.  He must feel the pain first, I guess.  A four star movie. 
SUMMER SCHOOL (1987) PARAMOUNT  Main image is of star Mark Harmon in an Aloha shirt with his dog and they both have leis on.  Harmon is a teacher on his way to Hawaii with his girlfriend but gets stuck teaching remedial English.  He loves Hawaii with most his wardrobe consisting of Aloha shirts.  Also has Hawaiian art in his house. 
SUPERBAD (2007) COLUMBIA  popular teen movie by Jud Apatow where in one famous scene one of the main characters gets a falsified ID using the name McLovin from Momona street on a Hawaii driver’s license. Compare: NATIONAL LAMPOON’S BARELY LEGAL (2003).  
The Sure ThingSURE THING, THE (1985) EMBASSY PICTS   At a Californian, college  big Hawaiian dorm party (Frat Tiki luau).  Tiki tacky plastic leis and hula skirts everywhere with lots of aloha shirts.
SUSAN LENOX: HER FALL AND RAISE (1931) MGM  Greta Garbo & Clark Cable in a very adult themed film for its time.  There is a hula dancer either in the carnival & quasi hula dancing in a Latin club.
SWINGERS (1996) MIRAMAX Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn on a quest to pick up chicks.  On a Vegas weekend they meet two women at the Bamboo Lounge complete with tikis, a blow fish light, and bamboo fencing wall covering.  They don’t stay long.
SWINGERS’ IN PARADISE (1964) AM INTNTL PICTS Oh thoses hip kids get bored on an island as this independent movie gets boring as the kids decide to make a movie,  This movie includes famous movie reenactments including a South Ses one.  Need more info? Stars Cliff Richard and was filmed on Spain’s Canary Islands. Aka: WONDERFUL LIFE-

TAKEOVER, THE (1995) ARTISAN ENT  Manu Tupou plays Manu in straight to video mainland crime drama
TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS  (1973) PARAMOUNT/CINEMA INT Four segments about a modern Psychiatrist’s four patients and how they went mad.  One segment called “The Luau” stars Kim Novack with a Hawaiian boyfriend named Kimo who likes her daughter better.  Novack throws Kimo an elaborate luau with the details from his Hawaiian friend, Keoki but in reality it’s a ceremony to reincarnate Kimo’s deceased mother Malia.  Finally the ceremony requires that a virgin must be eaten.  From the minds of people who live far from reality.
TAPEHEADS (1988) AVENUE PICTS. With John Cusak and Tim Robbins.  One tiki bar scene where John’s sleeve catches fire by a Flaming Scorpion drink.  Filmed at the real Kelbo’s, now closed.
TERMINATOR (1984) ORION PICS  Near the end of the film Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn are hiding from cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Tiki Motel.  You know what happens next, a baby for the future. No Tikis or any other Polynesian Pop décor, just a sign.
THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943) WARNER BROS.  Most studios put on a tribute for the troops, and this is Warner’s version.  At the final Eddie Cantor sings with a bevy of customed young ladies, one is a Hollywood South Seas maiden.
THERE GOES MY BABY (1994) ORION  Dermot Mulroney & Ricky Schroder in the summer of 1965 teen surfer who hang around an island themed burger house named Pop's Paradise.
THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (1998) FOX  Matt Dillon wears an Aloha shirt.
1313 HAUNTED FRAT (2011) RAPID HEART PICTS.  Nice big tiki somewhere in this film.  Need more info?
THIS IS 40 (2012) UNIVERSAL Funny & crude movie about a couple that turns forty.  Older child loves social networking & LOST DVD episodes.
TICKLISH AFFAIR, A (1963) MGM Stars Gig Young and Shirley Jones with Red Buttons and Carolyn Jones.  Shirley is a widowed mother with three rascial sons who do morse code out of there upper harbor window.  Well the Navy investigates with Young as the commander, who then falls for the single mom.  One scene in a tiki bar.
TIKI (2006) EGAMI MEDIA  Low budget horror flick about female student from Hawaii comes to study on the mainland only to be harassed by the Cauasian dorm mates and their boyfriends.  Hawaiian Aunty comes to put a curse on them all in a form of a little killer tiki.  One by one they die.  I’m so scared!
TIN PAN ALLEY (1940) FOX  Betty Grable, Jack Oakie, John Payne and Alice Faye song writers and singers trying to make it during World War I.  Includes a South Seas number called That Hula Hula by Irving Berlin.
TOMCATS (2001) COLUMBIA  Main character has tall tikis in living room and he goes to Polynesian restaurant with Amy Gillian and her brother as the singing act, also lots of Aloha shirts. 
TOPPER (1937) ROACH/MGM  Cary Grant and Constance Bennett are drunk in a tiki bar.
40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN (2005) UNIVERSAL With Steve Carell & Set Rogan party in a tiki bar.
TRASH (1970) CINEMA 5  An Andy Warhol movie that opens and closes on some edited versions with the song:“Makin Wicki Wacki at Waikiki” (192?) by Sophie Tucker. 

UNDERWOLD U.S.A. (1961) COLUMBIA Starring Cliff Ronfinson.  Scene where a few mobsters are sitting around a table with a Marquesian tiki that sits in the middle of their table. Mob and tiki sub theme.

VAGABOND LADY (1934) MGM  Robert Young arrives home from a long trip of the South Seas to find that his brother’s girl now likes him.
VAMPIRE’S KISS (1988) FOX  With Nicolas Cage, one scene in an office highrise sits a Tiki on the window sill.
VAN WILDER (2002) LIONS GATE  National Lampoon big Luau scene at end of film about the biggest frat party planer/goer.  Hula dancers lots of leis, aloha shirts, two big tikis and a fire shooting volcano.
VOICE OF THE TURTLE (1947) WARNER  Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Parker and Eve Arden in WWII comedy.  There is a hula bar scene set in New York. 

Wayne's WorldWAYNE’S WORLD (1992) PARAMOUNT  Mike Myers & Dana Carvey hit with local Tia Carrere.  Developed from SNL skit where two wannabe rockers air a popular public access show from their basement.  In this first movie TV producer Rob Lowe wants to buy them out.  They first meet in “Paty’s Tiki” a big tiki bar with Caucasian waiters and waitresses dressed in aloha wear and grass skirts.  Giant mai tai like drinks with a dozen sliced pineapples and umbrella. Also when new improved show first aired they used blue screen of Diamond Head with our host spouting Hawaiian words.
WEEKEND WARRIORS (1986) MOVIESTORE ENT.  They changed their dining hall into a tiki lounge.
WHAT THE BUTLLER SAW (1950) HAMMER (UK)  A British Earl retires after longs years of service governing a South Seas island.  After he returns to England he finds that an Island Princess that is in love with his butler comes over after them.  The Earl tries to return her but fails.  She becomes the social talk of the town and in one reception the native island princess come out totally naked because according to these western writers, in the princess’ culture, the bigger the event the less clothes one wears.
WHERE DANGER LIVES (1950) RKO With Robert Mitchum where we find in one scene in a tiki bar called Pogo Pete’s.  All the tropical décor (leis, glass floats, aloha shirts) but no tiki.  Film Noir.
WILD WOMEN (1918) UNIVERSAL  Harry Carey in movie with a huge dream sequence involving a castaway cowboy, a pretty Hawaiian princess, an aging Hawaiian Queen, all on a South Seas isle.  First Carey and his pals are celebrating after winning at a rodeo.  They go to a San Franisco café which has hula dancers.  Carey then dreams he and his pals land on shore of a island of hula dancers where the queen kidnaps Carry and forces him to marry her.  Directed by John Ford.
WITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968) NAT. GEN. PICTS.  Stars Doris Day and Brian Keith who get married, each for the secong time and each with children.  One scene has the new family eating at the Tahitian in Studio City, CA.
WOMAN CHASER, THE (1999) ASYLUM  Patrick Walburton as a used-car dealer turned film director in the 50s. Warburton has a tropical drink at the Bahooka's restaurant.
UK  Another man eating tree but this one prefers sexy young women and in a tropical jungle but transplanted from the amazon into a London basement of a mad doctor and get this, the killer tree gives off a serum that can bring the dead back to life but ironically one needs to feed it live humans to kill first.  Why Poly Pop?  The heroine (or the woman that survives is from the carnival that came to town.  She’s the sexy blond Hula Hula dancer as one of the “South Seas island belles”.

YOU DID WHAT? (2006) MARVISTA  Our hero here opens a tiki bar. Need more info?  Possibly filmed at the now closed Point Break Surfin’ Tiki Club.
YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN (1950) WARNER  Kirk Douglas as a down and out but talented trumpet player who plays anywhere including South Seas themed joints, some with Cauasian hula dancers. 

ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY (1945) RKO  Comedy about reformed mobster owner opening a nightclub with a theme of zombies.  The owner wants a real zombie for the opening and sends his PR guys, Wally Brown & Alan Carney to an island call St. Sabastian where a known mad scientist played by who else Bella Lagosi is reputed to create zombies.  Some publicity movie posters have women in hula outfits.  Need more information?
ZOOLANDER 2 (2016) PARAMOUNT  After years of obscurity and separation male superstar models Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) reunite.  Hansel has been living in a commune like group of very varied and very close friends who engage in group orgies.  Among the strange group was a Māori ancient warrior, who was dressed as such.
ZOOM (2006) COLUMBIA  Former super-hero Tim Allen is called out of retirement to train a new generations of younglings.  One is a sad six-year old with super strength, who misses being a young girl and in one scene she wears a colorful hula outfit or what normal little girls do.

[short = under 40mins, short feature (Featurette) = 40 to 80mins, feature = 80 plus mins]

BACKDOOR FOLLIES (1948) RKO  Short 19 mins. Stars Leon Errol who’s wife calls the cops on neighbors club because of suspected strip teasing.  The neighbor club owner sends one the girls over to convince Errol to cool down his wife.  Lobby card has the dancers in hula outfits.

CARNIVAL REVUE (1930) DERR  Short  There are hula dancers on stage. 

FATTY AND MABLE  AT THE SAN DIEGO EXPOSITION  (1915) KEYSTONE FILM (Silent Short) set at the San Diego Exposition where Fatty flirts with Hula dancers at the Hawaii Hall.

MURDER ON THE WATER FRONT (1943) WARNER  51 min short feature  Man get call to Navy on wedding day, sneaks his new wife on base but at the same time a spy is trying to steal a top secret devise and they are intertwined. Hula dancer is involved somewhere?

NIGHT AT THE COCOANUT GROVE (1934) MGM 20 min. short Musical on stage and stars in the audience, one hula number, need more info?

OUR GANG 38OUR GANG (1935 & 37) MONOGRAM/HAL ROACH short features called “Little Rascal Follies of 36” some hula dancers singing Honolulu Baby also Our Gang Follies of 38, Learn To Croon is sung by Alfalfa before a South Seas backdrop, with Spanky, Porky, Harold Switzer, and Spike dressed as sailors, along with hula girl counterparts, one of whom is Darla.

SCREEN SNAPSHOTS: “Hawaii in Hollywood” (1948) COLUMBIA Short  footage of big Don the Beachcomber party with much the same footage reused in SCREEN SNAPSHOTS: “Hula in Hollywood” (1954) COLUMBIA  Short.
SHOW KIDS (1935) VITAPHONE/MGM  during the Depression a man wants to save a local theater and his 12 yr. old son comes up with an idea, a kid show.  Must be a hula in the show.
SQUEEKY’S REVENGE (2006) ???  Comedy short of hitman with recurring dreams of Easter Island moai tikis which come true.

TEN LAPS TO GO (1936) ACE PICTS CORP  Crooked racing team does not detour our hero driver.  Hawaiian music and Hula possible at a club.  Need more information?
TEENAGE DIARY (1960) ???  Short drama on 60s dating and 60s tikis in a restaurant.

WISE GUY, THE (1926) 1ST NAT. PICTS.  69 min short feature silent with Mary Astor and James Kirkwood who used to run a traveling tent vaudeville act but realized he could make more money as a traveling tent preacher and he was right, he a some of the vaudeville performers pulled it off successfully.  There was a Hula dancer involved but I take it was during the vaudeville times.

YOUNG IRONSIDES (1932) ROACH/MGM Short of a wealthy girl wanting to enter a beauty pageant.  There is a hula somewhere.  Need more information?

(special episodes, segements, songs or skits of episodic TV)

ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (1952-66) ABC  In Sea.5, Ep.27, Titled “ The Hawaiian Party”, Aired: 04-03-57.  Party thrown by Harry Owens with his Hawaiian band and three Hawaiian friends of the boys including David Cadiente and Del-Finn Poaha which is also their character names.  Also My Grass Shack the Auwe song hula w Telu Mansfield as one of the two dancers.  The Harriiet family sings On the Beach at Waikiki while dad Ozzie accompanies it w a mean ukulele.  In Sea.6, Ep.8, Titled: “Ozzie’s Triple Banana Surprise”, Aired 11-20-57 Ozzie over does it with huge fountain dessert.  In his dreams the King Sisters as island singers & Ozzie sing; In the Middle of an Island and the sisters sing Hawaiian War Chant with two Hawaiian dancers Tani Marsh & Tiare Marsh.
ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (2005-present) FX cable  Sea.6, Ep.10, Tilted: “Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats”, Aired 11-18-10.  Luau scene Philadelphia style.
ANTHONY BOURDAIN: THE LAYOVER (2011-present) TRAVEL CHANNEL cable documentary One episode “San Francisco” Sea.1, Ep.8, Aired 01-09-12 Anthony finds himself in heaven on earth, the best place ever the Tiki Bar in the ritzy Fairmount Hotel called The Tonga Room

BENNY HILL SHOWBENNY HILL (1967-89) ITV (British) TV  Benny does a funny beachcomber on a South Sea island musical number with all blonde and cellophane covered hula girls in the background.   Also does a song with a curvy blonde hula dancer doing sort of a striptease behind him as Benny sings Beach of Waikiki with Dana Darvey.  Ep.22, Skit Title: “Beach of Waikiki”, Aired: 01-08-75.  Also Ep.42, Skit Title: "Paradise Island", Aired 01-06-82 big musical w Brit girls in hula outfits on a sandy beach w tiki bar & waterfalls.
BIG BANG THEORY, THE (1007-present) CBS Hit comedy series of super IQ nerds adjacent to a pretty and a pretty normal girl next door.  In season 1, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/15/2007 “The Luminous Fish Effect” Super nerd Sheldon ends a pretend argument with the word “Mahalo” and proceeds to explain that the Hawaiian language has only seven consonants. Also in the opening titles quick flash of moai tikis from Rapa Nui (Easter Island).  In Sea.5, Ep.16, Titled: “The Vacation Solution”, Aired: 02-09-12 Sheldon won’t take his vacation.  His friends suggest Hawaii and Sheldon brings up a bunch of actually false negatives and ends his statements again with the word “Mahalo”.  Sea.9, Ep.16, Titled: “The Positive Negative Reaction”, Aired: 02-18-16  Howard learns fom Bernadette that he’s going to be a father.  He worried about it so to cheer him up the guys go to a tiki bar.  Ask if Sheldon was going to sing so he replys: “A microphone, a room full of inacruate depictions Polynesian religion, and a captive audience to hear about it, you bet I am”.
BIG BROTHER (off & on since 2000) CBS  Shown usually in the summer this reality show is still going.  Special winter 08 edition has a tiki light switch or doorbell in front of the house.
BOB NEWHART SHOW, THE (1972-78) CBS  Sea.5, Ep.22, Titled: “The Mentor”, Aired: 05-05-77. Carol’s husband opens a travel agency in Bob’s building.  The husband decks out the lobby with a Hawaiian décor including tikis.
BORED TO DEATH (2009-11) HBO  Sea.1, Ep.8, Titled: “Take a Dive”, Aired: 11-08-09.  Hula dancing but need more info.?
BOSTON LEGAL (2004-08) ABC TV  Sea.1, Ep.8, Titled: “Truth Be Told”, Aired: 11-07-04  w Dana Delaney as Alan Shore’s old college friend that he always wanted to take to the Aloha Inn and make love to her and see her naked in the neon light of the Hula Girl sign.  Later we find him at the Inn but with his Junior law assistant not Dana. 
BOY MEETS WORLD (1993-2000) ABC  one episode has the teens on a popular teen game show with a heavy Polynesia theme.
BRAIN DEAD(2016) CBS  Witty summer replacement series starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  Winstead is a struggling documentarian working on, at first, a Tahitian choir documentary then later changed to a Melanesian choir documentary but the going is rough so she hesitantly takes a temp job in the family business – Washington D.C. politics, which she despises.
BREAKING IN (2011-present) FOXTV  Adam Sandler Happy Madison Production starring Christian Slater & Megan Mullally.  In Sea.2, Ep.4, Titled: “Game of Jones”, Aired: 03-27-12 has boss Megan throwing a mandatory office Karaoke Luau Murder Mystery party complete w plastic leis, tikis, and a tiki torch or two.
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (2013-present) ABC Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero go on a cruise There, the two don Aloha attire and use Magnum P.I. jokes. Sea.3, ", Aired: Ep.13, Titled: "The Cruise", Aired: 01-26-16.

CHEERS (1982-93) NBC TV  One early episode Coach mixes his special Kon Tiki Tiki drink in a coconut mug.  Need more information?  Another episode Sea.10, Ep.25, Titled: “Uncle Sam Wants You”, Aired 5-2-91. Sam Malone is really into Frasier’s little boy and he can’t leave him alone.  One night he’s babysitting at the bar when Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii” is on TV.  Elvis comes to life with his lei and standard burgundy aloha shirt to give Sam advise over the TV.  
COMEDY BANG! BANG! (2012-present) IFC  In Sea.2, Ep.3, Aired: 07/26/13, Scott & Reggie do a music skit with the song “Bahama Mama”  set in a tiki bar, About a gut turning tiki but it’s Florida style with can drums and a parrothead beat.  There is a cool bamboo and thatch tiki bar and two tikis on each side of the set.  Opening line: “I lost my musician to his tiki addiction…”
CULINARY ADVENTURES OF BARON AMBROSIA THE (2012-present) COOKING CHANNEL (cable)  Sea.1, Ep.5, Titled: “South Pacific in the South Bay” Wild host Ambrosia finds himself in an empty lot in Compton playing croquette with others until a Texas Land baron tries to kick them out.  Ambrosia challenges the other baron to a croquette duel to keep the land.  The Texan knocks Ambrosia’s ball to a local Mexican fried turkey dinner and as the host hits the ball back it lands in a Indonesian restaurant and then finally a Samoan restaurant where he learn about palusami and a rare fish w/coconut milk dish called oka.  A Samoan fire dancer magically turns Baron’s croquette mallet into a Samoan knife which now as a Samoan warrior Ambrosia fiercely wins the croquette match and chases the Texas out.
COMMUNITY (2009–14) NBCSea.3. Ep. 7, Titled: “Studies in Modern Movement, Aired: 11-10-11.  The community college group tries to help Brie move.  Chase tries to paint the wall with “Hula” paint company product but Chase is drunk, spills paint on floor, paints floor instead then dreams he’s playing a grand piano with hula dancers on each side. Also McHale is blackmailed to hang out with Rush and they do a karaoke green screen video with one background shot of Tahitian vahine dancers. 

DRAGNETDEXTER (2006-13) SHOWTIME (cable)  In one episode Dexter is in a tiki bar; Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in Tarzana. Aired ca. 10-14-12.
DEVIL’S MESSENGER, THE (1959-61) COSBY/BROWN PRODS. Three episodes from a Swedish TV show titled: 13 DEMON STREET and bridging the shows with Lon Chaney Jr. as the Devil with a messenger.  Lucky filmed in English so easier to make a movie for the giant American audience.  Lon’s sidekick, a devil tiki.  Like the vampire movies.
DHARMA & GREG (1997-02) ABC  Dharma films a TV commercial that is set in the jungle.  She swings on a vine past a big tiki.
DINAH SHORE SHOW, THE (195-56) NBC  At lease one appearance with Alfred Apaka. Episode 10 of season 4, aired Dec 6, 1959.
DRAGNET (1951-59) NBC 
Sea.2, Ep.13, Titled: “The Phony Police Racket”, Aired: 12-07-67  On a complaint by a tiki bar owner Friday and Gannon go see her about the complaint.  Plastic leis, South Seas travel posters, paper pineapples and lots of bamboo & woven mat wall coverings but no tiki.

ED SULLIVAN SHOW, THE (1955-71) CBS Hawaiian entertainers like Alfred Apaka, Don Ho, Dick Jensen, Haleloke and Kui Lee.  Need more information on others.  Special movie live stage previews like MR. ROBERTS with appearances of James Cagney, Henry Fonda and Jack Lemmon
TV  The prequel to the original STAR TREK series has in its opening a cut of a Polynesian long-distance canoe as well as other earthly travelers and other Enterprises though-out history. 

FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR (1990-96) NBC  Stars Will Smith, who in one episode has a job in a pirate theme bar with New Caledonia Tiki art.  Need more info?  Also in Sea.6, Ep.24, Titled: “I, Done”, Aired: 5-20-96 part two of two of the last season Ashley wants to be a model Uncle Phil wants to run for politics and aunt Vive breaks up with him.  They make up in a tikilounge. 
FRIENDS (1994-04) NBC TV  Sea. 7, Ep. 20, Titled: “The One With Rachel's Big Kiss”, Aired 4/26/01 where Jessica runs into old female collage mate (Winona Ryder) and embarrassingly remembers that at a sorority luau they got drunk and went back to their apartment with their grass skirts coconut tops and kissed passionately.  The script always would refer to their coconuts clanking. 
FUGITIVE, THE (1963-67) ABC  David Janssen in this popular TV drama finds the real murderer and kills him on a South Sea amusement park ride called the Mahi Mahi.  Last episode Sea. 4, Titled: “The Judgment”, Aired 8/29/67.

GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN SHOW, THE (1950-58) CBS  Sea.3, Ep.1, Titled: “Free Trip to Hawaii”,Aired 10-09-52.  Gracie tries to get a date for her wardrobe girl for her trip to Hawaii, not knowing she was married and her husband was always going with her.  Gracie does a great hula while George sings The Little Brown Girl with a little grass skirt and a little grass shack in Hawai‘i.   Also sea.7, Ep.34, Titled: “A Trip to Tahiti”, Aired: 05-20-57.  Garcie complicates things as usual as friends Ronnie and Ralph plan to sail to Tahiti.
GHOST WISPERER (2005-10) CBS  Sea.2, Ep.11, Titled:”Cat’s Claw”, Aired 12/15/06. Note tikis involved.
GILMORE GIRLS (2000-07) WB Sea.3, Ep.5, Titled: “Eight O’Clock at the Oasis”  Where Lorelai house sits her neighbor’s pad which is totally tiki.  Another episode before Sea. 3 Lorelai has a scene in the kitchen with moai salt & pepper shakers.
GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C. (1964-69) CBS  The Gomer and the troops go into a tiki bar where Luanne Poovey sings.  Need more info?
GOOD WIFE, THE(2009-present) CBS Sea. 1, Ep 9, Titled “Threesome”, Aired “11-24-09.  After prostitute talks about affair with husband of the Good Wife, her law senior partners talk about the vertures of Fletcher Christian.
GRIMM (2011-present) NBC/Universal TV Sea.1, Aired: 2-3-12 “Organ Grinders”  Main clue to this episHONEY WESTode are “Hawaiian Puka Shell Leis” that our homeless victims sell for money at a city park.

HAPPY DAYS (1974-84) ABC TV  Sea. 1, Ep.11, Titled “Because She’s There”, Aired 4/2/74. Potsie set Richie up on a date to a party in Ralph’s basement where it is decorated in rattan furniture, Hawaiian Travel Posters and tiki mugs.  Sea.5, Ep 16, Titled: “Joanie’s First Kiss”, Aired: 1-17-78 going to a “Welcome, Hawaii to the Union” party.  In Sea.3, Ep.12, Titled: “Fonzie’s New Friend”, Aired 11-25-75 the new friend Happens to be African American that the Fonz takes to Richie’s luau.. 
HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL (1957-63) CBS  Sea.3, Ep.29, Titled: “An International Affair”, Aired: 04-02-60.  Popular western with classy gun slinger Paladin played by Richard Boone who in this episode is set in Paladin’s San Francisco  Hotel where a Hawaiian Prince Kimo is mysteriously murdered by either a Russian Prince, a German attaché, a mysterious wealthy hotel guest or the dead princes step Sister the Princess Mapuana. The islands where always referred to as the Sandwich Isles, the Prince did not look close to being Hawaiian, and their costumes & jewelry where not close either.  The research was so bad the spelling of their character names in the closing credits not even close; Princess Molokai and Prince Hilo.
HEART OF THE CITY (1986-87) ABC TV  Branscombe Richmond plays Sgt. Luke Hahui in short lived TV series which also stars a young Christina Applegate.
HONEY WEST (1965-66) ABC Anne Francis stars with one episode Sea.1, Ep.10, Titled  “A Neat Little Package” Aired 11/19/65. Anne goes undercover as a cigarette girl in a tiki restaurant called the Golden Lotus. Her cover name, Luana O’Brian.

I LOVE LUCY SHOW (1966-68) CBS  “Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation” season #3 Episode 88 husband goes to work in Hawaii and Lucy tries to follow by winning a contest. Great scene of Lucy and neighbors sing Hawaiian and dancing the hula. Lucy doesn't make it.
TVM with Patty Duke, Anne Baxter & James Whitmore in drama of young Euro-American girl and a Japaese-American boy
secretly get married minutes before the Pearl Harbor attack. 
I’M IN THE BAND (2009-present) DISNEY XD Cable  Sea.1, Ep.1, Titled: “Weasels in the House”, Aired 01-18-10.  Luau scene with hula dancers.
INVASION (2005-06) ABC  Short-lived sci-fi series with one episode involving a tiki Hotel.  Need more info?
IT’S GARY SHANDLING’S SHOW (1986-90) SHOWTIME cable  One episode has Gary at an amusement park where there is the Haunted Tiki Hut with a huge tiki in front of it.  Possibly “Mr. Sparks”. Sea.2

In Sea. 5, Ep. 12, Titled: “Jack Takes the Beavers to the Fair”, Aired: 03-06-55.  There among other things we find hula dancer Tani Marsh.
cable The Yost family home has a tiki and glass floats in front.

LATE FRIDAY (2001) NBC  Stand up comedy stage performances.  In a show aired end of April or beginning May 2001 with identical twin male hosts, the Sklar Brothers, who finally realize in a short skit with a tiki mug that people are trivializing a god of another culture.  “Does anybody care!”  Need more information?
LAW & ORDER SVU (1999-present) NBC One episode had a set called “Brenda’s Tiki Bar” not a great set but lots of bamboo, only one tiki mug and no tikis!  What kind of tiki bar is this? Need more information?
LIBERACE SHOW, THE (1952-69) SYN/GUILD FILMS a syndicated series of at least 6 episode specials one Titled: “A Tribute to a Hawaii” and what a great tribute to Hawaiian music of that era ca. 1967.  Songs: Aloha Oe, Hawaiian War Chant, Lovely Hula Hands, and The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai.  Performers Tani Marsh & Dell-Finn Poaha danced the Hula with Freddie Letuli & Danny Tuana as ukulele players and a Samoan Knife & Fire dance.

MALCOM IN THE MIDDLEMAD ABOUT YOU (1992-99) ABC  Sea.4, Ep.12, Titled: “Dream Weaver”, Aired: 02-04-1996.  Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt both have dreams about Paul kissing Gates McFadden (MARKER) a co-producer on a Tahitian documentary they are working on together.  Some stock footage of tahines dancing.  Final dream has both dreaming about a “Laugh In” party scene where they threw in Tahitian male dancers in b.g..
MAD MEN (2007-present) AMC (cable)  In Sea.5, Ep. 9, Titled: “Dark Shadows”, Aired: 05-15-12  Some of the gang and clients for a dinner in a tiki restaurant.  In real life Trader Vic’s in downtown L.A.  Also Sea 6, Ep.1, Opening episode of season has main character, Jon Hamm, in Hawaii as a witness to a wedding. Hamm wears a lei.
MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE (2000-2006) FOX TV Dad makes a tiki room with tiki bar for tiki time (away from kids) For the 1st time the parents can relax & talk where they find out more about each other -good & bad. This popular show’s episode Sea.6, Ep.13, Titled: “Tiki Lounge”, Aired: 3-13-05.  Also Sea.7, Ep.13, Titled: “Mono”, Aired 02-12-06  Mom Lois gets mono meanwhile being Loisless dad gets invited to neighborhood parties, first one a luau. 
MAN FIRE FOOD (2012-current) COOKING CHANNEL  Sea.1, Ep.5, Titled: “Pit Masters”, Aired: 10-16-12 One master from Texas and one from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant in Pacifica, California.
MASTERPIECE THEATHER (1971-2010) PBS  One unusual Ep., Titled: “Danger UXB” about bomb disposal during WWII.  This episode it opens at a London strip club called the “Wakiki Club” where a bomb lands but doesn’t explode but the crash traps most people inside to be rescued.  Interesting note: a rare PBS show where topless girls are dancing on TV.
MIDDLE, THE (2009-present) ABC Sea.7, Ep.3, Titled: “The Shirt”, Aired: 10-07-15. Stars Patricia Heaton & Neil Flynn.  This episode Flynn wears a shirt that is very uncharactistic of him, an aloha or Hawaiian shirt.  While Flynn doesn’t see the big deal, it seems everyone else does.
MILLERS, THE(2013-current) CBS  Sea.2, Ep.2, Titled: “Reunited and It Feels So Good”.  In a meeting about MR EDthe parents finally signing their divorce papers couple of references about Gilligan and Mrs. Howell and a “mahalo” line.  Family friend Ray mixes a tropical drink.
MR. ED (1961-66) CBS TV  Sea.2, Ep.4, Titled: “Ed the Redecorator”, Aired  10-22-61  Ed helps to redecorate his stall in modern Hawaiian.  The term “Hawaiian Modern” is use for a Tiki décor.  To wife: “What are you doing now Aulani diving for pennies” Wilber also refers to his wife in a Hula outfit that she dancing the ‘Wicky wacky hula yacky hicky dula”  Cute hula dance with wife and neighbor.
MONSTER HOUSE (2003) DISCOVERY CHANNEL (Cable TV)  In one episode the “House” team turns a plain home into a South Seas palace with a custom tropical terrarium entryway, giant tiki fire place,
lava lined multi-head shower and a black bottom pool with tiki torches, half of a castaway boat, hut and an artificial hurricane. 
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN (1963-66) CBS  Second half of one Ep. Is all in a tiki bar. Also a second episode with a tiki bar.  Need more info?

NANNY,THE (1993-99) CBS  Brian Setzer shoots a video in the house with tikis.  Need more info?
NEW NORMAL (2012-current) NBC  Opener has little girl of this usual family on the beach in a hula outfit.

OUTER LIMITS (1964-65) ABC Sea.2, Ep.2, Titled: “Old Hands, Warm Heart”, Aired 9/26/64 with William Shatner.  What is with that Capt. Kirt seeing monsters out of windows.  At least this one he has a tiki in his house by the fireplace and possibly a small black Tahitian one on his file cabinet in his office.  60s equals tiki.
OUTSOURCED (2010-11) NBC  One episode the local supervisor, Rajiv, is holding one of the many kitsch products from their catalog – a Moai tissue holder where the individual sheet are dispensed from the nose of the Tiki..

PAT PAUSEN HALF A COMEDY HOUR (1970) ABC  One skit has Pat smashed between two hefty Hula maidens.  Need more information on episode?
PAULA’S PARTY (2006-present) FOOD NETWORK  Southern Luau complete with Tikis, leis and Tiki mugs.  Sea.1, Ep.13, Titled: ”Paula’s Hawaiian Hoedown” from Paula Deen.  Aired: 1/26/07.
PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE (1988) CBS/PAUL REUBENS "Luau for Two"   Pee-wee wins a contest and gets dinner for two at the Kalani Lanai Hawaiian restaurant but lots of insincerity, envy and jealousy erupts among Pee-wee's friends about who gets to go eat with Pee-wee.  Lots of tacky and fun Hawaiian scenes and hulas in the playhouse, as well among his puppets and animated characters.  Even the magic globe transfers Pee-wee to Hawaii where we see Pee-wee surfing at Waikiki with the classic superimpose of Diamond Head in background.
PETER GUNN (1958-61) NBC
In private eye film noir TV.  Sea.1 Ep. 21, Titled: “Scuba”, Aired: 02/16/59, Peter enlists a salvage driver to help solve a case, the diver’s pad is a swinging tiki lair w seductive hula dancers.
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS(2010 to present) ABC Family  In the season 5 winter premiere, the pretty girls go to the antagonist, named Mona, funeral.  Though noted for going to a lot of furnerals and wearing fashionable black outfits, the girls wear leis with their dresses and so does everyone else.  Although not clear why, it is spectualed that Mona was part Hawaiian, her rich family also had a Hawaiian estate, Mona loved to throw themed parties and a black and white luau at her funeral was her wish but the best reason was a simple homage to the home of the actress who played Mona, Janel Parrish.  Parish was born and raised is Hawai‘i with parents of European and Chinese descent.  Sea. 5, Ep.14, Titled:”Through a Glass, Darkly”, Aired: 1-6-2015.
PSYCH (2006-present) USA (cable) the main character Shawn’s Dad has a tiki bar and the bar like the one on TWO AND A HALF MEN as a recurring role.  But the one on MEN is a commercial Tiki bar where the Tiki bar on PSYCH is a personal one.  Sea.2, Eo.3, Titled: “Psy vs Psy” is an example.  Also Ep.. Titled: “Tuesday the 17th” the show is set at Tikihama with a Menhune Lodge.

RACHAEL VS GUY CELEBRITY (2012-current) FOOD NETWORK Sea.3, Ep.2, Titled: “Leis in the Fray”, Aired: 01-13-14.  Celebs: Vanilla Ice, Florence Henderson, Tiffiny, Penn Jillette, Herchel Walker, Chris Kattan.  Typical Polynesian Pop food which is a bunch of Oriental pupus with a Thai, Chinese and Japanese influence.  Tiki mugs, plastic leis and pineapples.  Shot at Lee’s Hawaiian Islander in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.
REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS (2010-current) BRAVO (cable)  Sea.2, Ep.17, Titled: “Leis & Lies”, Aired: 01-12-12 in Lanai.  2 episode rich gold digger reality show.
REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY (2006-current) BRAVO (cable)  Sea.7, Ep.18, Tiled: “Will he or Wont He?”, Aired: 06-12-12.  Tamera goes to Bora Bora by her boyfriend Eddie so he can propose to her.
REAPER (2007-09) The CW (cable)  One episode the show is set in the Polynesian Room in the Waldorf in Vancouver, BC.
REDWOOD KINGS (2014-present) ANIMAL PLANET  John Daniels chainsaw and partner with twin brother Ron started out with a small tiki carvings.  John is noted for his bear and other nature cravings but he prefers the break when he gets a tiki craving commission.  He says that since they are a made up image anything goes with his creations.  He does do his home homework and they are decent looking except he adds the Pop culture touches of red glowing eyes, smoke coming out of the mouth and fake Hawaiian languge coming out of a recorder.  John craves tikis off and on in the show.  Good example is in Sea.2, Ep.6, Titled: “Mineshaft Zipline”, Aired: 08-14-15.
RHODA (1974-78) CBS  Sea.1, Ep.14, Titled: “’S Wonderful”, Aired: 12-02-74  Rhoda thinks her sister’s new boyfriend is married and she proves it in a double date at a tiki restaurant with hula maiden waitress, exotic drinks, tiki mask and hanging glass floats.
RICH LITTLE SHOW (1976) NBC One episode he sings with Charlotte Rae in a tiki lounge called the Orchid Room.  Two tall tiki’s lined each side of the stage.
ROSEANNE (1988-97) ABC popular TV series spoofs GILLIGANS ISLAND on their final show of 1995 Sea.7, Ep. 26, Titled “Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute”. Aired 5/24/95. 

SAINT, THE (1962-69) ITV (British)  One show has a tiki nightclub with Māori carvings on the wall.  Suppose to be in Haiti and a Voodoo night club.
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVESATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (1975-present) NBC TV  In last show of the 4th season, also the 100th show, has Bill Murray as lounge singer in Trader Nicks in Niagara Falls, funny and classic Hawaiian Tiki Tacky Bar look and feel. Episode Aired 3/7/09. Dwayne Johnson & Fred Armisen play Hawaiian waiters in the “Hawaiian Hotel” who are tired of all the tourist crap.  Billy Crystal, ca. 1984, doing Buddy Young Jr. as a restaurant critic during the news.  He reviews Don Ho’s Blue Flame with the Poi and the Pupus also going into the audience where he finds lots of celebrities including Johny Cash who Buddy Young says he stole Jack Lord’s haircut.  In Sea.17, Ep.1, Skit Title:”Bill Swerski’s Super Fans w special guest Michael Jordan, Aired: 09-28-1991.  “Da Bears” gang praises coach Dyka even with Jordan sitting with them.  Chris Farley has a few heart attacks but still mangages to do his ritual good luck weird hula dance for the team, complete w coconut bra.  At end they all don hula skirts and join him.  2002 episode with politician John McCain, has a skit with kid characters talking about Halloween, one girl is in a “hula” costume
SCRUBS (2001) ABC Season 8, Episode 14 – Aired: 4/8/2009 “My Soul On Fire”, Part 1 and Season 8, Episode 15 – Aired: 4/15/2009 “My Soul On Fire, Part 2”  Janitor gets married on the Bahamas and invites most of the staff for the presents but most decide.  So why in South Seas Cinema? First J.D. and Turk buy “faux” cursed BRADY BUNCH Hawaiian Tikis and they wear them around their neck for both episodes; second, everyone wears aloha wear; third, apparently the beach in the Bahamas is called Tahiti Beach according to the SCRUB writers. 
SCTV NETWORK 90 (1981-83) NBC  The SCTV gang, but Harold Ramis, reunites for NBC for a couple of seasons.  One Poly Pop show in Sea.#1, Ep.#2, Titled: “Polynesiantown”, Aired: 05-22-81 with guest star Dr. John.  Main skirt is a parody of the movie Chinatown with Johnny LaRue (John Candy) owning a Polynesian restaurant. A funny Who Done It.
SEINFELD (1989-98) NBC  Sea. 8, Ep 7, Titled “The Checks” Kramer brings in his apartment a group of Japanese tourist where we find that he has a tiki corner.
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2005-present) FOX TV  Sea.7, Ep.14, Titled “Top Seven Perform”, Aired: 07-14-10.  First Tahitian danced performed complete with customs.
SON OF A BEACH (2000-02) FX (cable)   In an early titled”Two Thongs don’t Make a Right”  In celebration at the end the BAYWATCH like gang parties at a beach tiki bar with a huge moai.
SPOOKS (2002-present) BBC  UK  Aka: MI-5  Like the movie CLOSER with Julia Roberts these spies occasionally meet at the same London Aquarium at the same place, in front of the shark tank with large moai inside. Also see animated movie TURTLE'S TAIL 2.
STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE (1993-99) UPN TV  “You Are Cordially Invited... “(episode #131, season #6)  Has a Samoan, Lt. Ataoa (Sidney Liufau) doing a fire dance with ti leaf outfit at Jadiza Dax’s bachelorette party. 
STAR TREK: VOYAGER (1995 - 2001) UPN TV  Sea.3, Ep.14, Titled: “Alter Ego”, Aired: 1-15-97.  Where Neelex has a holographic resort and with help from the crew and research he recreates a Hawaiian luau.  The crew replicates Aloha print outfits,  Californian/Asians as wahine waitresses in grass skirts, Melanesian masks and lots of leis.  Funny scene where locals attack some crew. 
STARSKY AND HUTCH (1975-79) ABC  Sea.1, Ep.23, Titled “Bounty Hunter”  Got tiki? (12 mins in)  Need more info.?
STEVE ALLEN SHOW THE (1956-60) NBC  Sea.2, Ep.40, Aired ??/??/57 w Tony Bennett at end whole cast joins hula dancers in a major skit called “In the Middle of an Island”.
SUMMER MUSIC MAINIA (2003) FOX TV Concert in San Diego with giant moai tikis and hula girl illustrations on stage.
SUPERNATURAL (2005-present) THE CW  In Sea.7, Ep.14, Titled: “Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie”, Aired: 02-10-12 the Brother go back to Kansas and stay at a modern “tiki hotel” with hula wallpaper, rattan chairs faux lava rock walls, and a red lighted interior black Tiki.

TANKED (2010-current) ANIMAL PLANET (cable) Sea. 6, Ep. 1, Titled: “Rock N’ Roll Eruption”, Aired: 11/1/13.  Besides a cool drum set tank, Brett, Wayde and company build a Volcano tank in the Lahaina Grill in Las Vegas, complete with Hawaiian fish like the humuhumunukunukuapuaa.
TAXITAXI (1978-83) ABC
TV  One episode Sea. 2, Ep. 20, Titled: “Shut it Down”, Aired: 2-5-80 where Nardo is shop steward for union and calls a walkout until taxis are safe to drive.  Louie makes a secret deal with her to meet all her demands if she goes out with him one night.  She sacrifices her dignity for the other drivers and goes out with the little low life.  In his ultimate night out he takes her to the “Tide Pool” a tacky Polynesian restaurant in New York.  He requests a tango from the band and they funnily play it Martin Denny tropical lounge style. 
THREE STOOGES SHOW, THE (1934-59) AMC Sea. 20, Ep. 6, Titled: “Pardon my Backfire”, Aired: 8/15/53 Hope they mean a car?  Anyway we find in one scene a small French Polynesian tiki on a console along with a birthday cake. Shem gets a knife in his behind.
30 SECONDS OF FAME (2002) FOX TV  Basically a talent show, one episode has a Samoan fire-knife dancer and Tahitian dancers called the “Hula Girls” who later in the show explain “in hula you talk with the hands but in tamure you talk with your hips”, another person played the ukulele. 
T. J. HOOKER (1982-86) ABC  William Shatner as Hooker in one episode Aired ca. 5/1/02 there is a tiki bar with a good name but interior was tikiless.
TODDLERS & TIARAS (2008-present) TLC   In Sea.5, Ep.ca.9, Titled: “Mississippi Sweet Pea Pageant”, Aired: 05-30-12 Mississippi Sweet Pea Pageant and this year’s theme “Luau Princess” with a few mini contestants with nice Hawaiian or Tahitian outfits.
TWILIGHT ZONE (1960-64 ) CBS  Sea.3, Ep.22, Titled: “A Piano in the House”, Aired 2/16/62, Three Māori masks are spotted in the pianist house.
TWIN PEAKS (1990-91) ABC TV  Sea.1 though out Sea. in Dr. Jacoby’s office that has lots of Hawaiian/tiki stuff including Hawaiian Muszak music piped in.
TWO AND A HALF MEN (2003-present) CBS TV  Sea.2, Ep.23, Titled: “Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab”, Aired: 05-16-05 where little Jake had to go to evil grandma’s house while the two men (Dad and Uncle) went to Tiki bar full of beach volleyball babes.  First of many episodes featuring this Tiki bar.  Also in same show Uncle says, as they drop off kid and teaching him that it is sometimes okay to lie: “You don’t get the virgin up the volcano by telling her she has to jump in!”  In Sea.4, ep.24, Titled: “Prostitutes & Gelato”, Aired: 05-14-07 bros. Charlie & Alan meet Mom’s new boy friend.  Not impressed until Ted played by Robert Wagner picks them up in a limo flies them to Vegas for ring side seats and treats them to gelato & prostitutes.  Sold, Dad!  Soon Alan plans a wedding with a Polynesian theme & tiki torches.  Another tiki bar episode; “Thank God for Scoliosis” show 127, season 6, episode 12, 1/12/09) Uncle takes THE WALTONSnephew to his favorite tiki bar where waitress invites them to her house for a real meal but after he can’t get rid of the kid.  Sea.10, Ep.11, Titled: “Give Santa a Tail-Hole”, Aired: 12/13/12.  Cryer & Kutcher sings Mele Kalikimaka.

UGLIEST GIRL IN TOWN (1968) ABC  Premiere episode had an ugly tiki behind our hero.
UNFORGETTABLE (20011-present) CBS  Sea.1, Ep.13, Titled: “Brotherhood”, Aired: 1/10/12.  Plot with murder at a frat house.  South Seas/tiki party of course - it’s a frat house!

WALTONS, THE (1972-81) CBS  Ben moves to North Fork, VA where he takes a date to a tiki restaurant called the Hula Hut in the 40s?  Sea. 6, Ep.3, Titled “The Recluse”, Aired 09-29-77.
WHILE YOU WERE OUT (2002-06) TLC (cable) popular remodel show were one Ep. 25, Sea. 1, Titled: “Arizona: Gelding Drive”, Aired 12-14-02 parents leave for Vegas while the daughter and the shows team transform their family room into a Hawaiian paradise décor. 
WILL & GRACE (1999-06) NBC TV  Episode 08 sea 3 “Lows In The Mid-Eighties” Famous flashback episode where Grace AND her family are ready to say yes to Will but Will realizes he’s gay.  Grace drowns her sorrows at a Tiki Bar with a girlfriend.

YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS (1950-54) NBC TV with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca and on Bob Hope’s PRIVATE NAVY OF SERGEANT O'FARRELL, THE (1968) COLUMBIA.

ZOEY 101 (2005-present) NICKELODEON  Starring Britney Spiers little sister.  One episode has her and her classmates in a big luau complete with fake Tiki and plastic leis. 



ARCHERACROBATTY BUNNY (1946)  WARNER Animation   Bugs Bunny does the Hula in the circus.
ALADIN AND THE KING OF THIEVES (1996) DISNEY (animation)  Robin Williams as the genie sings about parties which includes a Hawaiian luau line and a large Tiki dancing in the background. 
AMERICAN DAD (2005 to present) FOX  In Sea.6, Ep.12, Titled: “You Debt your Life”, Aired: 02-20-11 Couple scenes with Roger and his MAGNUM P.I. fanny pack complete with the MAGNUM theme song. Sea, 9, Ep.14, Titled: “Spelling Bee My Baby”, Aired: 03-24-13. In a short scene Roger is very over weight wearing a lavalava and playing an ukulele, Then he plays and signs Over the Rainbow and we relalize he’s Iz Kamakawiwo‘ole.
ANT BULLY, THE (2006) WARNER BROS.  Kid who used to destroy bugs gets shrunk to an ant’s size where ants teach him lessons on life.  One scene tiny Lucas the boy takes some ants into his home, where they glide around with flower peddles with wind from a fan.  They pass a painting of Diamond Head and Lucas relates his found memories there.  Hula dancers, volcanos and Don Ho.  Later the ant party tells some other ants that they went to Hawai‘i.
ARCHER (2010-current) FX  Found thoughout the the series is that fact that boss Malory Archer has a Moai head on her bookshelf. Sea.1, Ep.2. Titled: ”Training Day.” Here Archer has to train the account Cyril because they are short a man. They ride in Archer’s muscle car with a hula bobber that eventually gets her head shot off.  Sea.4, Ep.3, Titled: “Legs”, Aired: 01-31-13. Mixed plots of trying to head to Rome for a mission, preventing Dr. Krieger from installing cyborg legs on Gillette, dealing with a new weapons storage manager and repeated remarks of a past disastrous company 4th of July luau, something about a exploded pig.
ARCHIES FUNHOUSE (1970-71) CBS  Sea.1, Ep.4, Titled: “Snowball Skating & Bumsteer’s Rodeo there is a very short skit of the girls dancing the Hula “I’m dancing the Hula”  “How’s it shaking?”

BUGS BUNNY (19??) WARNER (animation) with a wolf who danced the hula at the end of cartoon with bugs playing the ukulele.   Need more info?

CLEVELAND SHOW, THE (2009-present) FOX (animated)  Sea.3, Ep.18, Titled: “B.M.O.C.”, Aired: 04-29-12.  Cleveland takes his step daughter to his Alma Mater for homecoming.  There’s a frat luau at his old frat house. Tiki
CRITIC THE (1994-95) GRACIE FILMS/COMEDY CHANNEL (cable)  Sea. #2, Ep. #6, Titled: “All the Duke’s Men”  Full of South Seas & tiki references.  One Sherman’s makeup lady runs off to a “no smoking” Pacific island, Sherman’s son goes to an international prep school where the Eastern Islander students have moai heads and Sherman criticizes the sequel to Apocalypse Now a musical where the Brando character sings and dances the hula.
CROON CRAZY (1933) RKO Animation Oil-can-Harry gets his own radio show with big guest stars but none show up to the live show so Oil-can does it all including a hula number.                                                                                                                     

DEXTER’S LABATORY  Sea.2, Ep.108, Titled: “Last But Not Beast”, Aired: 06-15-98 were an axed face kaiju monster is attacking a Japanese city even a few superheroes can’t stop the large monster, one hero of the Justice Friends” is Tiki Torch which of course has a large tiki head and heats up.  Sea.2, Ep.93, Titled:”Sun, Surf and Science”, Aired: 04-01-98  Dexter’s sister Dee Dee at surf meet w/rival Mandark setting traps in the surf for the other contestants.  Mandark almost drown’s, gets pulled to bottom where he meets the giant tiki god who tells him to surf with his own talents, his surfboard now has a tiki logo. 

FAMILY GUYFAMILY GUY (1999-present) FOX TV (animation)  Sea.2, Ep.3, Titled: “Da Boom”, Aired: 12-26-99 this episode about 2000 year holocaust has Peter watching MAGNUM PI on TV. Sea. 2, Ep 13, Titled: Road to Road Island”, Aired: 5-30-00. Baby Stewie & and talking pet dog Brian on way home on a train luggage car find a trunk full of costumes and they break out in a song and dance with a few steps dressed in hula outfits. In Sea.3, Ep.10, Titled: “A Fish Out of Water”, Aired 09-19-01 with Dad out of work and 700 lbs. heavier, he thinks of fishing with a flashback of him on a raft talking to volleyball named Wilson, suddenly the ball yells “My name is Voit, dumbass!” ala CAST AWAY also in Sea.3, Ep.19, Titled: “Stuck Together, Torn Apart”: Aired 1-31-02 where Magnum treated Higgins badly and made Higgins call himself Tattoo from the another hit South Seas Cinema TV show FANTASY ISLAND, and later a quick scene of father and teen son try to dance the hula correctly or the volcano god will not be pleased. On the KISS episode Sea.3, Ep.20, Titled: ”Road to Europe”, Aired: 2-7-02, the rock group announces a five day tour in the Northeast. Peter says: ”Crap we live in French Polynesia”. Ep.10, Sea.5, Aired 2/11/07 called "Peter's Two Dads" has Stewie wanting to be spanked so one of the things he does to get in trouble is to draw heavyweight boxer and Samoan David Tua on the wall with his funky haircut. In Sea.7, Ep.15, Titled: “Three Kings”, Aired 5/10/09 the family do short takes on 3 Steven King classic movies; STAND BY ME, MISERY and SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. Between the last two there is a short scene and later the theme song of MAGNUM P.I.. Also Sea.7, Ep.4, Title: "Baby Not on Board", Aired: 11-02-2008 there is a short scene about Matthew Fox breathing hard on LOST. In Sea.10, Ep.2, Titled: “Seahorse Seashell Party” Aired:10-02-11. Brian gets high on magic mushrooms during a storm. Of his many images he sees Peter in grass skirt & coconut bra dancing the hula, even his double chin was dancing the hula.  In Sea. 11, Ep. 17, Aired 04-04-13, Titled; “Big Fat” where Peter gets lost in the Canadian woods.  One gross scene Hanks in a CAST AWAY parody takes volleyball Wilson, cuts a round whole for a mouth and puts it below his waist.  Thank goodness we don’t see the details.  In Titled: “Grimm Job”, Aired: 01-12-13.  Peter reads to Stewie before bedtime.  He first pulls out a giant book, “James Michener’s HAWAII”, he opens it at a random page to check it out and it’s a page of Pearl Harbor, he screams in horror and puts the book back.  In Sea.13, EP.14 Titled: “Jojo”, Aired: 04-12-15 Peter imagines is own funeral which has moneys, clowns and two hula dancers.
FINDING NEMO (2003) DISNEY (animated)  Popular computer-animated movie of a lost fish from the Great Barrier Reef.  The little fish ends up at a dentist office in Sydney where he has a South Seas theme fish tank.  The tank has a porcelain grass hut and tikis with a big volcano mountain complete with red running lights flowing down like lava.  The local tropical fish add to the theme with a Polynesian ritual and the name “Com on I wana haka logi”.
FRACTURED FRIENDSHIP (1965) LANTZ/UNIVERSAL (animated)  Smedley wants to move to Hawaii Chilly Willy wont let him go so he sabotages all modes of transport and he finally paints a Hawaiian scene outside their Arctic home. 
FUTURERAMA (1999-2003) FOX (2008-present) COMEDY CENTRAL (animation)  One episode in Sea.2, Ep.3, Titled: “When Aliens Attack”, Aired 11-07-99 where aliens invade earth because Fry blows out the FOX network cutting off the Aliens favorite show.  Their first place of attack is monument beach where among all the landmarks we find are three Moai.  In Sea.5, Ep.2, Titled: “Jurassic Bark”, Aired: 11-17-02  Bender fetches Fry a moai tiki to show Fry that he is as good as Fry’s “best friend” dog that the professor is cloning for Fry. In Sea.6, Ep.8, Titled: “Mobius Dick”, Aired: 08-04-11 Leela flies the Planet Express ship into the Bermuda Tetrahedron where she finds and is obsessed with a space whale that shipwrecked the first Planet Express ship.  Like Captain Ahab of the original Pacific story.  Also in the bg are ruins of ships in the past including the long one from 2001 SPACE ODYSSEY and the Oceanic Airliner from hit South Seas TV show LOST.

GOOD VIBES (2011) MTV  Animation about sexy Jersey single Mom moves to SoCal with her cubby teen son both trying to adjust to the beach culture.  Mom gets a job at a good looking tiki bar on the beach.
GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY, THE (2001-08) CARTOON NETWORK TV animated  Sea.4, Ep.13, Titled: “Billy Idiot”, Aired 6-30-05 Billy’s father challenges an evil witch to a dance off, one of his dances was a hula complete with grass skirt and coconut shell bikini top.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA (2012) COLUMBIA Starring Adam Sandler as Count Dracula who owns the Hotel for monsters.  The count also has a daughter who is coming of age, 118, who finds a post card of Hawaii where her parents met.  A few scenes about this, towards the beginning when her father explains it and in the middle when she talks about Hawaii with a teen hotel guest (who is actually a human).  And at her birthday party her possible boyfriend used fireflies to make human city signs with “Ha Wee Wee” that’s how she pronounces it.  Near the end with a Vampire & daughter talk, she reads her mom’s diary with a page on them meeting in Hawaii and the Hawaiian post card again.  Happy ending Dad gives daughter post card (freedom).

I LIKE MOUNTAIN MUSIC (1933) WARNER  Animation Don’t know about mountain music when this short is about books and magazine covers coming to life in a drugstore.  Hula dancer and ukulele are included.

JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES(??) DISNEY JUNIOR (cable) on the Ep. Titled: “Night of the Golden Pirate Pumpkin; Trick or Treasure” which is a Halloween theme episode, there on a strange island “tiki trees”  with talking tiki trunks.  The tiki’s are of the colorful “plastic party décor” variety.

KING OF THE HILLKING OF THE HILL (1997-2010) FOX TV  Sea. 5, Ep. 5, Titled: “Peggy Makes the Big Leagues”, Aired: 11-26-00 where Peggy get her big break, long term subbing at High School but she flunks the star football player David Kalaiki-Alii, the Flyin' Hawaiian.  Voiced by Brendan Frasier and part for Hawaiian mother who goes along with local boosters who wants to send him to college at any cost.  David himself realizes to start really studying because he is smart enough and he needs something to fall back on.  Although not set in the islands its worthy of the listing because this Hawaiian was central to the story not the b.g. of it. Also in Sea.3, Ep.5, Titled: “Next of Shin”,  Aired: 11-03-98  Cotton runs to Vegas when he finds his young wife is pregnant.  Hank runs to find him, there he finds a tiki bar at poolside w big tiki, waterfalls and an A-frame. In Sea. 7, Ep. 1, Titled: “Get Your Freak Off”, Aired: 11-03-02 Where in Bobby new girlfriend’s house we find tiki paintings everywhere.  Also Episode where father Hank and son Bobby build a tiki raft together.  Sea. 12, Ep. 21, Titled “It Came From the Garage”, Aired: 05-11-08.
KRONK’S NEW GROVE (2006) DISNEY animated  Two hula references first a “Small World After All” like ride with hula dancers and Kronk’s dad has a hula dancer tattoo. 

LION KING, THE (1994) DISNEY (animation) The smash hit has an African wart-hog with an apple in his mouth and his buddy the meerkat do a hula number complete with ukulele, lei, grass skirt all to distract the evil hyenas. 
LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION (2003) WARNER BROS. Animation   Lot’s of Hawaiian culture here with Aloha shirts and even Hawaiian seats covers on the main car.

MADAGASCAR (2005) DREAN WORKS  When Chris Rock the Zebra arrives on island he surf’s in with the Hawaii 5-0 theme song in b.g..
MERBABIES (1938) HARMAN-ISING/DISNEY  Baby Mermaids frolicking underwater and creating a circus parade with ocean creatures.  One parade float has a Hula dancer (with a pearl lei) and an ukulele player.
MICKEY MOUSE CLUB (2006-PRESENT)  DISNEY CHANNEL In Sea.2, Ep.30, Titled: “Pete’s Beach Blanket Luau”, Aired: 06-20-09. Also featured in special video called: “Mickey’s Big Splash”.
MINIONS (2015) UNIVERSAL PICTURES (animated) The origins of the lovable characters from the Despicable Me series of films.  Here the Minions are trapped in giant antartic cave with nothing to do after acouple of centries.  Finally Kevin comes up with a plan to leave the cave and find a better life for all.  Cute little Bob and teen Stuart go with him on this adventure.  Stuart has a beat up home made ukulele of all thiings.  One day in the city he day dreams of him becoming a Elvis like “Aloha in Hawaii” character, complete with aloha shirt and lei and a new ukulele that then turns into an electric guitar and he rocks out.

POPEYE THE SAILORNEW WOODY WOODPECKER SHOW, THE (2006) FOX KIDS In Sea. 1, Ep. 4, Titled: "Fake Vacation", Aired: 01-10-06 fun show where the Buzzard trys to sell Woody on a bogus trip to German Polynesia where one can play with the Hula frau.

PIRATES, THE: BAND OF MISFITS (2012) COLUMBIA  British (Animated)  A Moai is spotted on a grand stairway along with some tribal masks (some African, some Melanesian).  Out misfits hit most of them while in a tub sliding down the stairs as the big Moai follows them.
PLASTIC MAN COMEDY ADVENTURE SHOW (1979-81) RUBY-SPEARS PROD./ABC Hero from DC comics with his friends. One friend was named Hula Hula, a bungling Hawaiian employee because of a Hawaiian curse.
POPEYE THE SAILOR (1933) PARAMOUNT  The first appearance of Popeye as a cartoon short in 07-14-33. He is introduce by Betty Boop at a carnival where Betty is the resident Hula Dancer.

RATATONE (200?) DISNEY/PIXAR  One clip of Norway Rats in Hawaii from the Documentary within the Blue-ray and DVD discs.
RETURN OF JAFAR DISNEY (1994) DISNEY (animation)  The video only release and sequel to the smash hit ALADDIN, has genie returning from a world-wide vacation on a surf-board, riding a big wave, wearing a grass skirt, aloha shirt and a lei among other items, all with the famous Hawaii Five-O drum beat in b.g..  The genie also shows his hula doll trinket. 
ROBOT CHICKEN (2005 to present) CARTOON NET  Claymation  Show 22. Sea.2, Ep.1, Titled: “Suck It”, Aired: 04-02-06. Skit with Mr, and Mrs. Brady shoot it up in a parody of MR. & MRS. SMITH but here they shoot the kids and the cursed Tiki.  One boy yells before he dies “Damn you evil Tiki!” before the parents shoot up the said tiki hanging on the wall .  Also the show did a special STAR WARS parody where one skit had Boba Fett took off his mask and the doll looked just like Tememura, the Maori actor.  Sea.6, Ep.3 Titled: “Punctured Jugular”,  Aired: 09-30-12 has a parody of CAST AWAY Wilson as Jason Borne like character.
ROCKET POWER (1999-2004) NICKELODEON (cable) Actually set in Southern California surf town but one of the main kids has a Hawaiian uncle, named Tito who has Mexican American name and accent even though the voice was Hawaiian Ray Bumatai. Tito is heavy & always wears an Aloha shirt. He runs a Hawaiian restaurant with tikis and bamboo. There is a lot of reminiscing about Hawaii and flashbacks.The main Kids like to surf. One show: "Hawaii Blues" Tito is homesick so they throw him a luau and fly in some relatives from Hawaii. Wouldn't have been cheaper to fly him out to Hawaii. Episode 12 of season 1, aired 9/27/99.
RUNAWAY BRAIN (1995) DISNEY (animation)  Mickey almost forgets Minnie Birthday and tells her he’s going to take her to Hawaii.  He gets an extra job at a mad scientist lab.  We don’t see him go to the islands in this pre main feature cartoon. 

SECRET LIFE OF PETS, THE (2016) UNIVERSAL Voice stars Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet and Kevin Hart. The two main dogs somehow get lost and after a long day their hunger is satisfied when they run into a sausage factory. The pets sneak in at closing and eat to their hearts content. As they rest their full tummies they both dream a musical dance number with sausages. It’s a homage to Grease 2 (1982) luau scene with the song We’ll Be Together complete with some hot dogs in hula outfits.
THE SIMPSONSSIMPSONS, THE (1989-present) FOX  In Sea.11, Ep.18, Titled: “Days of Wine and D’oh’ses”. Aired: 4/9/00 Homer’s drinking problem has him in front of an old abandoned Tiki bar (called Bob’s Big Poi) with an old Tiki sitting in the trash out front. Homer takes the Tiki home and taps the gas from his stove and runs it through the Tiki’s mouth. In Sea. 12, Ep.3, Titled: “Insane Clown Poppy”, Aired:11-12-00 Krusty hangs with a daughter he didn’t know he had. One scene he plays the ukulele and sings to her I Wanna Go Back To My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii. Sea.13, Ep.14, Titled: “Tales from the Public Domain”, Aired: 3-17-02. The Simpsons do Hamlet, step father almost confesses murder by yelling “I didn’t poison him, I mean - you like poi, son? I mean for the royal luau.”  One Ep. Moe puts down Tiki bars and two Tiki bartenders put their heads down.  Need more info?  In Sea. 25, Ep. 1, Titled: “Homerland”, Aired: 09-29-13 starts with Homer unpacking from a trip from Hawaii. He unpacks a luau pig, a whole pig.  Sea.26, Ep.10, Titled:”The Man Who Came to Dinner”, Aired:01-04-15 where Homer takes his family to Dizzneeland where one finds a very commericalzed Disney/Star Wars amusment park. For example instead of the Tiki Room there is the Jabba the Tiki Hut room. Also, what they thought was a space ride turns out to be a real spaceship which transports the family to a planet where they will eat Homer for dinner which is a South Seas or African cannibal trope.
SINBAD: THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS (2003) DREAMWORKS (animated)  All Sinbad talks about is his goal of retiring and relaxing in carefree Fiji. One scene where they have a brochure like map of Fiji with Hawaiian steel guitar music in b.g. and the crew dressed for the trip but he needs to save the day once more.
SOUTH PARK (1997-present) COMEDY CENTRAL (cable) Episode in spring 2000 with a Pokemon theme had the foul mouth boys playing a Pokemon video game with a Pearl Harbor attack topic and a store owner of Luaus Toys complaining to the Japanese toy maker. Sea.14, Ep.7, Aired 4-28-10, Titled “Crippled Summer” Jimmy plays the ukulele with hula dancers and a backup band for talent show at summer camp. 
STROKED (2009-11) FRESH TV  Canadian from the people who brought us TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND.  Here or up in Canada a group of older teens work at an island surf resort where there are nice waves & they surf in bikinis and no shirts for the guys- yeah right!  There are a lot of Poly references, like luaus, hula dancers, the older surf called the Big Kahuna and a tiki at a restaurant.  There even a play on the I’ll cursed tiki from the BRADY BUNCH but this mini tiki is a mini totem.
SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (1996-2000) WARNER BROS.  (animated) Sea 3, Titled “Knight Time”  Superman dressed as Batman fights the powerful juiced up Bane in an antique warehouse we Tikis can be seen in the b.g. and Bane picks up a big Moai to toss on what he thinks is Batman but as Superman he kicks it back.

TEX AVERY (1952) MGM "Magical Maestro" Early cartoon with a magician trying to get a job with opera singer Puchini a pooch. The magician doesn't get job so he takes over as the conductor as Puchini sings. The magician plays magic on the serious opera singer. One trick was to turn the singer and two rabbits into Polynesians singing a Hawaiian like number complete with lava lavas (aloha print wraps for men) and leis leaving the tux wearing audience aghast.

VENTURE BROS. (2006-10) ??? (animated) Title: “Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman” Season 3, Episode 6, Aired 7/6/08  There is a party at Dr. Quymn place with Tiki mug drinks.  Also Sea. 3 Ep. 12, Titled “The Family That Stays Together, Stays Together” Aired 8/17/08  Family stay at the TikiTaki Motel w/bamboo furniture and Tiki lamps.

WOODY WOODPECKER (1952) UNIVERSAL Sea.1, Ep.16 Titled: “Termites from Mars”, Aired: 01-14-58.  Woody get invaded by Martian termites in this short (pre TV series).  Hula dancer but need more information?

ZOOTOPIA (2016) DISNEY There is a scene of video knock-offs and a DVD cover of Meowana with the subtitle of “Adventure in the Purrcific” with a cat riding an outrigger just like MOANA movie. Also other Disney titles with an animal themes.



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